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Blue Streak at Cedar Point

Credit: Cedar Point


  1. Coaster Droid Gaming

    I don’t blame the Ride Attendant for taking his phone away. The dude should have left his phone in his pocket or in the buckets on the station so that wouldn’t happen. I had to do that many of times when I worked at Valley Fair last year.

    1. M. L.

      REALLY 😳😳😳??!!
      I guess you could say that you have something in common with my older sister!
      She also worked at Valley Fair back in the 80’s! Talk about a small world!
      I do agree with the park rules, but at the same time, I seriously don’t think the operator was in the right when dealing with this situation himself.
      Why not put little lock boxes for the people who want to keep them safe from being broken to being stolen, BEFORE they get into the ride? Have everyone who has some type of electronic device(s), put their devices into a box on the other side of the ride, so once they’re done with the ride, they can pick it up once they’re finished, and be reminded to pick them up before leaving?
      This is what I believe to be in the best and safest way for everyone’s enjoyment as well as everyone’s safety.
      Yeah, it can be a bummer when you’re not able to video tape the ride, but it WILL save both your money, and phone in one place, as well as not ruin other peoples fun at the same time?!
      This is the reason why I labeled my message.
      It gets straight to the point, 👍!
      Hoped this helped.

      1. Janis

        I totally agree with your statement… If they don’t want your phone in your hand they need to provide a safe place for them at the ride stop. The bins they have are not safe as people steal them. Your pockets are less safe than your hand as it could easily fall from your pocket at anytime. This guy stopping the ride had no right to do so. He just wanted his moment to feel important..

        1. Alex

          This guy stopping the ride had every right to remove him from the park, so stopping the ride to confiscate a phone the customer is told repeatedly to secure before getting on the ride, seems like a very small price to pay.

        2. Barry

          Phones and roller coasters do not mix. Went to kings dominion last week. Forgot my phone did not miss it. People need to follow rules.

        3. queue

          How about being responsible and put your phone in a locker. Think you will be okay without your phone and self importance for a day? Grow up.

        4. David david

          Actually people like you would say that about the ride attendants. You are told do not take out your phone. Did you k ow that if your phone hit someone in the face you can be sued! Let it happen to you then maybe safety is something you will think about in the future.

      2. Marvin

        In regards to cedar point it is an actual state regulated law to violate a parks safety rules..
        All rides in ohio fall with the state dept of agriculture. All rides clearly state that the use of a recording device is prohibited. People seem to lose all regard to others safety for their enjoyment.. I know i have been hit in head with indivduals throwing quarters in the air on a coaster

        1. D as ve

          It happened to me also last year 2021 i was on the gemini and the guy had his phone out on the hill. They shut the ride down and came and got it. People never learn

        2. Benji

          Especially since this is the very same park where a man lost his life trying to retrieve his phone under the Mantis.

      3. Ed Cervantes

        Yeah they have this at literally every coaster at cedar point. Blue streak included.

      4. Michael tursivio

        Clearly you don’t go to theme parks because they do have places to store your stuff. The workers did nothing wrong taking the guys phone because he a moron there has been a lot of people Injured because people pull their phones out on a ride and loose their grip my friend got his nose broke at cedar point because someone else on the ride lost their grip and the phone hit him in the face on Gemini. Just so you now now at cedar fair parks if you pull out your phone they stop the ride take your phone then at the end of the ride they arrest you remove and ban you from the part and can be charged with a felony.

      5. Liz montana

        I agree with you! 👍

      6. JulieC

        I worked at Cedar Point about 30 years ago. I am pretty sure they got sued hard for a guest’s cell phone flying away and hitting another guest.

    2. GlowIn The Dark

      If you want to record the experience use the pool case that is like a ziplock that has a land yard attached

    3. Sir RICHARD

      Too often, technology interferes with daily living that now becomes a burden in order to negotiate modern day life, and the way technology has been FOISTED upon us to live more mechanized, dehumanized lifestyles. In fact: We are evolving faster than the earth—and mankind—can handle!

  2. Erika

    Cedar Point atrendants tell you as you’re getting on ANY coaster to make sure you have your phones & everything else secured before the ride starts. If the guy has his phone out, obviously it wasn’t secured. There’s always one…

    1. Hans

      Not a bad call! I rode this before lap bars (if they’ve been installed by now?). I’ve never felt closer to falling out of a coaster, Blue Streak has some deceptive drops. Phones stay in your pocket, you could easily knock out someone’s teeth.

      1. Maddox Cox

        It got lap bars in 1995.

        1. Sherri

          When did cedar point open in April

  3. Heather

    I personally am happy they do this. Up there with the Teacher years ago who jumped the fence for the raptor to retrieve his phone, not thinking about the train clearance, and lost his life due to not thinking about how low the train hangs under the track. People don’t think. Go to park ops if u lose something on a ride.

    1. Ron

      Put the phone away and live in the moment.
      Act like a child, be treated like one.

      1. Ron

        Agree with Heather. Meant to post as a fresh comment. Not a reply.

        1. Jacie

          I witnessed same thing on same coaster last summer except it was a female. People have been killed by cell phones dropping from rides.

        2. Alicia

          I’ve been to Cedar Point countless times and you cannot have your phone out on rides. This shouldn’t be a problem but some people think they are above the rules. I would have been mad at the person who caused the ride to be stopped, then continued to complain, as if they’re somehow the victim.

      2. Marvin

        Amen to that!!

      3. Mel


    2. Luis

      Common occurrence at the six flags America (at least it was like that 2 years ago when I lived nearby was visiting the park weekly)..

  4. Margo Lawton

    Cedar Point works very hard at making sure their customers are safe and have a good time while they are at the park. Cedar Point goes out of their way to keep the park extraordinarily clean and safe for visitors. This person should have obeyed the rules and there wouldn’t have been any problems.

  5. Mark

    Never been to cedar point, but this just solidified its place on my bucket list. Seriously, don’t want to be treated like a child? Then don’t act like one.

    1. Michael

      Cedar point is a coaster paradise. Was (is?) competing for most coasters in a park, first 200,300,400 ft coaster, and Millennium Force is consistently voted one of the best coasters in the country.

  6. Jimbo2

    The announcements say cell phones are not allowed on any ride at Cedar Point. Maybe DIPSHIDIOT should listen while they are in the que lines.

    1. A Wise

      Best comment award

    2. Amanda

      Exactly! I was on a kiddy ride with my daughter and recording her reaction. It was a big bus ride that goes around like a Ferris wheel at maybe 2 miles per hour and maybe 50 feet off the ground. I didn’t even think about the kiddy rides not allowing phone recording, but I got scolded by the attendant over the speaker to put my phone away. Of course, I listened and put it away like a mature person would do, and never did it again. I guess it is good that they are consistent even on the kiddy rides to set a good example and not risk any misunderstanding or discrepancy across the rides.

      1. Rella

        Thank you for the Ride operators who actually care.. My son was hit by a phone because someone forgot what they looked like 30 seconds ago and thought it was so important to take another selfie. They lost their phone on the ride and my son got hit in the face broke his nose cut up his whole face messed up his right eye for life ( he can never play contact sports). he got a concussion and he lost consciousness .so how’s that for the importance of needing a phone on a ride .

  7. Dan

    Lol people these days love to claim violations of rights they do not have.

    Weirdly the same people who get excited someone might wander on to their property so they can shoot them.

  8. Susan

    As an avid Cedar Point patron I think he was lucky he wasn’t escorted out of the park. Rules are in place for the safety of everyone.

  9. Jimmy Souders

    I think the attendant had the right to take the guy phone

  10. Sharon Bartko

    They clearly have these rules in place for the safety of others. They state at the beginning of each ride that cell phones are to be secured, left with a non-rider, or left in the bin. We are supposed to respect those rules because all too often in the past, cell phones were dropped and broken on the concrete, hit people below, or fly out of the person’s hand and cause injury. Those who do not follow these rules are going to have consequences. They may not like it, but I am sure they are the first to complain when a cell phone smacks them in the face. Get over it, stop bringing your cell phone on the ride and enjoy the ride safely.
    I agree 100% with the park employee in stopping the ride. Maybe now he/she will think twice in bring it on the ride next time through sheer embarrassment.

  11. Steve

    I work at a theme park and just today I had to go in and get a phone that someone dropped. It was trashed. There are reasons they say no phones. They can and typically do fall out of your hand or your pocket. From high in the hair that could seriously injure someone.

    1. Natasha

      Isn’t opening day May 7th?

      1. Josh

        He said he works at a theme park not this theme park.

  12. Natasha

    I’ve been on Mine Ride coaster at Cedar Point and the Ride was stopped on a lift hill an attendant came on over a speaker and said We can see you, reminder put your phone away if you would like to Ride. I thought it was great! I absolutely do not want to see a phone go flying and hurt someone. Another trip our family was standing next to the small stand in from of Magnum next to the hill of Top Thrill Dragster and a phone came flying off Top Thrill by husband actually caught the phone which we turned until security…. it was a crazy moment! Lol

    1. Alopecia Al

      How if the park doesn’t open until May?

  13. Jason

    They’ve done this to me, at six flags magic mountain on Colossus.

    1. Bridgett

      Yep . When I was there last year. This happend to so.eone else on the blue streak

  14. Kimberly

    And if this guy dropped his phone and it was destroyed he’d probably be demanding that Cedar Point pay for a replacement. SMH.

  15. Lin Duren

    I find it quite difficult to understand why grown adults believe THEY can ignore Park rules, then become angry… Even act out- like a bad child…. When checked! It’s for YOUR safety, and others.
    Follow the Rules, people!

  16. Oliviaswarden

    Main reason they don’t want you to record is protecting the integrity of ride like not giving out trade secrets besides the safety reasons. It’s rude behavior of rider since ruining the experience for other riders having the ride stop. As for his rantings he’s just embarrassed he got caught knowingly everyone is blaming him for the ruined experience. He’s ashamed and should be.

    1. John

      B.s. the only reason is … If you are on a roller coaster going 40 mph and some idiot loses control of a cellphone and it hits one of the riders behind them ( most likely square in the face ) it is going to cause some serious damage.

  17. Jay

    They should have thrown the moron out of the park.

  18. Laura

    I think the ride attendant was correct. Blue Streak is an excellent coaster.. In alot of ways it is a better ride than 50 years ago when I rode it.

  19. Pam

    There’s rules for a reason, to keep patrons safe. Good for the attendant to do their job. The only one who spoiled the ride for himself and the others was the person who wasn’t following the rides rules. If that phone had flown out of the person’s hands while going 40 mph and hit another rider who’s going to be held liable, the owner of the phone? Probably not, probably the attendant and the park.

  20. MrsA2011

    Obviously this is an old story as Cedar Point doesn’t open until May 7th, but I’ve seen them stop multiple rides because of people with their phones out. I am pretty sure the policy now is that they will escort you from the park. Safety is not something they can afford to take lightly.

  21. Cindy

    I work for a theme park,and at our park we have a display at the entrance of the major rides. It’s a box containing broken cell phones and the message: YOU THINK IT’S SAFE IN YOUR POCKET- THE RIDE ALWAYS WINS! Also we TELL YOU to your face that LOOSE ARTICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE RIDE. If you CHOOSE to IGNORE THE WARNING, IT’S ON YOU. If you go into a RIDE RESTRICTED AREA AT OUR PARKS – YOU WILL BE ESCORTED OUT AND NOT ALLOWED TO COME BACK AND POSSIBLY”BANNED FOR LIFE”

  22. khat mcmissig

    Cedar Point isn’t open since it’s a seasonal park. When did this happen? We were on the Beast a few years ago when this happened: they were very clear to not have phones out so they stopped us on the lift, someone came out to get the phone and security was waiting when we got back 🙁

  23. Doug

    When I saw this, I was here that day or at least an instance similar, and I could believe that the guest was holding up everything because they were not thinking. It was supposed to be 20 minute wait which turned into a 40 minute wait because of selfishness.

  24. Mike

    Not unexpected at Cedar Point, where they offer Platinum Passholders a “special” deal at their premium hotel, and literally give you a dumpster view room.

  25. Scott

    I had the exact same experience two years ago on The Gemini. It is what it is. Rules are there for a reason. I would rather be safe than put my safety into the hands of some moron who can’t put his phone down for two minutes

    1. Mike

      I had a close call with a flying phone off the Dragster . 400 feet from the top to the ground where it virtually disintegrated about 25 feet from where I was standing.

  26. Becky

    I am glad they took the phone and I hope they kept it for good and maybe next time he will keep it in a locker.

  27. I thank the gentleman for doing his job and taking the man’s phone. Can you imagine being on a ride and a cell phone hitting you in the face at 40 mph. It would break your nose or kill someone.

  28. Shane

    That dude should be put to death for his stupidity 🤬

    1. Lee-Ann F.

      More like his selfishness! 😉

  29. TK

    I have a head injury from a car accident back in 2003. Had over 50 skull fractures with facial reconstruction involving titanium plates and screws. Fast forward to riding Dollywood’s newest coaster in 2018. Signs everywhere telling people to leave loose articles behind, no phones etc. Well, I got nailed directly in the face by somebody’s airborne phone. I even managed to grab and hold on to it, which really impressed the kids behind me. The phone’s owner (probably in his 50s and old enough to know better) claims he ignored the signs because he thought he had it secured. I had to leave and have CT scans and MRI to make sure none of my implants had been damaged – and I ended up with binocular vision dysfunction and wear prism glasses to align my eyes. My vision was perfect beforehand. Please don’t be the person who ignores the signs. Please. It isn’t worth it at all, and it isn’t much to ask.


      All on you lol….there are also clear warning signs someone in your condition shouldn’t be riding

      1. JustJessee

        Speaking of warning signs, all of your red flags are showing.
        What a horrible take you have.

      2. Darlene

        That’s not the point.anyone could have been injured. The be point is NoPHONES on rides!!!

    2. Chuck

      I read in the rules you were not supposed to be riding the ride with a condition like you have.

    3. Lee-Ann F.

      Sweet catch!!! Lol! I’m glad you’re ok!☺️🎢

    4. Riley

      I’m so sorry that happened to you!!

  30. Joe

    It happened to me once on The Son Of Beast at KingsValley. Except i was holding a camera when the ride stopped almost at the top of the first lift hill. I felt so bad for the two attendants that had to climb the hill to take my camera. My wife who I had barely convinced to ride, was afraid of heights and being stuck on the hill was torture. Needless to say i learned my lesson that day!

  31. Rubiks

    I mean, it is technically a felony to use a phone on a coaster in Ohio. The ride op did as they were trained.

    1. JJ

      What?! Really???

      1. Riley

        Yes. Work in EMS for even a week and you’ll see all kinds of horrific injuries caused by benign stuff that people weren’t smart enough to consider as projectile weapons. Throw a rock off a cliff at a trail? It still can kill someone even if you don’t see it. Gravity is unforgiving. Same rules of physics apply to cell phones on q coaster. Good on them for making it a felony.

  32. Ted Allison

    I totally understand. For several years I helped operate even some of the smaller rides at Nickelodeon Universe inside Mall of America and I would tell parents to put their phones because I knew sooner or later a phone would be damaged and the rider would try to blame it on the park.


    I dont know who writes this stuff but the blue streak is basically a kiddy coaster lol..not. thrill ride

  34. Melissa

    Cedar point is not even open yet for the season. It does not officially open till May, usually Mother’s Day weekend.

  35. Edie

    Good for Cedarpoint. A couple seasons ago my husband and I were walking under the Valravon and a phone came crashing down just feet in front of us. It would have split open a head if it would have landed on it. It was flying down with a slam that shattered the phone.

  36. Andrew

    The answer to anyone wanting your phone to anyone who is not law enforcement without a warrant is NO. The attendant should have told him to put it away. No company has the right to confiscate personal property ever.

    1. GFY

      That’s not true. You are need to understand the rules a little better. It’s their park, their rules if you don’t want to comply you be told to leave

    2. Grumpy

      If the phone hit one of your kids in the face causing permanent damage you might think differently. This idiot cannot be trusted to not just take it out again.

    3. Riley

      So we clearly found the selfish moron who would rather let someone use their phone and cause someone’s death? Seriously man? Put the phones away. You could use some public shaming for even defending the person’s so called “right”. How about this: the people behind them have a right to LIVE! That trumps that idiots right to keep their phone. Act like a child and you get your toys taken away. Plain and simple.

  37. T

    Park is not even open yet so this article doesn’t make sense.

  38. Grumpy

    They should hand out baseball bats so the other riders can beat some sense into these snivelling entitled morons. What a pos.

  39. Patricia

    Rules are set for a reason to make everyone safe on the ride say for instance the phone fell and hit someone mid air.I say if you can’t go anywhere with out the phone stay home To the attendant kuddos to you.

  40. Ed Cervantes

    The blue streak is tiny, not massive. It’s probably the smallest and definitely the oldest ride in the park. It’s like a kids first coaster.

    Also, why this is news is baffling. If anyone thinks monkeying with your damn phone on a roller coaster is good business, well, you’re wrong.

    Cedar point, by the way, is one of the two-three best parks in the entire country and has been voted such multiple times. And, they give you plenty of instructions not to play with your ridiculous phone on the rides. This operator absolutely did the right thing.

  41. ender

    that ride literally hurts my body but i love it

  42. ChasUGC

    Some people think their rights are above everything, including everyone else’s life and safety. Smh. You can’t even comment without pop ups all over the screen where you are trying to type. Some people! lol.

  43. I’d like to believe parks are all about safety, & while I think they are in many respects, I’ve noticed a major disconnect w/phones (no pun intended 😉 No matter how hard they try, parks will never get riders to give up their phones multiple X/day & leave them in lockers or bins. Cells are just too much a part of our every-minute culture. That said, can’t rely on pockets in clothes as they’re sadly often NOT secure (borne out by teacher’s death by Raptor).
    BUT instead of offering solutions that have items held snugly against the body, I’ve seen exponential increase in parks selling lanyard style bags (waterproof dry bag hanging at its end) instead. Anything that flops around & is loose around neck is basically a noose. It’s a clear safety hazard & only a matter of time before this leads to injuries or worse. Yet, I’ll logically surmise that since parks get great return on margins of these products (& know they sell), it’s really all about the $$$. Without regard to what’s actually SAFER.
    Since I’m in the midst of this arena, I should know.
    We’ve had our snug/body-hugging patented wearable repeatedly vetted & proven on high speed rides+slides AND have had the Dir of Op (now VP in-park services) at a major park group banging the drum w/his Corporate office for multiple years now saying he wants/NEEDS this, & yet has been ignored.
    Because he’s not in Merchandising.
    Departments don’t talk to each other when they should. Their people are working in silos & there’s no cross-pollination to understand what the other parts of the same company are doing. So they kick the can down the road and pretend a problem doesn’t exist.
    Merch people only care about making their #s and don’t look at the big picture. In the grand scheme, the park ends up glossing over key safety issues and will end up hurting themselves (& the public) with bad decision making. It’s unfortunate, but that’s reality.

    1. Stacie Markin

      Not sure about all parks, but Kings Island & Carowinds (so I would assume all cedar fair parks) sell running belts. Reasonable price & are a little stretchy so they will hold a larger phone.

  44. Jacko

    It would have been a bigger punishment if they told the offender his parents could pick up his phone on the way out of the park that day.

  45. Eliot

    Kudos to the ride operator.
    I sure as heck don’t want to get hit in the face by a cell phone going 40 mph.

  46. Kitty

    Universal and Disney attendants wish they can stop the ride mid point and confiscate people phones. A lot of theme park humans think they’re over the rules and don’t think they could lose their phone, hit someone, or even damage the ride. Whether this is a real story or not; good on the ride attendant.

  47. Amy

    The same thing happened last August when we were there. The guy should be embarrassed and apologetic for delaying everyone. Not to mention the worker that had to run up all those stairs to retrieve the phone. To make the delay as short as possible for everyone else on the ride.

  48. Darlene

    I’m a regular at cedar point. I never have my phone out. I’m glad they’re cracking down on this. It’s ridiculous that people do this. I have seen phones fly out of people’s hands. Idiots!

  49. Brian

    Who cares won’t be back..used to take 30 kids every year a couple times now cashless so I won’t return not getting credit cards or prepaid for everyone if our money’s no good no more I’m not supporting their business any longer …

  50. Sandy

    I witnessed This happen at Cedar Point several years ago. I was in the ground waiting for my husband and step-son to ride the Millenium and they had to stop the ride going up the first hill to confiscate someone’s regular camera. It’s all in the name of safety. That could kill someone if it is not put away safely.

  51. Terrell

    Dude nobody outside of a law enforcement agency with a search warrant has the right to take your phone from you.

    1. Josh

      Your on private property. They have every right to enforce there policies, I’m sure if he really wanted to keep it they would have gladly allowed him to exit the ride and then the park. Places like theme parks have policies like this for liability reasons. If it is so important for you to video while riding get a go pro, I would think as long as it is secure and doesn’t interfere with others or cause a safety issue they would allow it. You do not have the right to endanger others you do have the right to enjoy your day somewhere else if you can’t follow the same rules as everyone else.

  52. Jenn

    We always just got a locker that they have all over the park or left our cellphones in the car. It’s a theme park everyone. It is not about just you. It’s about everyone to have fun and be safe while doing so! The coasters speed and turns could cost someone their life if they got hit with a flying object like that! Man just put them away and be responsible and have so good fun with out them!

  53. Brian

    They do have those boxes or bins to keep your stuff safe, but let’s be honest no one puts their phones in them, but instead would rather try to go viral and put others in danger of flying out of their hands and hitting something or someone. Just selfish

  54. I am now aware that science is not encouraged by our school system because people just don’t understand how dangerous a phone flying from your hands on a rollercoaster can be. F=ma

  55. Josh

    Same thing happened to my daughter and I at cedar point while on gemini. It was her first rollercoaster. I took my phone out and took a selfie of us not knowing the reason for stopping. This was either last summer or year before so this is nothing new.

  56. Joe Shmoe

    The theme park hasn’t changed, it’s just that adults now act like children.

  57. Joseph

    As someone who’s been hit by spit and sunglasses on seperate occasions while riding coasters at cedar point I’m glad they’re taking safety seriously.

  58. Rich

    What a little baby! Did you have to give up 2 minutes of texting! Let’s have a pitty party!

  59. kay miller

    Isn’t it nice that the theme park operators are keeping track of what’s going on? Cedar Point will never have an incident like what happened in Florida where the young man got killed. Good job, Cedar Point!!

  60. Lol I am the one who made this reddit post. Thanks for using it. Join Cedar Point Lovers on Discord!

  61. Just because you saw someone on YouTube filming on a coaster don’t think you can do it too !! If you get caught then you deserve it

  62. Lee-Ann F.

    If the park goer purposely hid his phone boarding the ride and whipped it out after the ride started then the ride attendant did the right thing and the park goer is a selfish jerk!

  63. Riley

    Given I once had some idiots phone nearly slam into my face, I’m with the ride attendant. The only thing that stopped me from a skull fracture at 50 mph was I had been shoving hair out of my face and CAUGHT the phone on sheer reflex an inch in front of my eyes and nose. (Thank you baseball practice.) Still barehanded jacked my hand up. All because an idiot couldn’t not film for too minutes.

    If that had hit a kid it would have killed them.

  64. Sandy

    This happen last year because they are not even open yet but he should of put it in his pocket before he got on the ride they was trying to protect the other people on the ground plus his phone not getting broke so I don’t blame them for taking his phone. They need to have a locker where they can put there phones in. That was my first roller coaster I went on and I loved it and I pray they will not shut it down

  65. Nicole

    As a former Cedar Fair employee, we (ride operators) are trained that if we see a guest with their phone out, we have every right to

    1. Tell the guest to put the phone away
    2. Stop the ride and approach the guest and tell them face to face
    3. Kick them off the ride.

    In my three years that I worked at the park, I can’t tell you how many times I would have people come up to me saying that their phone fell out of their hand while they were riding, or a guest who wasn’t even on the ride needs first aid to come because they got hit by something that flew off the ride, or be threatened to be sued because it’s “my fault that their phone broke”.

    Ride operators are literally keeping people safe by telling you to put your phone away.

  66. Patrick

    The only thing I don’t understand is why they shut down the ride for confiscating a freaking phone everybody’s got phones in their damn pockets

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