Comments for Tobey Maguire’s “Homophobic” Spider-Man Censored

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

Credit: Sony Pictures


  1. RJ

    In written form and out of context I understand. BUT, the scene is Peter trying to get a rise out of him. While I get it, it also feels a bit of an overreaction. Is any insult allowed then? What if the character was openly gay and Peter said “Does your wife…” to get a rise out of him, is that allowed?

    This also doesn’t erase the past, or make it as though it never happened. The scene still exists for better of worse.

  2. Bud

    And yet MORE CHUM to lure the homophobic, hateful Karens to this website and spew their hate. 👏👏👏
    You know, ITM, it’s looking way more obvious on a DAILY BASIS that this website only exists to trigger hateful people to come here and do what hateful people do best. Put others down. Is this SERIOUSLY what this website has become?
    There are THOUSANDS of new events, merchandise, food, ride updates, upcoming movie updates that you could write about, but you continue to BLATANTLY “reach” for these types of stories on purpose. An insignificant detail on a long past movie… just to “trigger” people. Unbelievably sad.

    1. Eric

      Perhaps you take your own advise. You sound the most triggered. Seriously.

      1. Kevin

        Seriously he should. Bud the CHUD whines about everything on this site that doesn’t match up exactly with what he believes in.

        1. Bud

          I’m calling your hateful, homophobic a$$es out, just like this website apparently is. And the fact that I’m calling you out for being so, doesn’t make me “triggered”, it means I’m tired of hateful homophobes, period. And this website seems to call them over like gnats.

          1. A

            Take a deep breath Bud. You seem way too upset for what the situation warrants.

          2. J

            Bud, this website isn’t “calling out” anyone. They are doing what they always seem to do. Post some kind of article to stir the pot so that there is a bunch of debate. They don’t care who comments as long as there are plenty of them and thus plenty of clicks and ad revenue. (thus why every other article had to to with masks at one time) They need to stick to reporting legitimate news that theme park fans actually care about.

          3. Kevin

            Not everyone who doesn’t agree 100% with you is a “homophobe” or “hateful”, Bud. Looks like you are the angry, hateful one here. Relax before you have a coronary dude.

  3. Kevin

    And this right here is why I still to this day buy physical media. Studios can’t censor and erase what they deem is “offensive” (effectively pretending it never existed) from a DVD/Blu Ray disc.

  4. DeLaunhardt

    …and THIS is why I like to own PHYSICAL MEDIA!! Where the “over sensitive” Wokies have ZERO access to it, and anything not PC can’t be edited out!!!!

    Lighten up wokesters!! This is why no one outside of your “safe bubble” likes you!!

  5. Gun Shy

    Yet another reason why I won’t spend money or time on any of the WOKE controlled products and productions, and will enjoy only vintage materials. “Go WOKE, GO Broke!”

  6. Mason

    People are pissed off at a line from a film made TWENTY YEARS ago? People need to stop getting offended by everything. I was a kid in that decade but I am beginning to miss the 2000’s.

  7. Rob

    Not seeing how the comment makes Maguire’s Parker “homophobic” at all. He said it because he was trying to aggravate Bone Saw. Wouldn’t that make Bone Saw the “homophobic” one, not Parker? And if the comment was designed to aggravate a “homophobe”, isn’t that something the woke do all the time?

    1. Danny

      At the end of the day, Bone Saw is a macho man who prides his macho image. By Peter Parker making a comment that he has a husband that makes his costumes for him, that’s taking his masculinity away from him. This sort of stuff happens all the time even to this day and it’s not homophobic at all. I totally agree with you

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