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amber heard as mera

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  1. Tracy

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??

    1. drew who

      Are you referring to Johnny Depp or Amber Heard ?

    2. Sarah

      That doesn’t apply to civil trials… you can be found not guilty by a criminal trial, but held responsible in a civil trial. Two different types of court trial. This is not a criminal trial.. it’s a civil matter

    3. Victor Nazarian

      The Duke Lacrosse Team is the perfect example. The rush-to-judgement mentality, in any legal case, (especially involving private citizens, even celebrities) is never appropriate.

      The court of public opinion is a badly flawed, mob rule, method for ascribing guilt or passing judgement.

      1. Tina

        I don’t agree with your statement at all the evidence speaks for itself and we the public don’t need the jury to tell us what we believe. Yes the evidence and there’s lots of it. Some that hasn’t even been brought to the trial because of what ever legal reasons. We the public see the truth. I find your comment very insulting but everyone has a right to their opinion as I do.

      2. Mary

        She needs to be fired too.and no longer work for Disney,Warner Brothers .

  2. Jill

    I think she should not be in at all.. she’s clearly mentally ill taking no action to help herself. Fans want her out I guess if she sign some legal document and has to have face time, maybe her character should be lost forever… she should be fired

    1. Selena

      She’s still going to get paid big bucks Boycott this Movie!

    2. Blaze

      I agree with Jill she shouldn’t be in it at all she is completely unstable

    3. I agree. JD isn’t an angel coming to location hours late, the world knows he drinks and dabbles with chemicals…so does 90% of Hollywood. WE don’t care…he is an actor…he is creative and talented…we enjoy what he does. She is a liar, cries without tears. She planned to put the screws to him fron the beginning. She is evil. Warner Bros put the screws to him, they better fo it to her. Have they rec’d any complaints about JD for improper behavior? I will PICKET WITH POSTERS at the theaters if she is in the movie AT ALL.

      1. Kristal

        Me too

      2. Karen

        Depp only hurt himself… Heard viciously is attempting to destroy Johnny.

    4. Mary


  3. Melissa White

    So Depp gets cancelled with just allegations of abuse. Heard still has a role even though last week proved she was abusive. What kind of crazy double standards does Warner Bros have?!

    1. Higgsy

      Its pathetic aint it heard should be fired from all tv i know im boycotting that movie even if her name just apeared on it…

      1. Sarah

        Simple BOYCOTT all things related to AMBER heard she will regret trying to make money without earrings it!!!

    2. Lisa


  4. No! Not good enough! She should be fired! Boycott Warner Bros.!!! They need to do the right thing!!!

    1. Joy


  5. Nemo

    She’s a self-confessed husband beater. She’s exactly what she accuses Depp of being. The Me Too Movement should be rallying around Depp, not Heard.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      Having myself been a victim of both physical and sexual abuse I would still insist that people wait for all of the facts to be presented and processes to be finished before anyone is ‘held accountable’ in any way aside from specific, overriding public safety issues.

      Accusations, indictments and allegations, even implied ones, are only preliminary and people are already impacted significantly just by being labeled “suspect”.

      Amber and Johnny clearly had issues and both of them should have stayed quiet. The studios involved should have taken no action until trials were finished. Now we have a circus of partial facts and hysterical jumps to conclusions and judgements.

      1. Lisa

        I didn’t see anyone waiting for all the facts when JD’s career was being destroyed….

    2. Wing

      Don’t expect the MeToo movement to rally behind a man. It’s basically a weapon at this point

    3. Valerie

      Agree 100% with you. Johnny is not the aggressive one. Amber is a terrible actress as it shows in court she should be fired and me too movement should stand by johnny Depp and any person that is abused. No matter what gender.

  6. Scott

    Not seeing this film if she has even a second in it

  7. Tonya

    I will not be watching it she in it she Ruined his career and he got cut off of some of his movies and she just gets a little slap on the wrist BS

    1. Christa

      I will not watch this movie if Amber Heard is in any of it. Which really sucks, because I love Jason Momoa too!

    2. Linh

      He only lost because he failed to include Amber in the suit against the sun so many of what’s come to light in this current trial was not admissible in that trial.

  8. Hmmm

    Honestly, they are both toast. HE CHOSE to sue that newspaper and he lost. And the paper proved he was in a “mutually abusive” relationship with a woman in her early 30s. We also learned he punched a co-worker(?!) and showed up drunk for customer facing Disney events. It’s not enough for Depp to prove Amber sucks. He’s in Mel Gibson territory now. Disney is way better off giving someone hungry like Margot Robbie a chance to take the lead on Pirates.

    1. Walt

      No the tabloid didn’t prove anything other than it was okay to label Johnny as a wife beater in England… the laws there are vastly different than here.

      Go crawl back under your rock and STFU.



        1. Tino

          If she only has 10 minutes of screen time then hire someone else to reshoot the role/scenes replacing Heard.(If Possible)

      2. Brenda

        I agree with you too.

      3. Lisa

        Where is the damned “like” button??

    2. Only Johnny Depp should be the lead of pirates.. I’m sorry but it works best that way

    3. Taylor B hitman

      No he’s not. FUK OFF and get out

    4. JS

      Him “hitting” the crew member was him defending a homeless woman that the crew member was making fun of. And it sounds like he never touched the guy, but just yelled at him. The crew member had his feelings (and ego) hurt so he just accused JD of hitting him when it was never witnessed.

    5. Shelles

      Completely different legal system and set of circumstances. Our legal system is not without flaws and certainly has it’s fair share of biased judges, but the deck was stacked against him from the start there. There was a single judge, not a jury, who decided the outcome and if you think for a second that a UK judge was going to allow an AMERICAN to win against a UK paper, owned by Rupert Murdoch no less (who I would bet dollars to donuts was in his pocket), then I have a sandbox in Florida I’d like to sell ya.

      1. Jane Doe

        very well said. the British have the biggest chip on their shoulder about Americans. there was no way Judge Guvnah was gonna side with a wealthy, successful American when he had the opportunity to snub him hard instead.

    6. DeadmanTalking

      You are either an idiot, or just not paying attention.
      All that has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in this case is;
      Did she intentionally plan to use the Op-Ed in the Washington Post to ruin his career, & cost him jobs? Proven already several times so far, in this trial. ACLU even admitted it.
      I can’t wait until the trial resumes next week. I’m grabbing the popcorn 🍿. J D’s lawyer Camille gets to cross Scamber Turd!

      1. DeadmanTalking

        Also, this is waaaaay better than any of the “new” Star Trek!

  9. Christina

    Personally I feel she should be banned from any movie..my personal feelings. I hate the thought the she did those things to Mr. Depp. Time will tell. God don’t like ugly

    1. Stephanie

      Will boycott new Aquaman movie. She should be fired!!

  10. This is so typical of Narcissistic sociopathic behavior – Heard. Johnny has lost so much due to her lies and scheming crap. I love Jason Momoa, but will Boycott the film due to Amber Heard short time in the film. Every Johnny Depp fan should boycott the film.

    1. Brenda

      I will

  11. Janny

    When my kids say, (and they are old enough to understand) they don’t want to see this movie because of Heard, I listen. Even my daughter, who loves Jason Momoa, says “no way. I’m not going,” I reeeeally listen. You know, Johnny has some sins here himself, but I have yet to see or hear he ever laid a hand on her. He may have yelled and/or cursed, but there’s no TRUE evidence he struck her. I love the cosmetic company outed her by saying the concealers she claimed to use to cover her bruises wasn’t even available for at least 2 more years after her abuse claims. That’s a giant lie to get caught in. She is an instigator. She knew the buttons to push to goad him into an argument and then hit record. He may have yelled. Hit a cabinet. But never hit her. He walked away. Johnny’s defense is more and more plausible. Too bad they didn’t allow her girlfriend, before Johnny, to come in to tell about the domestic violence charges she filed against Amber. All in all – Aquaman 2 is a no show in my home…. and NONE of them want the Blu-ray, “no matter what.” Grateful my kids are paying attention and learning.

    1. Brenda

      That’s fantastic! I agree with you. She can’t be in the film and everyone that is a Johnny Depp fan and hates what Heard is doing to him should boycott.

    2. Shelles

      They couldn’t because the judge wouldn’t allow it as it is considered more prejudicial than probative. There’s a big catch though — if the other party opens the door, by say referencing past relationships, then they will be allowed to. Guess what little Ms. Crocodile tears did her final day of testimony? She couldn’t control herself and brought up a bs rumor about Kate Moss. Game Over Amber. They’re going to parade in all Jonny’s exes that swear he was nothing but gentle and yours that have you have a POLICE WITNESSED domestic violence history with. Check out the footage from when she mentions Moss. Johnny’s attorney’s jaw drops and he does a fist pump. Amber’s attorney’s face darts up from the papers she’s reviewing in a “oh f*ck!” manner (but then tries to fake smile not to fluster Amber anymore than she already is. Bring on the cross examination and rebuttal witnesses, it’s going to be a glorious day!

  12. Christa

    I will not watch this movie if Amber Heard is in any of it. Which really sucks, because I love Jason Momoa too!

  13. SD

    While I think Amber Heard’s op-ed was bullcrap and her lawyers are just creating a mega joke in the courtroom, I need to say, this cancel culture has got to be checked at some level.
    First it was unnecessary to cancel JD just based on one op-ed from Amber Heard and it was unethical. Simultaneously although it looks like IRONY but cutting down Amber Heard’s role is not an ethical decision either.

    1. Lisa

      Survivors (like myself) were severely triggered while watching her phony, fake crying, bad acting testimony of real horrors millions of people (not just women) have been through. Just looking at her face now, makes me physically nauseous and furious. Those of us who have actually been through those things KNOW she is lying because that performance on the stand was not how a real victim/survivor would behave. She has set back victims/survivors rights and credibility DECADES! I WILL NOT be paying money to look at her face again.

  14. Kris

    Any amount of screen time is too much. As far as I am concerned this movie is as unwatchable as Fantastic Beasts.

  15. Mrs.G

    I think they are at minimum 4 years late on the action. They been discrediting fans=customers and even calling us robots that are being controlled by Russian hackers paid by Johnny Depp! Now they must pay the price by loosing their money and the whole Aquaman franchise, and any projects that were related with Johnny Depp and was removed of character and all projects were they kept AH. We the fans who pay actual money to see their movie who are not robots or AH lawyers cat!

  16. Carol

    I understand this is a civil trial but allegations were presented against Heard as they were previously alleged against Depp. He was never criminally charged with anything only what Heard said happened. He lost his jobs because of it as Amber Heard should also.

  17. Alan vincent

    If he is not returned to all previous roles this family will be boycotting all those series. Its innocent until proven guilty and as if whats being reported SHE is the issue not mr depp to slap movie fans over something tjat has nothing to do with a character is damaging to your financial future WE PAY YOUR BILLS…so WE decide who we will support financiallyGET HIM BACK IN THE FRSNCHISE NOW!!! YA SCREWED UP NOW PAY WHATEVER IT COSTS!!!!!




    amber TURD should NOT be in ANYTHING, she ruined his CAREER!
    Disney should be ashamed of what they did to him, just because of Turd’s hearsay! Turd should be fired as well! Disney needs to suck it up, and BEG for Johnny Depp to come back, he IS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! Trying to add a female role, please, don’t be ridiculous!

  19. LISTEN UP….JOHNNY DEPP Deserves the 100 MILLION Lawsuit SETTLEMENT. HE is WORTH His WEIGHT in GOLD. From SamuraiQueen. 😎😎😎😄😄😄😍😍😍

  20. Dee

    I’m boycotting the movie…. I was so disappointed in Johnny Depp being asked to leave his role in Fantastic Beasts. The fact that they are even entertaining the idea of keeping Heard in Aquaman 2 is ludicrous. Warner Bros has stated that they do not bend to fan’s wishes… As far as I am concerned, they do not need this fan’s money!

    1. Nos

      Agree!!! 💯

  21. Wan

    She should not be in it at all!

  22. Wan

    She should not be in t at all.

  23. Joy

    Team Johnny Dep

    1. Denise

      I agree. She tried to and almost did ruin his career, and they both made huge mistakes. He seems to have gotten help and cleaned up—shame on the studios that canceled him after years of loyalty with no proof.

  24. Christina

    Wb is gonna loose money, fans are outraged 😠 they need to kick Turd out!


    It’s funny…one one hand this us great for multiple reasons. So Wb sides with fans cause they don’t wanna get boycotted…hmm but they won’t give the other 10 million ppl the snyder justice league sequels.. that says alot about them…..oh don’t worry WB we are still gonna b boycotting, until they give us wat we want… they will make a Superman Movie as long as it’s a black or gay . Unreal….but if u think the snydercut movement was big? Just wait till u put the movies we dont want up just cause ur spiteful and you got egg on your face because of spans were right… It’s definitely going to be a boycott we’re not going to go see Aquaman or anything at the movies… We’re going to either illegally stream it or just wait for it to come out on stream… And you can go to the App Store and download any app… Just go to free movies apps and a couple of those if you get the right ones you can watch the movie the day comes out on theaters or even a couple days before and very good quality I’ve been doing it for the last couple years how to pay for Pay-Per-View fights boxing or MMA cuz I also know website to go to the streams it for free…

  26. Taylor B hitman

    If WB wants to lose a boat load of money then I say let them. Many people will boycott and not pay to watch this movie as long as amber is in it. Shame on them.

  27. Amie

    She shouldn’t be in it at all!!! She is on video admitting to abuse! Warner Bros and Disney both owe Johnny an apology!!

  28. Anon

    I won’t be satisfied until she’s completely out of the film! Cut her out entirely or reshoot with a different actress, she’s only got 10 minutes of run time at this point – what one more week of reshoots to save the film?

    NO ONE wants to support Amber after they hear how she admits she started the physical fights and demeaned Depp for trying to get away and de-escalate…she’s done!

  29. Lisa

    I will not pay a dime to see her in this movie. Hell, I’ll PIRATE the damned thing to make a point and fast forward through any part of it with her face in it. 🤣 (The “pirating” comment was a pun, lmao.)

  30. Lisa

    Survivors (like myself) were severely triggered while watching her phony, fake crying, bad acting testimony of real horrors millions of people (not just women) have been through. Just looking at her face now, makes me physically nauseous and furious. Those of us who have actually been through those things KNOW she is lying because that performance on the stand was not how a real victim/survivor would behave. She has set back victims/survivors rights and credibility DECADES! I WILL NOT be paying money to look at her face again.

  31. Lucky

    Remove her completely. Double standard they fire JD right away! Will not be watching!

    1. Kelly


  32. Kelly

    Warner Brothers will always suck for recasting the
    Role of Grindlewald. I am a huge fan of the Franchise and have not
    Gone to see the new
    Movie sue to them recasting. He was brilliant and I’m annoyed.

  33. Joy

    I am not watching ANYTHING with Turd in it. She has ruined my Jason Mamoa experience.

  34. Nos

    I’m boycotting WB productions! I cancelled my Disney subscriptions too. I will not watch any movie that woman acts in even if it’s less than a 10 minute part.

  35. Dawn

    My family will not be seeing Aquaman 2 if she is in it at all. Nor will we see any movies she might be cast in the future. It really pisses me off because it is a loss for Momoa and the rest of the cast who did nothing wrong. I refuse to add my hard earned money to support her in any way, shape, or form.

  36. Mk

    I think you missed her best performance. This women is a psychopath. As a survivor I am shocked that anyone could believe this story. She needs help. Additionally warner brothers should be boycotted for hiring her .

  37. Alicia

    No way should a 2nd movie have been done. They should have cancelled her too or let Johnny continue to act till proof was found.

  38. Lacy

    She uses man like stepping stones to get what she wants. I hope she gets dropped from all projects. Do the right thing and flush the turd.

  39. Malley

    I am all about a person getting a fair trial and I have always tried to look at both sides, but there is just something about her. The way she carries herself, the facial expression of remorse, or is it boredom? Her acting skills throughout this trial appear to b limited.

    My question for her would b….When u started dating Mr. Depp, why did u find it necessary to take photos of him that were less than flattering? As ur relationship and marriage continued, u were constantly videoing him, why?
    I feel like u had a plan to screw him from the get go! Just remember, what goes around, comes around! I am 57 and I have found that statement to b right on the money!

  40. Prince Peter Royal Innocent

    I will boycott this movie if Amber Heard is in it.

  41. Cherish

    She is a terrible actress, and I will never pay to watch anything she is in, supports, or advertises. Every woman I know that has ever experienced true abuse or sexual assault finds her revolting. Actually all women feel this sentiment. I never paid attention to the trial until it became so obvious that she is a monster. Thanks for setting back the women’s movement Amber! It will not be forgiven, forgotten, or easily healed, and I hope you don’t perpetuate your disgusting lies any further. Btw, not a bot, just one annoyed survivor sick of women like you. I’m so proud of Johnny, I’ll support anything he is in bc he is a victim, in every way, by this jerk. He was your victim, and you continue to abuse him through meaningless trials and lies. You may win a case, but u will never win back an already weak career. You are the new face of falsified abuse. You should be ashamed. I pray for the man or woman that suffers true abuse (sexual, physical, emotional) because of your actions. Again, I pray to whatever being is out there to help you realize the damage you caused.

  42. David

    I don’t care if she’s in it for 10 seconds. Still won’t go see it.

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