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  1. Andrew Fontanez

    That user whoever it is needs to shut up I still love the E.T. Adventure the movie gets me motivated to go back on the ride. If he doesn’t like it then go somewhere else but don’t hate on an opening day classic ride like other classic rides at Disney

    1. Nikki


    2. Nikki

      (but I love ET, too!)

  2. Bryan

    I don’t see anything bad with the rude and I think it is a fun, enjoyable ride for all ages. They should keep it and anyways no one complains about Disney keeping all their classics, why can’t Universal do the same. Don’t get me wrong I barely listen to Disney news now because I don’t care about it, but from what I hear everyone likes the classic rides and don’t want Disney to take it out. The same is being said for Universal, people don’t want this ee this attraction go because they like it.

  3. M

    I think the majority want it to stay, and the kids in my family- grandparents all love it! Same with other people’s. It’s a multi generation attraction! It is the only one we all ride EVERY DAY of EVERY TRIP! Plus it is fully accessible, which makes it even better for families who have a loved one wheelchair bound, plus no screens to make people sick! There are always going to be haters, and some people live to complain. Don’t listen to them! ET stays!!

  4. UOAP

    I think this article WAY missed the mark. More people still love ET than not. It is a staple of the park. On busy days this very basic, essentially kid’s, ride, can have a 45 minute wait – that’s not because people don’t like it! When the line for ET is as long as the ride for Velocicoaster and you are trying to say it’s overdue to be taken down, it just sounds like someone was desperate to create a story for publication and it didn’t matter if there was any truth to it or not.

  5. Chris Wood

    Well i rode it once when it was still new decades ago. It was a pleasant ride for the young kids. In this day in age the kids want more, the the transformers, spider man and raptor coaster. They should probably up grade it with a fresh coat of paint

  6. Kay

    The ET ride is much more fun, and more magical, than the endless simulator rides. I will happily queue for ET on every visit, but will skip the Simpsons – that one is terrible!

  7. Manni Ruiz

    If you think E.T. needs to go, meet me in the parking lot at 3 o’clock. Mano a mano.

  8. Dave

    Literally, if they got rid of ET I would never go their again. I know its just nostalgia. It was my Grandma’s favorite ride. She died in 2016. She would light up like a child on that ride and it would kill me to see it go.

    1. Liliana

      So let me give you some insight on that ride. It’s more trouble keeping it operational than it’s worth. I’ve seen way too many internal issues on that ride, that Universal wants to keep it running is an embarrassment to its guests. If they want to stay true with the contract, they’d be smart and rebuild the whole ride from scratch; new animations, new ride vehicles, and new system all together.

  9. Sally

    I visited Universal on 15th April with my 9 great grandchildren aged from 14yrs down to 5 yes. We all loved the ET ride and since coming home the 5 years old twins have watched the film twice, they love it.

  10. David

    Who really gives a spit what some trolls at Reddit think? These websites that thing Reddit is life need to wake up. It’s not.

  11. Matt

    One of the main reasons I come is for mushroom land please don’t get rid of ET there a way worse rides I’ll pass on mib any day et is at least a 2 ride day

  12. CJ

    You need to tell me this article is based on an opinion in a Reddit post about E.T. the Ride at Universal Studios Orlando? 😂

  13. Philip C.

    It’s one of my favorite rides and a great place to cool down in a short line. If people haven’t seen the movie, maybe they should take a break from marvel movies and dust off the VHS player so they can let their uninformed children experience a great piece of cinema. The ride itself is iconic and if they close it I will stop being an annual pass holder immediately thereafter.

  14. Shannon

    My kids aged 6 and 8 loved the ET ride and were curious about the movie which we later watched at home. It’s still in good condition just an older type of ride.

  15. Mallory

    It’s important to keep the classics. I wish they never messed with the Back to the Future ride, the Simpsons area is awful. They shouldn’t have replaced the Beetlejuice show with Fast and Furious. You want to talk about an awful ride, let’s talk about removing Fast and the Furious.

    ET, Back to the Future, Jaws, Beetlejuice all great movies and are being forgotten.

  16. Maria

    The user who was used for this article doesn’t represent all of universal orlando park goers. I love ET, my almost 7 year old son won’t leave the park if we don’t go on ET st least once. Leave ET alone, there’s space for other rides elsewhere. Shrek on the other hand had become too old and it was showing, younger audiences didn’t connect with the story or had already seen it millions of times at home even as it was on Netflix for a while, heck we have the DVD and 3d glasses in our house for the video of the ride.

  17. Hey guys, what year does Spielbergs contract officially expire?

  18. Mark

    The ride has a certain old school charm. Its really early weird, but also charming at the same time. Every so often one of these “they should get rid of ET” people pop up on FB Universal passholder groups. They make their case and are summarily drawn and quartered by literally everyone else. Ok, whatever drawn and quartered would be in the virtual realm.
    That ride ain’t going nowhere. Don’t like it? Don’t ride it. There are plenty of other rides, but not that many for the really young ones or people who just want a classic “dark ride”.

    1. Mark

      Ugh. Stupid autocorrect.
      *really really weird

  19. MuzzyFush

    Universal’s biggest mistake was removing Jaws and Earthquake and creating that god awful Fast & Furious. I’d be much happier if they got rid of that.

    1. Jeff

      Definitely agree, new is not always better.

  20. Jeff

    I love ET, every ride doesn’t have to be a thrill ride! I’ll ride Velocicoaster, Hulk, and Hagrid, but still do ET. Leave it alone!

  21. haaseline

    As always this I hate everything , miserable group just wants to tear everything down.. Who cares what some idiot kids who need a video game type ride to survive ??? This is why you lost original Kong and Jaws rides .. shame ..

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