Comments for Universal Picking Up Pieces Of Beloved Land After Collapse

Seuss Landing

Credit: Universal


  1. Robert

    Yes!! It is beyond nostalgic for me. Simple love it and the Era is represents. By kids – 14 now – identify with it as well.

  2. Charlene Fuller

    What goes around, comes around! I guess since Disney has gone woke, Disney will crumble a little at a time.

  3. Romy

    Universal needs to focus more on reinvesting profits into maintenance, not stockholders. Disney has fallen short as well. Disney used to have upkeep of the parks as their number one priority. Now that Disney is pandering, they’re throwing away money left and right.

  4. Ashley O

    Suess Landing is one of my all time favorite sections of the park. I am glad to see they are taking time to repair things. Can’t wait to see it again soon

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