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Hulk Coaster

Credit: Universal


  1. Your mom

    Is there any proof or just allegations?

  2. Brandon

    I bet 100 bucks it was the guy with the beard that works that ride. He was an as*hole many times to me and my friends. Even kicked us off the ride once, I complained to the people at the ride entrance and they took us up the elevator and put us directly back on the ride over riding the A hole.

  3. Chris Wood

    The guest request a new seat, the guest member says they can’t find him a new seat and kick him off?
    There is a missing piece of the puzzle to this story?

  4. KyleO

    Typical American customer service. Either over the top pleasant or scum of the earth arrogant. Surprised to hear of it happening at one of the main theme parks, though.

    1. Renea

      If the USA is not fun for you then please stay in your own country. There are incidents that do occur. I have had several incidents with our grandsons being pushed down on their heads. Issues like these didn’t occur prior to COVID like they are now.

  5. Tim

    I’ve had rude cast members before, even at Disney. Two of us wanted to ride in the same car on Space Mountain since we had paid for the photo pass and wanted a photo together. We said we’d wait. The teenager said no and he was going to call security on us. We were nothing but pleasant. We rode in different cars and got off and asked for the manager, who was very nice and apologized and said she knew exactly who we were talking about. She brought us back up and we got our photo on the ride.

    1. Renea

      These types of incidents are rampant these days. We were nearly forced to sit separate from our grandsons and had to put our foot down and refuse.

  6. Michael

    I know first hand that there is truth to this, as I was told to tell the ride operators that I needed a specific seat because I am a bit large for the regular seats and instead of trying to make things right for me to ride, they had me leave the ride. Was like this for two rides and I complained to guest relations and they gave me a number for 10 fast pass tickets, but what good were they if one can’t get on the popular rides.

  7. Nate

    Lose some weight. You don’t need more then 1 seat. Problem solved.

    1. Jon

      Yeah maybe he can loose weight but it’s his choice how he lives his life and not yours to criticise. Your answer shows how little compassion you have. These rides provide seats for such people they should be allowed to use them.

  8. Jolee Kurtz

    Come on the are trying there best and if you are being a complete arrogant b***h then don’t go. They don’t deserve to have you b***hes saying rude things

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