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Universal Orlando and Disneyland Resort

Credit: Universal (left)


  1. Dave

    That’s rich considering that universal sucks.

    1. Walt’s Rolling In His Grave

      The only thing that sucks about Universal Studios Orlando is that they close too early. I wish they would stay open later but it is what it is. Disney political stance is getting in it’s own way with many people so if they would stop with the grand standing, they might be better off. I’m not homophobic or racist but I do not like things shoved in my face like Disney is trying to do with their LGBTQHMZ employees/guests. Until Disney starts to be kid friendly again and stop trying to govern my state (Florida), they will continue to suck in my eyes and others.

      1. Matt Gaetz

        Marjorie Taylor Green, is that you???

        1. Walt is spinning

          Epstien… is that you?

          1. Kevin

            Nice, Walt!!!! Poor widdle Matty can’t take that someone has a different opinion than himself. Typical Dem.

      2. Kim

        Meanwhile, MSNBC and Universal have the same parent company.

      3. Minnie

        Disney has lost its way . Instead of being inclusive it’s excluding a majority of its followers with this cult like agenda. Stay out of politics and peoples bedroom affairs and stick to wholesome mouse activities!

      4. Lola

        Ugh, here we go again with the same round of morons.

      5. Bud

        These Karens really DONT have anything better to do than to visit this Disney centered website every day to “announce” how much they hate Disney. They live in their own perpetual misery, what do you expect.

        1. Bud'sADisneyBot

          And you obviously have nothing better to do with YOUR life to complain about the complainers, seeing as how you are on here everyday doing that. So you perpetually live off the perpetual misery of others. Pretty sad. By the way, How much does Bob Chapek pay you to live up his hind quarters, Bud?

          1. Bud

            Not as much as trump pays you to clean his hole with your lips, Kevin

            1. BudHasTDS

              “Waaaaah Trump Waaaaaah Trump” LMAO! When cornered you lash out with an inane, non sequitor political insult. You really are actually more pathetic than I gave you credit for.

      6. Ed

        Perfect totally agree.

      7. umopapisdn

        “I’m not homophobic, I just mock things to prove that I don’t understand and don’t care to.”

      8. Deb

        To Walt’s rolling in his grave.

      9. Meto


      10. GhostTomahawk

        Disney is having an identity crisis. They’re desperate to appease their fringe customers that they will completely change their park to accomplish their goals. They’ll flailing their stocks and make everyone lose money to do it.

      11. Teddy Spencer

        Excuse me. The political grandstanding went past your biased nose Miss narrow Spirited please change your brain filter. It started with Florida’s anti-Jesus political tactless tactics by a bigoted manipulative Governor using his lack of respect for American constitutional & civil rights to attract millions alike to prey upon your fears & lifelong taught hatred of a minority few. The Indians suffered the same abuse by misled self righteousness as well as African Americans during slavery throughout civil rights era past BLM whiny whites that dismiss a movement that has nothing to do with them. I feel stupid to agree with the ignorance that misses the whole point of the America my sons daughters & forefathers sacrificed their lives & limbs for. America is so easily fooled to be intolerant of a created Issue that doesn’t even exist. I am old conservative & wiser than the average zombie who can’t even process common sense. It’s what makes this Country lack intelligent conversation & divisive to the point of hatred & intolerance of people who have a different perspective. I sound derogatory toward your opinion but it’s not your opinion or anyones personal business to legislate unconstitutional propaganda. Even our Supreme Court was made a nasty joke of by politicizing & suggesting to countless kids on TV that our newly honorable Supreme Court Justice supports paedophilia.

    2. Adam M.

      Universal is better than Disney in almost every way now. Gets better and better as Disney keeps going downhill. Better rides, cheaper, cleaner, better special events, better hotels at much better prices, more perks for passholders etc.

      1. Daryl-Rhys

        Worse in every way you mean. More expensive with less to do. Your ignorant hate blinds you.

    3. Chris

      Dave likes men.

      1. Lola

        Lol, great comeback there, airheaded moron

    4. Julian H

      Disney Sucks Greedy lot, Universal at least do not rip its customers off and make you jump through hoops to get into the park.

      Disney has lost its way and I believe are jealous of Universal, becoming No 1 in Florida.

      1. Daryl-Rhys

        You blind idiot. Universal Been pulling the same stuff for longer. You just weren’t paying attention.

        1. Julian H

          Daryle-Rhys – Your so wrong… and you must be Brainwashed by Disney – Open your eyes they are taking you for a ride and its not on Space Mountain.

    5. Laurie

      Wow. How wrong could you be. Universal is wonderful. I’ve been to Disney and Universal every year over the past few years and my Universal experience has ALWAYS been better. Each Disney park has maybe ONE big ride. The rest of your day is spent wandering around enjoying the “Disney experience” I suppose. They should have made the Star Wars area much larger. To open rides in China before the US is a mistake. Genie+ and having to constantly stare at your phone all day is not my idea of fun.

    6. Deb

      No 100 times better than Disney that is for sure.

  2. GerG

    Go Universal!!! Love that park!!!

    1. 007

      Go your mom!! I love the rides she gives too!!!

      1. Kevin

        OOOOOOOOH a “Your mom” joke! I bet the rest of the kids in your third grade class thought that was real edgy.

      2. 007

        Lol, you mad cuz I’m not still living in mommy’s house buddy? You’ll get outa there one day, just stop whacking it all day already!

        1. Kevin

          Of course you still live in your mom’s house, you’re in the third grade! Now let the other kids in your class get a turn using the school computer.

    2. Connie

      1st time in florida and NOT going to alphabet world! Universal is wonderful.
      Chapek not getting our money any more!

  3. Terry

    One person won’t make a difference, but I’m done with Disney!

    1. Mike

      You aren’t the only one. Disney sucks compared to Universal Studios Orlando IMO.

  4. Bruce

    Joke’s on them when they have to re theme all their Marvel’s rides as the contract kicks in for Disney.

    1. Adam M.

      Go read the contract. Universal owns the rights to Marvel east of the Mississippi River in perpetuity or as long as Marvel attractions are still in the Universal parks. Disney won’t be getting the rights back as long as Universal wants the rights and keeps the attractions running well. Sorry, Disney! Guardians of the Galaxy is about all the Marvel characters you will have at Disney World.

      1. Julian H

        Joke’s on you Bruce, Adam is correct 100%

        1. Kim

          LOL, are all you 10 year olds done yet?? Unbelievable. This is what we’ve “evolved” into.

          1. Julian H

            Kim you clearly do not deal with multi million Dollar contracts, this is not monopoly money for the kids its real life for the grown ups and a contracts if broken can be very costly hardly kids stuff…

    2. S

      Nope. Joke’s on Disney when Congress trust busts them like Teddy Roosevelt, breaks them up, and takes Marvel away from them. That means bye bye Avengers Campus and Guardians and welcome back Tower of Terror. Nobody will miss Disney owning Marvel.

  5. EricJ

    “Tired of the Happiest Kingdom on Earth?…Come to Universal:
    We’re jerks!”

    1. Walt is spinning

      Come to Universal… we don’t groom.

      1. billnyenotascienceguy

        Obviously neither of you have ever been to Universal but hey I’m enjoying all the fist fights, disrespecting of cast members and deficating somewhere other then the restrooms and of course the reservation system. Enjoy Disney freaks.

      2. Julian H

        Come to Universal… we don’t rip you off and make you jump through hoops, Disney IS NOT the happiest place on earth BUT IT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE.

    2. Mike

      Hey, I’m an ADULT, I like BOTH parks!! I don’t bicker with everyone like a 10 year old because Universal is better than Disney// Disney is better than universal.. ON and on and on. Unbelievable.

  6. bo

    Personally I think Six Flags is better. And Hershey’s Park is the best!

  7. Hawk

    Savage? Reread the definition.

    1. Ron Obvious

      Seriously. It’s a Dad Joke.

  8. Kevin

    “Tarzan’s Treehouse, which opened in 1999 to Disney Park Guests…” You mean “Was rethemed in 1999 to become Tarzan’s Treehouse”. It was already the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse before that. There I fixed your horribly written and non researched article for you.

  9. Walt

    Universal is the new standard now… Disney is just an overpriced experience for influencers posing as affluent people… what a bunch of losers.

  10. Ed

    Tarzan’s treehouse will be reimagined to the pregnant man and transgender tinker bell treehouse.

  11. Ed

    Tarzan’s treehouse will be tranny tinker bells pad

    1. Tracy

      Wow, you really have to try hard to be cool there buddy.. we get it, you’re a “bad ass” who doesn’t like gay people.. you’re entitled to your opinions, but no need to show how much of a miserable degenerate you are either.. guess it’s to be expected from today’s “mature adults”. Unbelievable

  12. Anonymous

    You really need to just remove the comment section from this website. Full of Nothing but toxicity.

  13. Leah

    Universal is fine as long as you are average-sized or smaller. There is very little to do there if you happen to be a little heavier. They might as well have a scale out front to weigh you before you go in.

  14. Treena

    I’m sorry? Savage? The comment was mild and a bit lame, not ‘savage’. Get real

  15. Jimmy W

    Feel like Disney is trying to phase out the more “poor” customers. Everything’s a money grab now, especially with a tiered “fast pass system” and getting rid of magical express. I’m sure a new paid service will be introduced.

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