Comments for Allegedly Stolen Prop Form Classic Disney Attraction Being Auctioned

pirates of the caribbean

Credit: Disney


  1. Chook

    Stolen goods should not be allowed on ebay. Cap the police.!!!!

    1. Chook


  2. Bill M

    Was a fan of the original park . First went in 1958. Used to go every year when I was a young adult. Then took my daughter when she came along much later. The prices have gone beyond even considering now. Their buying up all the copyrights on films and movies has made Disney just another ugly international corporation taking John Q.Public for all they can milk.
    They remake the original stories over and over and charge more and more. Treats folks like cattle. Maybe they should think of their public more and less on their milking them. An ExFan.

  3. Donald

    You misspelled “FROM” in the title…..

  4. K Johnson

    I doubt that lizard was ever in Pirates…more likely in the painted desert which used to feature the mine train and a. Mule ride. It is a Gila Monster and native to the USA.

  5. Rommie

    It’s Commiefornia you can steal as much as you want and never be charged.. No incentives to stop thieves.

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