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Epic Universe

Credit: Universal


  1. Build more Monorails

    As much as i love monorails, universal will more then likely never have one. Unfortunately the biggest issue would be the cost to construct would be astronomical…. company will pretty much always choose the cheapest route nowadays so thats more then likely gonna be busses. Another major problem with building a monorail or “skyliner” would be rights of way. It sucks but monorails never really took off like they should have. Some benefits would be Monorails are environmentally friendly, Monorail requires the lowest operating and maintenance costs of any mass transit system. Elevated monorail cars are much less likely to suffer vandalism and often remain much cleaner than ground based rail. In addition Safety and Reliability. The monorail itself is also safer as there is no risk of the carriage derailing. This leads to fewer accidents and delays, meaning the system is a lot more efficient than a ground-based rail system or buses.
    I for one would love more monorails like mco to disney world, but thats never gonna happen….

  2. Iva

    We have used their busses when we stay at an Endless Summer resort and find it quick, easy and efficient. I see them continuing to use busses.

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