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Johnny Depp for Dior Sauvage

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  1. Mary

    There will never be another Captain Jack Sparrow!! He made all the pirate movies! No body can replace him! I think they were a little hasty in firering him!

  2. Joyce Lindsey

    I just want Johnny Depp back. No substitute will ever take his place. Get rid of Amber.



    2. Sora

      Thank you



  4. Dj ritty

    This is sad this article has pretty much been stolen from another site with a few new words added in here and there… Smh

    1. After they fired Johnny Depp without waiting for any facts? Ha how dare WB try and buy Nightmare. They should be kissing Depp’s feet, releasing an apology and çutting him a huge check for what they did

  5. Dj R

    People should boycott Walt Disney and Warner Bros for making immature and Stupid decision

    1. I agree! And Depp needs to make Disney take anything that pertains to him removed. Disney is making money on it.

      1. Very true I stand behind that

      2. Julene Schoettmer

        For what the producer and Amber Heard stated. The public voices don’t matter. It’s about making a good movie. Without the public/ people movies aren’t needed.
        Disney and Warner brothers should get a taste of their on medicine. Boycott

  6. linda smith

    Amber has been caught lying , her so called beatings , punches in the face , funny next few days witness saw her with no makeup and no injuries . When she claims to have been dragged naked through broken glass and sustained cuts all over her body , again no marks or cuts on her , according to witness and pictures as well as video . When she called police and claims he beat and punched her face and destroyed the condo , you can see police video she has no marks or injuries . And the police report states same . She is just a liar and will cast doubt on women who are abused . Oh and recordings also show her admitting to hitting Johnny and throwing pots and pans at him I will not see any more Pirates movies or Fantastic beast movies if he is not in them .

  7. linda smith

    Everyone should email or write Disney and Warner Brothers bring back Johnny

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