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Credit: Universal


  1. Guy

    They should film more sequences and everytime you ride,you get a different ending. Kind of like star tours!

  2. JustJessee

    The seats on this ride are outrageously uncomfortable and poorly designed. Im constantly astounded by just how bad the seats are.

    The queue is the best part of the ride. So if hey added a clip of Hart and Fallon riding a superior ride well..thatd be enjoyable? lol

    Overall, imo, this one sits slightly above the quease-machine Simpsons but slightly below the outrageously ridiculous (in a fun way?) F&F. What can I say, I’ve got a soft spot for the incredible shrinking/perspective man effect of Dom on chopper.


  3. Mickey Nash

    What if there were 2 options? Choose which fast filled race you’d like to go on? I vote for a safari version, in an ATV, with a fun guest like Jim Carey, Wanda, or Will Ferrell… either way, I’ll always ride it, we come atleast 2x/py

  4. DailyDose

    Ah, bummer. I was hoping the plan was to completely try again with that ride. But I understand… Money. Probably the only reason fast and furious hasn’t been burnt to the ground.

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