Comments for Theme Park Officials Say Ride May Never Reopen After Boy Drowns To Death

Adventureland in Iowa

Credit: Adventureland


  1. Sara

    Please fix the spelling. It is Des Moines.

    1. Les

      That caught your attention too?! That and “drowned to death” in the title makes me cringe.

      1. Drown to death? Really? Where did you go to school? Please tell us so we can avoid sending our children there.

  2. Lindsay

    Drowns to death… as opposed to drowning and …living…so not drowning???

  3. Anne Taylor

    The original investigative reporting piece this is based on is from the Des Moines Register and was written by reporter Daniel Lathrop.

    1. DAMON

      Must have a brain tumor, in the head.

  4. Soozee

    Drowned to death? What?

  5. Patti

    “Drowns to Death?” Really? Is there any other way? Who do you people have writing for you?

  6. Joe themepark

    Its a shame what happened. But its the fault of the parks maintenance and whoever maybe even the former owners. It at least wasn’t as bad as the accident at dreamworld. Horrible maintenance like six flags is what caused this death.. I mean they used flex seal to repair the tube smh!! Personally we would ride it still if the new owners refurbished the attraction with some tlc.

  7. DAMON

    Being fat is deadly

  8. SP

    Terribly sad that a child lost his life due to someone else’s negligence, but if the ride passed a state inspection on July 2 and 17 safety infractions were found on July 3 shouldn’t the fault lie on the inspector that passed it? Are inspectors that blind to have missed 17 safety problems? Makes you wonder if any ride at any park is thoroughly inspected enough to be deemed “safe”.

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