Comments for Disney Guests Witness Violent Character Interaction

Captain Hook and Mr Smee attack a cast member


  1. Michael

    When my kids were young several decades ago, we were at the Riverboat having breakfast in what is now Disney Springs. There was a knock down, drag out fight between two costumed characters. It scared our kids. Disney should have comped everyone’s breakfast for having to witness such abhorrent behavior, but they didn’t do anything. 😢

  2. billnyenotascienceguy

    Yeah because comping your meal would have made your kids all better right? Wow this world.

  3. John


    Did you try to intervene and stop the altercation? That would have been a great teaching moment for your young family.

    1. Philip Spencer

      Would’ve been funny if the kids watched Winnie the Pooh kick their dad’s behind…

  4. There was no “violent attack” in this video. It was all playful, and in fun.

  5. Sam

    Definitely not a violent attack, but besides that, it’s clear from the screenshot that’s the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Does no one who works at this site recognize park landmarks?

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