Comments for Recent Frightening Theme Park Accidents Leave Guests Deterred From Rides

Theme Park Accidents

Credit: ICON Park (left), Carowinds (Middle), ABC News at Adventureland (Right)

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  1. Kat

    The problem with the drop tower tragedy was that the owner had two of the seats modified against manufacturer standards. It took a ride technician to do that, not some kid operating the ride that night. If that hadn’t been done, no one Tyre Sampson’s size would have ever fit on the ride, and weight would not have been an issue. Not all attractions have weight limits, just size limits (it’s about how the weight is distributed). Just so happens the FreeFall does. So I don’t think posting weight limits matter as much as more frequent inspections, especially of the smaller parks and independent ride owners like Orlando SlingShot. Make sure they aren’t doing things outside manufacturers’ guidelines!

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