Comments for Will Smith “Heartbroken,” Quits Oscars After Slapping Chris Rock

Will Smith at 2022 Oscars

Credit: ABC


  1. Kevin

    He’s a ghetto thug and should resign from acting complete.

  2. Thomas

    I notice that Chris Rock hasn’t issued an apology explaining his ill-judged joke about Jada’s hair loss – even if he didn’t know she had alopecia at the time – both he and Will were in the wrong. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but if Will hadn’t stood up for Jada he’d have had backlash for not doing so so was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.


      Assualt is not excuse. The world of entertainment is a world you give and take your lumps. They both insult people as part of their jobs.

    2. tg

      His joke wasn’t about her hair loss, ge didn’t even know why she had shaven her head! Itvwas a G.I. Jane joke that’s all as he said, nothing more..you assume too much!

    3. Susie-Q

      Actually, he did, the next day. A very nice one. He doesn’t use “he didn’t know” as an excuse for his joke. He spoke only to his actions. You might try searching for Chris Rock apology.

      1. Julian H

        It was a joke, not a very good one, but violence is not acceptable and there are much better ways to deal with the situation, than raising a hand.

    4. Heather

      Waaaah! Get over it. You’re very thin-skinned about it for someone who doesn’t even know these people. Chris Rock did nothing wrong! It wasn’t about her alopecia—can’t believe I have to explain something so simple to a grown adult.

  3. Eleanor

    So did you notice how Will Smith laughed after the joke? So what it was funny til he thought about it a while? Then SHE laughed when he smacked Chris……they are both stupid.

    1. Jocelyn Cazier

      Most video bites show (and it was reported) that he laughed until he saw Jada’s reaction, which by the way, didn’t show hurt just attitude and eye rolls.

  4. willsmithhitslikeagirl

    I would bet that this was some how staged, probably for ratings/ buzz since vast majority dont give a dam about award shows…. either way not only is he a massively overrated actor, he hits like a little girl if this was real!! Slapping is for women lmao

  5. To everyone that is throwing stones at Will Smith take a look at your own life and the mistakes that you have made it does not change him from the good man that he is again take a look at your own life

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