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  1. Frank in NE Florida

    Interesting. According to radio ads, The WDC is using Rhino Shield coatings, and you’d think for a building of this size that would be the case. If not, then adding some metallic zinc powder to the paint would discourage algae and other bacteria. Or installing zinc strips at the very highest point of the exterior walls — then the rain water would gradually and continuously wash zinc ions down the walls and retard staining. They sell rolls of zinc at Home Depot for homeowners’ roofs for this very same purpose. They also sell specialty sprays to combat this. It’s a maintenance problem, but not really a hard or expensive one to solve.

    We know that mold and algae prevention costs money, and currently, The WDC is cutting back on costs and increasing guest spending quite heavily. I think this will get fixed soon as we get closer to an opening and especially if it’s out in plain view.

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