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hogwarts express at universal studios florida

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Joni

    Hope they are replacing Hermione’s voice on the train. It’s disappointing that it’s not Emma Watson 🙁

    1. Mclovin

      For the billionth time on the internet: It IS emma watson. The actors literally were contracted to do all the audio and movie scenes for the rides. You guys honestly believe they got emma watson for the escape ride, but not for the simple audio? The audio is just wacked. Got wacked in the past few years. At first all audio sounded exactly like them. All the voices are strange you just notice hers the most because she has the most lines.

      1. Deanna

        I’m at Universal right now. A worker was giving my family trivia earlier and said it is NOT Emma Watson’s voice on the train. It sounds nothing like her.

  2. Julie Ridky

    Pretty irritated since its our first time going and booking the trip the agent laid it on thick to get park to park tickets or we can’t ride Hogwarts express so I did and its going to be closed the week we are going.

    1. Ruth

      Hoping it’s open the week of the 20th. Our first time there and I was looking forward to that.

  3. Michael

    It’s probably just about the worst timing for maintenance considering that the summer months are going to be the busiest time of the year for the park. The maintenance should really be done during the winter months

    1. Jenkins

      Wrong. Lots of central Americans and snowbirds travel to Florida during winter and it’s just less than 2 weeks

      1. CalledIt

        Yes but that is for like two weeks and is mostly an American visitors. Summer it’s crowded for two months and has not only tons of domestic visitors but foreign as well. They should most repairs in the winter.

        1. Mclovin

          So you either screw over foreign visitors during packed winter months, or American visitors during a summer month, right as kids are barely getting out for summer vacation and not even as packed yet. Neither is more important than the other, in spite of what you seem to believe. It’s a simple coin flip and summer lost.

    2. Bryan

      Actually that isn’t better, because, if they have to close for longer or if they re in the Thanksgiving or winter break, that is bad, because really it is most crowded during Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break, because thise are a less window of time of when kids are out of school, and while it is busy in the summer, it is more spread out, because there are like 2-3 months.

      1. Bryan

        Just saying I could be wrong, but if it needs maintenance, they need to take care of it, because I don’t think Universal wants to be in Disney’s position where rides are breaking down so often, so it’s better if they get it out of the way.

    3. Joem

      If you have followed crowd reports you would see that the Parks are jam packed all year long now. Anytime an attraction is down for maintenance is an inconvenient time for a lot of people.

      1. Jess

        I wonder if they will find another way to accommodate park hoppers. I hope the answer isn’t having to go clear out to City Walk. They did that when it was down for a week a few months ago.
        At least people have warning this time.

  4. Winter

    Our first day at Universal is the 9th. So upset that it is closing that day.

  5. Suzanne

    It’s only a week and a half. Not the whole summer. I would prefer it get fixed than have something go wrong.

  6. GiGi

    NO!!!!!! We booked a VIP tour just so we’d get to see all of the HP things in the one day. I’ll be checking tomorrow to see if we can move our tour… which means moving other things, too! Aargh!

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