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Tarzan's Treehouse

Credit: Disney


  1. Patti

    STOP already! Leave it alone.

  2. James

    Will be a girl treehouse now…wanna bet?

    1. Rachel

      Lmao what exactly is a girl treehouse? I’m a woman and I assure you I visited the Tarzan version many times without changing genders.

      1. Eugenia

        Is it like a “she shed” but in the air?

  3. Charles Velikis

    STOP IT ! go back to original. It is becoming WALLY WORLD.

    1. Bob

      Go back to a movie that’s 60 plus years old that the majority of visitors have never seen? Sounds like a good business decision.

      1. Walt

        Yeah, Encanto really fits next to Indy… hey, we should returned that too right?

        1. Karen Foster

          I am thankful they have updated the park attraction to fit modern times. Most Disney visitors don’t know who Swiss Family Robinson are. It’s nice to welcome Tarzan to the park!

          1. karen rides the short bus

            “its nice to welcome tarzan to the park!” really are you a retard?? Tarzan is what it there now thats going away.. Dam karen


        Because it is all BUUL they make these days, all one theme, Voilance, Murder, and Stealing. Good themes to base attractions on, HUH!

      3. Sean

        Oh come on Bob, how are things supposed to become timeless if we keep reimagining things? It called lack of creativity. Only in America.

  4. Michael Smith

    Encanto theme maybe? Can’t think of another one that is appropriate.


      Go back to Walts dream when he bulit it. SFR.

  5. Kevin

    Wonder what new “woke” garbage Disney is going to replace Tarzan with. We all know how the lefties can’t stand strong, white, alpha males.

    1. Marcus

      Disney isn’t woke.

      1. Kevin

        LOL! Yeah sure they aren’t. What planet do you live on?

      2. Regina Coppinger

        lol that’s funny…they certainly are! I’m guessing you may be or are to..??? Disney s ruining Walt’s dreams.

        1. Ashley

          The jungle book would fit too

          1. Nic Kramer

            How about Comment Trolls’ Treehouse? Jeez, this site has went downhill when the orginal owner sold the site.

      3. May

        I agree, it isn’t woke enough. Stop using gendered pronouns and stop donating money to racist and sexist Florida politcians.

        1. Kevin

          Please. I’ll use “gendered pronouns” (what a laugh) whenever I want. You can’t stop people from speaking. If that gets you all bent out shape, oh well, that’s on you. By the way, someone’s sexual identity isn’t a race.

    2. Pat

      Before taking 3 of 4 grand families to DW, I made sure they all saw Swiss Family Robinson, which I consider truly a good story and exciting with real people. Not everything has to be animation. They all were interested in the treehouse.

    3. Brittany

      How pathetic..you sound like the typical fragile snowflake “alpha strong white male” LMAO. Get a life!

      1. Kevin

        I’m a “fragile snowflake”? LMAO! Yet you are the one who felt compelled to respond and complain about my comment with immature name calling. Ok hypocrite. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and get a life of your own some time.

    4. Ruby

      tell me you have a fragile masculinity without telling me you have a fragile masculinity lol

    5. disney is a woke joke

      its going to be an incredible immersive experience based on the environment. Where guest get the opportunity to talk to trees and plants giving them hugs and apologizing for “climate change” deforestation, etc.. lmfao

      1. Kevin

        Lol! I would not be surprised in the least if that actually happened.

    6. Sarah

      My guess is Antonio’s tree from Encanto, as it’s an easy way to bring Encanto into the park and would be a natural fit for the existing structure. It will be interesting to see what they choose.

  6. Marcus

    Taking a wild guess. It will be rethemed to Encanto. Maybe not really a wild guess.

  7. cheryl

    It isn’t broken don’t fix it. Quit changing everything. It is no longer Disney but getting to be just like anywhere else.

    1. Jordan

      It’s not a matter of it being broken or not broken, it’s a matter of it getting any traction and keeping it fresh. It’s been Tarzan’s tree house for decades. Nothing says we can’t update things to keep it fresh. Also, Disney would be the first to say that things can’t stay the same, so calm down.

      1. Brittany

        I don’t think we need to condescendingly tell people to “calm down” when you have a different opinion. Learn to have an adult conversation, might be helpful to you in life.

        1. Kevin

          Yeah. You just call people names when you don’t agree with them, Brittany. You should really try to practice what you preach sometime. By the way, was your response to Jordan intentionally condescending or do you honestly not know how big a hypocrite you are?

        2. Jordan

          How is me telling someone to not get worked up condescending? People on here typically get worked up the moment any sort of change is announced, so telling someone to calm down seems pretty appropriate 😛

      2. Sean

        Wrong, it’s called lack of creativity and lack of originality. You don’t see this at the Disney Parks in Franc and Japan, only in America. You know why? Because the French and Japanese have more creative binds in their body than Americans.

        1. Jordan

          You do realize updating something counts as being creative too, right? Also, those parks haven’t been open for very long, so to compare the parks in that way would make no sense, especially when you think about the fact that the same people worked on several parks around the world, not just one country lol. But if you want to try to, look at Space Mountain, the one in France has had several updates to keep it popular or fresh. People got mad about that too, but nowhere near as bad as they do here.

  8. Sebastian Hale

    I feel a little worried about the retheming of Tarzan’s Treehouse. I never go to Disneyland, but I talk about the Disney movie of Tarzan whenever I see a gorilla or an elephant or a leopard or a baboon. I hope the retheming of Tarzan’s Treehouse will only be a little different than it was before and mostly the same.

  9. Deb

    They should have never tethered the original! It was a Walt classic and they just keep ruining everything they touch

  10. Brooke

    I really hope this will be Encanto themed. I’d love to see what the Imagineers will do to match the treehouse in Encanto; which was really beautiful. Tarzan wasn’t getting much activity over the years from what I’ve read.

  11. trevor

    How about making it calypsos house from pirates of the carribean. Would fit in right next to it!!!

    1. Vince

      Wow, THAT is actually pretty cool thinking.. unfortunately, if Disneys gonna do what Disney does best, they’re gonna go with the “what’s viral NOW” route and make it themed to the little bloke who can speak to animals in the currently viral “Encanto”. Nothing against it I guess, just wouldn’t fit as well as your idea.

  12. kathy atwood

    Is it going to be them or they tree house?

    1. Brittany

      Hopefully!! Fingers crossed! Hopefully it’ll be a learning treehouse to teach the youth CTR & Gay gay gay!! Just to really piss off you pathetic racist, homophobic morons. Look at you guys..bringing your nasty snowflake triggered righty attitude in the most random comment sections.

      1. moo

        still think Pirates would be cooler. Even as a demi-sexual, genderfluid individual. While yes I like the representation. I feel like it would be ruining what I call my home. I know it’s most likely going to be themed around Encanto which is fine. I still wish it was something new and original or themed around pirates, or just leaving it as is. Disney used to excel at making something for everyone to enjoy. By making things too hard for kids to understand, but something that the adults can enjoy while the kids can still have fun. Now I feel like they’re pushing it in everyone’s face, and I don’t like it, it’s giving people like me and others in the LGBTQ a bad light. So I know you’re probably joking but I hope they do not do that. I want something that everyone can enjoy no matter who they are.

    2. Vince

      Kathy, really?? Cmon girl, show us that people with opinions on “your side” are a little ahemm… “less dense” than that.


    BLM at it again? Will it ever stop. DAMN!!!!!

    1. Frank


    2. Brittany

      Imagine being such a fragile snowflake to comment irrelevant garbage lol..your life must be such a pathetic existence. Sad.

      1. Kevin

        Blah blah blah…. “snowflakes” …blah blah blah…. How’s that “learning to have an adult conversation” you implore others to do working out for you?

        1. Bud

          Hi Kevin!! On here again I see! You’re sooo against everything Disney, but I literally see you here every day on different Disney articles bein kinda evil, dude.. I mean you don’t have to like Disney, but you know… just move on to something else dude!

          1. Kevin

            Ok dude. Whatever you say dude. You do realize there is more than one person named Kevin in the world right, dude? And you do realize that not everyone has to agree with you about everything, right dude? Go white knight somewhere else, dude.

            1. Bud

              LOL, you really DO have a sad life.. maybe a trip to Disneyland IS what you need buddy! I’m kinda feeling sorry for you at this point. Cheer up

              1. Kevin

                Actually I don’t but nice try at deflection. I’m plenty cheerful so you can take your faux pity and shove it kindly wherever it will give you the most pleasure.

        2. Kathy

          Hmm….last I knew it was Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House…shows how long since I’ve been there! And as expensive as its gotten to be I won’t be seeing the remake anytime soon.

  14. Sooz

    So tired of people using a quote from Walt Disney that Disneyland will never be finished… that quote has nothing to do with re-theming.. also, he would of had no idea about what a Cancellation Culture would become. His Quote no longer is valid!

    1. Lola

      Ughhhh, GET OVER IT! Tarzan is like over 30 years old.. time for something that the new young-uns can enjoy and relate to more.. it ain’t the end of the freakin world, drama queens!


        “White Christmas” is older than Tazan, I still watch it every year. Classic is Classic!

    2. Lola

      Are we all gonna get little red hats with white writing, and a manual on how to be bigots to go along with it??

  15. Jamie Coughlin

    Swiss Family Robinson has been on Disney+ since it started, in fact TWO versions are on there or were until very recently. I think plenty of young people have seen it. I hate that they took it away, it was one of my favorite places to visit and I don’t recall there ever not being a crowd for it. I have never seen Tarzan’s treehouse but it sounds interesting. I would not be very excited to see an Encanto treehouse but I suppose the children would.

  16. Susan Hathaway

    I bet it’s ENCANTO! YES!!!!! 🥰 Antonio the the little Brother had a REAL Hungle Treehouse in his Room when he gets his magic & opens the door! 🥰🦜🐆🐒🌳
    It’s Time👍🏼

  17. Mason

    Is it because Tarzan shows “toxic masculinity”, a white man , and makes his wife Jane wear a animal skin bikini the last ten seconds of the first Tarzan film? 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Kevin


  18. American Pride

    Watch it be something vapid Japanese trash like Kingdom Hearts.

    1. Kevin

      Nah. It will be vapid American trash like Encanto.

      1. 097

        But Kevin, Dukes of Hazard isn’t a Disney property my man.

        1. Kevin

          “….LIKE ENCANTO.” Learn to read full sentences, my man.

  19. DLand

    There goes the neighborhood Again. Bye Bye Tarzan 😞😞😞 I think the overall Treehouse was a Great idea. It got people moving with climbing stairs, walking across the wooden bridge. I bet it made adults feel like kids again just climbing up a tree. It did for me and it was a Great feeling 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

  20. Jenny

    It was Swiss family Robinson treehouse when I was a kid. It was super fun to pretend you were on their island and that was your house. You could explore each room. I’ve hated the Tarzan Re theme as it’s just simply a walk thru reading a series of signs. And staring at big plastic cartoon figures. I hope they do something clever and more organic.

    1. Vince

      If you had actually read the 1 minute article you would have seen that it’s going to remain a tree house, rethemed to something more
      Currently popular. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to do all that.

  21. Bud

    I agree with your 1st part because of the nostalgia and all.. but what do you mean that some IPS should be “denied” representation?

    1. Bud

      I understand your statement now, but isn’t Swiss family Robinson an IP? It’s a movie, right? I mean rally old IP, but IP nonetheless

  22. Marquita

    I’m all for a retheme just as long as it’s tastefully done. I wonder if the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse will ever receive a retheme at WDW?

    1. Shell

      I hope not it’s one of my favorite movies. I’m hoping they restore Tarzan back to Swiss Family Robinson, but I know that’s just wishful thinking.

  23. Kim

    I’m curious to see what Disney decides to do with the treehouse. I’m not going to spew hate or throw shade. Not my style. Not to mention I might like what they do. If I don’t I’ll just skip the treehouse.

  24. Patti

    If we’re going to get rid of attractions that are old, how about retheming Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. NOBODY knows that story anymore. At least most people still know Tarzan.
    Tarzan and Lion King were HUGE for Disney, but they get no love at Disneyland. It sucks!

    1. Shell

      Instead of messing with Toad’s ride.How about bringing the story out and teaching kids the classics. Toads story along with Ichabod’s is great . They need to do more to keep the classic shows and characters out there. I can’t believe parents aren’t teaching their kids about them and passing down the stories.😥 .

  25. Linda Pretorius

    Many don’t know Swiss Family Robinson. But they do after they visit the tree house. Plus you should be selling the books and the movies right there so they can learn and remember. Its a classic. Besides I’m 71 years old and if the tree was there I would be climbing the stairs to remember and imagine being there.

  26. Sherri

    I’m ok with the Jungle Book as someone else suggested. I’m also ok with returning it back to the Swiss Family Robinson theme. Stop chasing what’s in today, gone tomorrow. Make the older ones interesting for modern day without too much change.

  27. Sherri

    I’m ok with the Jungle Book as someone else suggested. I’m also ok with returning it back to the Swiss Family Robinson theme. Stop chasing what’s in today, gone tomorrow. Make the older ones interesting for modern day without too much change.

    (Posted initially as a reply in error)

  28. EricJ

    Keep in mind, the reason we got Tarzan’s Treehouse was the dark 00’s days of Paul Pressler, the man who hated the parks–
    And who thought that if a classic legacy Walt-era attraction wasn’t pulling numbers, it was the attraction’s fault for A) being old, and B) not being based on a new 90’s-00’s movie.

    You guys in the west got a Tarzan upgrade, we in the east got Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management.
    And we don’t have ETM:UNM anymore, but it took a fire for us to fix it back to what it should have been…Let us hope you have better luck out west.

  29. Billie Hanson

    NEVER should’ve changed it from Swiss Robinson Family Treehouse.

  30. Nic Kramer

    I think I know what’s the replacement is, but I’m not sure if the theme works well for Adventureland.

  31. Shawn

    If recent history has shown anything it’s that Disney has lost something very important for parents “TRUST”. I believe that however they retheme attractions it’s not with children & family being their first consideration. IMHO nothing Disney does will improve their position with American parents. Short of a total exec. reboot. After alienating the core of their revenue & their continued support of far left extremists & China’s genoside, child and slave labor. Disney used to be synonymous with wholesome American family values, and protecting the children from exposure to things immoral or harmful to their psyche and innocence. Keep placating the communist party & the very noisy few over the consumers responsible for Disney’s success and in a few years you can move Disney corp to China without any complaints. American parents will be done being ignored & repeatedly shown by Disney
    American families are no longer their target consumer. GO WOKE GO BROKE

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