Comments for Universal Studios Removes ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Hulk’ Attractions from Park Update

Marvel heroes at Superhero island at Universal Studios Orlando

Credit: Marvel / Universal Studios


  1. KenG

    With Universal Orlando holding two Disney-owned IPs and paying licensing fees to them within their parks (Marvel and Simpsons) you would have to assume they want a way out and put in their own properties.
    That has to irk them just a little! And I am sure the same for Disney not being able to use all their Marvel characters at Disney World (as the can at Disneyland Resort).

    1. UniTm

      Universal owns the theme park rights to major characters east of the Mississippi so Disney actually isn’t allowed to have marvel characters in the florida parks

  2. Chris Wood

    Universal can still keep Spiderman and the hulk rides. Disney doesn’t own the rights to either of these characters. Universal owns the rights to the hulk and Sony/ Columbia owns the rights to Spider-Man.

    1. Tito

      Nope. Those rights are only for movies. Spider-Man and Hulk are Marvel Comics characters. Universal or Sony doesn’t own the actual characters aside from film and distribution rights.

  3. Christian Morgan

    Well Spider-Man and Hulk can stay in Universal as long as they want But not forever infinity Eternally

  4. Universal should keep Marvel island and The other properties that are now Disney, (including Spider-Man,) they should lend some of their franchises to Disney and be paid back by them as well !

  5. Tammy

    Give Marvel up and do something with DC Comics. And DO NOT ever get rid of ET!!!!!

    1. Ashley s

      They will never do that. DC is owned by Warner Bros and WB runs the Six Flags parks. So you can see all of those characters there.

      1. David M

        WB doesn’t run Six Flags, they just have a licensing agreement with them, just as Marvel does with Universal.

  6. Dane Williams

    Don’t replace Marvel Superhero Island. It is one of the best places to visit in Universal.

  7. Tito

    Marvel Super Hero Island is old outdated garbage. If they can’t update it with any new attractions then it’s time to replace it with something new. Also The Simpsons ride is falling apart. The projection screen is fading and degrading and the actual cars have become too rough from wear and tear since the Back to the Future The Ride days. Totally unsafe and un-enjoyable.

  8. Disney does not own the rights to any one these characters. They are owned by Marvel Comics. The Universal Marvel characters are from the comics not the live action movies of the MCU. In addition Spiderman and Hulk live action characters are not owned by Disney either just leased. Universal owns the rights to The Incredible Hulk and Sony owns the rights to Spiderman. I am sure Universal is just getting ready for when Disney finally stong arms the characters away from Universal. I am curious to see what Universal will do since they have Epic Universe being built down the street.

    1. Carlos

      Disney owns Marvel, so owns their characters too!

      1. Tito

        This 100% true. Disney is the parent company of Marvel Comics as they are the parent company of Fox and Lucas Film (Star Wars). The reason Super Hero Island is in Universal Studios is due to iron clad contracts before Disney acquired Marvel.

    2. Gary

      Disney owns Marvel Comics, so Disney owns ALL Marvel characters per se. They do not have the film rights for Hulk(Universal does), but do have all other rights to hulk outside of the movies and same goes for Spiderman(Sony). With Universal it is contracted that if they do not keep up the care and quality of the MArvel characters in Marvel Island Disney could file breach of contract and get the full rights back and Universal would have to remove the characters.

  9. Jennifer

    Marvel island is the best part for my family because harry potter stayed so packed we don’t get to ride much there. Plus all family members can ride there in marvel island.

  10. The Hulk is one of my favorite rides, they better not get rid of it. Its awesome!!!! Universal had these attractions first, they should be grandfathered into the contract!

    1. Gary

      Universal has the rights to the characters and attractions in the park. It was a contract agreement before Disney bought them so therefore it is grandfathered into the the contract. However Universal needs to make a Hulk movie every so many years I believe or they lose the character. They also cannot update the themeing to match the newest interations of the characters and have to maintain a certain quality on the characters as well as the rides or they revert back to Disney

  11. Blair

    I think I would be a huge mistake if Universal got rid of Marvel Superhero Island, because it’s one of the best Islands in Universal I think so, if they got rid of it I believe it would be less and less people coming to Universal Studios so leave it like it is, and another thing why did they revamp the Spider Man ride and the Incredible Hulk Coaster?. If Universal was going to get rid of the rides they wouldn’t do nothing to the rides just replace it all together.

    1. Gary

      It is part of their contract to update and refurbish them or they lose the rights

  12. Don

    Now that we are a socialist Nation I guess Disney has orders I take anything down like that that make people want to be heroes to fight bad things which is our now government

  13. Rich

    This is just a bittersweet reminder to those of us who remember when Marvel Comics was an independent publisher that we are all grown up now.

    They’re owned with an iron fist by Mickey Mouse now. Ditto the Simpsons. And Shrek (which is a DreamWorks property) hasn’t been a relevant thing since many of us (who are in our late 20’s and early 30’s now) were in our teens.

    It’s sad to see these things decline or disappear. Especially from one of the most popular theme parks. But so does our time on this planet eventually. Enjoy things while they last.

  14. Rob Chapek

    It’s a literal bag.

  15. I have 2 twelve yr. old boys. The Hulk ride was their favorite in all of the parks. Please don’t remove it.

  16. Rachel

    There’s really no reason for my family to go, we where planning a trip, but Spider-Man was one of our main reasons for visiting, we won’t go now!

  17. Heather

    Definitely keep Marvel Island! My family loves the nostalgia! The Hulk ride is one of my daughter’s favorite, right along with Spider-Man!

  18. Laura

    The Simpson’s ride needs a new screen or film. So blurry I get dizzy like drunk trying to watch.

    1. Alex

      The Simpson’s need to be either updated or…changed all together. Hulk and Spiderman should stay, Hulk is one of the best rides!

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