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  1. eileen

    loved the disney stores in my near by malls. hated when they closed. can never find great stuff at target and will not buy at disney on line as i like to see and feel what i am buying. also do not like to pay shipping

    1. CalledIt

      Order a few times now on Disney online, was fabulous.

    2. Lisa


    3. Bob S.

      Ditto to Eileen…
      I have no interest in buying from Disney online, nothing magical there. I can buy Disney stock online lol.

  2. Stephen

    They need to go back to how they first operated. By the end all they sold were mugs t-shirts and stuff nobody wanted. The exclusives were gone and the items from the park were not what people wanted.

  3. That’s great news!….if you live or visit ORLANDO! For those of us who don’t, not so much 😑

    1. CalledIt

      Again the online shopping works amazing.

      1. S1

        No it doesn’t. Online shopping will be against the law one day. Brick and mortar will be the law.

        1. stephen

          That might be the funniest thing I’ve read all month. Thanks for the late night laugh, it was greatly appreciated.

          1. S1

            You won’t be laughing when you get sent to room 101 and tortured with rats until you agree to be a luddite who only shops in brick in mortar.

          2. CalledIt

            Imagine living in that universe where you say something that insane and epect people to believe it.

            1. S1

              You’d be shocked that there are some who know the future.

      2. Marc

        Again, not everyone wants to shop behind a screen.

  4. I know a guy who is in a wheelchair like my self who use to visit the Disney Store at the local Mall here in San Diego every week to feel some Disney magic. He can’t drive so going to Disneyland is not an option. When the store was close up that was the only thing he went out for and now he sets at home and do nothing. If they bring it back I bet it will light up his life again.

    1. Mr White

      Why doesn’t he simply use a coach or get someone to drive him? Should we open a store in everyone’s house for the bed bound too? No matter how much it costs?

      Why don’t you drive him places, instead of leaving him at home?

  5. S1

    Closing the Disney stores was a massive mistake that I will rectify after seizing Disney in a hostile takeover and make it great again. I will shut down ShopDisney for good so people will have no choice but to shop in the Disney Stores. To paraphrase George Wallace: “Brick and mortar today, brick and mortar, tomorrow, brick and mortar forever.”

  6. Mr White

    So a not a Disney store, but another tourist location in a place where tourist come and go to their mega tourist resort?

  7. AH

    There was a disney store in an outlet not far from me. It was always crowded, and Thanksgiving weekend it was so crowded people waited to get into it. Big money maker, but now no more cause it’s closed. Stupid decision.

  8. Rachel Winiecki

    Living a thousand miles away from our Happy Place, going to a Disney store was always the medicine we needed. Hoping they bring some back even if it’s 75 miles away.

  9. Lisa

    Does Orlando really need another Disney retail location? So mad at Disney for closing all those stores. While the website is great, I still like seeing things in person and I hate paying shipping. The Target store in store locations have been disappointing to say the least. Yeah, I’ll probably visit. 5 years from now when I have enough money for another Disney Vacation.

  10. R Smith

    It would be nice, for a change, if Disney would turn an eye towards cities other than Anaheim or Orlando. We had a store in Concord, CA and it was the only thing for years and for miles that came close to Disney Magic in my part of the country. I’m sure there are lots of folks in the same situation and not as close to Disneyland as I am. and I’m a long way away in my opinion. Since our Concord store closed, I’ve been reduced to on line shopping and to say the least, it’s less than magical.

  11. Carol Ciavarra

    Only if they pay for gas !!! I’m about 1 1/2 hrs south of wdw

  12. Carol

    I loved my local NJ store and miss it. As DVC I would love to buy somewhere besides Florida

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