Comments for Universal Guest Helps Clean Massive Trash Pile Left in “Understaffed” Park

Universal Orlando

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  1. Jarvis

    These parks employees are overwhelmed by them extending hours so late and offering early morning entrance, it allows only a few hours to clean, refresh, repair, and refill everything. It’s amazing it is as clean as it is.

    Profit above all so drive them into the ground and keep importing more immigrants, some who don’t want to work…

  2. Jerry W

    Both Universal & Disney’s standards of cleanliness have collapsed. Their rides are not being maintained properly either. Safety concerns are being overlooked. Bad times at theme parks.

    1. Bryan

      I agree, but I would say that Disney is doing worse, and if spots are still open, and if they did this in the first place, then I think that shows that Universal is trying to improve.

  3. Tracey

    They can bring on a many people as they want, but they are dealing with the same thing EVERY business is dealing with right now. People simply just don’t want to WORK.

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