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  1. Joe

    I don’t go to parks without a fast pass. It’s the legitimate cost of admission like it or not. It’s one of many reasons we will not go back to Disney. Standing in line for hours (virtually or in person) is not what’s called fun.

    1. Joem

      Disney has a fast pass …

      1. Marvin

        Catch up.

  2. Tammy

    Not everyone can afford the fast pass. I have an autistic son and we only got to ride 1 ride because he just couldn’t wait in the long lines. What a shame they don’t offer passes for people with disabilities.

    1. Auburn FlTiger

      Universal has an attraction assistance pass. If a ride is a 2 hour wait, with the pass you are given a time to return and then be let straight to front of the line. You can go to customer assistance when you arrive or call 407-224-4233 thirty days before your visit and get your approval number.

    2. Molly

      Disney has the DAS pass and Universal has the Assistance Pass. We used both seamlessly last time we visited with our extra special kiddo. Its not a pass to the front, but rather a virtual que. We could virtually wait longer lines while doing other attractions with shorter wait times. Contact customer service when your trip is about 30 days out.

    3. Guest

      It wouldn’t change anything cause everyone and their mother has a disability.

  3. Michelle

    Way to discriminate the haves and the have nots.

  4. Super Obvious

    It’s not “line cutting” when they paid a substantial fee for the Express Pass. Nothing new here… people who have more resources tend to have access to better privileges.

    1. John

      When you pay a few hundred for general pass to a specific venue, you don’t normally expect to be graded lower than anybody else. Apparently the line is what you paid for. I wish we had gone when GE owned Iniversal a few years back. Based on what I observed last weekend and company position, we would have been VIP…. damn.

  5. Byron

    I understand they paid extra for the express pass but common sense needs to be practice here. If you saw the people in front has been waiting almost an hour to ride then you need to give them the benefit and choose them over the Express pass. The express pass people just need to wait atleast 5 min and there is not just one car ride or whatever you call them. There are many of them. The operator can make everyone happy if he or she let one group of each side take turns to ride. First the express and then the standard and repeat.

    1. John

      We also went to Universal last weekend. $400+ for admin to do the Harry Potter…. plus gobs more for parking. 90-120 min wait at each of the two rides we did go on took a good part of the day. Far cry different from when I was PM for the Wild West Stunt show falling saloon wall project. Chip Largman, the Universal PM explained thier then theory of Q line. Apparently it doesn’t apply anymore. Money, money, money takes precedent over the guest experience now. Too bad… last trip for us. Not worth the effort.

      1. Dan

        Nice 1 less group waiting in line and 1 less whiner

  6. Craig

    That a shame because it sure works for me and many others.

  7. Your mom

    To all those upset over Universal…… Disney is right up the road. Go there instead. Go be with the rest of the Karens

  8. Whitney

    I mean I understand why they were mad but that’s what fast passes are for. Those things sometimes cost more then the actual ticket itself cost. I don’t go to Universal without one because you will be standing in line more than doing anything for the entire day. But the cost of fast passes is crazy high. For 1 day 1 park it could be $200

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