Comments for Major Theme Park Permanently Shuts Down Attraction, Removes Ride Without Notice

Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg


  1. D

    There was an email yesterday that said that BGW did indeed permanently close Da Vinci’s Cradle. Pretty unprofessional send-off to such a good ride.

  2. Ian

    That was my favorite ride!

  3. Dominic

    I grew up riding one of those at Six Flags New England (then Riverside Park). I was excited to ride this one on my trip to BGW next year as it’s been 20+ years and wanted to see if it was as much fun as I remember from my younger years. Bummer.

  4. Lisa

    They also closed their virtual reality ride in Ireland, which is really disappointing

  5. Dr. M

    One of my favorite rides of all time. Very disappointing. I hope they replace it with something just as good.

  6. Vicki

    Sad! I was looking forward to visiting BG W and I still plan to since I am boycotting WDW as long as FL is RULED by tRumpublucans! Trips planned for Hersey Park, Dollywood, and a few other parks!

    1. Fy

      Good less communists in VA the better

    2. jal11180

      Be gone, polititard troll!

    3. jal11180

      Aw, what is wrong? Are you mad because Timmy Turner is an adult and your little sister grew up to be beautiful, as well as married him? Get over it, you ugly little harpy!

    4. The world does not want the sodomites, queers and mentally insane in their life, just like Florida does not need those abominations either.

    5. Dylan

      Trump won the election, by a lot!

  7. CJ

    An Iconic Ride that deserved a send-off to allow Park Guests to do it one more time …. but I guess Busch Gardens Williamsburg wants to usher in a new Coaster pronto!

  8. Bxmamipr712

    I have been a BGW season pass holder for 13 years, and go a lot. I went a lot before then as a child. That ride was NEVER open. It was closed at least 80% of the time. I loved the ride, and got really excited if it was operating on the days that I was there. Hopefully they will replace it with something fun, but there’s hardly any space to put in a new attraction. I was sad when they shut down the castle in Germany, and the VR ride in Ireland. They need more attractions. They keep shutting more down, and rarely add new rides. Tempesto was a waste. It is sooo uncomfortable. I will ride anything, and this is the only ride I skip at several theme parks in the US. The park is beautiful though, and I love their international foods.

  9. Does politics ALWAYS have to be a part of the conversation, no matter WHAT subject is being discussed? We see that you are miserable. But you can thank the current Administration that occupies the White House for that, no one else. Give it a rest, for Christ’s sake.

  10. Rob

    Isn’t that ride the same as or very similar to the one that nearly tipped over a short time back where fair goers all held it down while it came to a stop? Maybe they found a design flaw or just removed it out of precaution?

    1. Denise

      Good point. The ride itself was pretty old and if they took it down for safety concerns then we should mind too much. Let’s face it one day we will have to say goodbye to the parks crown Jewel, the Loch Ness… Maybe they’ll give that a better send off.

      1. Ray w

        They will retrack and replace every piece till it is all new eventually.

  11. Carmine Crincoli

    That’s just sad.

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