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Full 'Star Wars' Cast with Disney+ Logo

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Mark

    With all due respect, didn’t this news come out 4 months ago? Why is this article coming out now lol

  2. vaderman212

    I can’t believe that a company as big as Lucasfilm’s year end gift was a custom branded Crosley suit case turntable. They could have gone with an Audio Technica AT-LP60 and given them something actually useful that sounds nice.

  3. Neo

    This franchise just needs to end.

    1. James

      No one is forcing you to watch it.

  4. Coming to a Movie Theater near you . Possibly 3 to 7 part / new movies story and a Disney attraction like Galaxy Edge . Enjoy the ride !!

  5. Star Wars is gone

    Until they ERASE Rey, Finn, Snoke, and Toes Rico, and the rest of they Disney Shilogy: The Farts Awakens, the Last Douchebag, and the Rise of the Dead guy. Erase Episode 7-9 and MAYBE, MAYBE fans will come back!

    1. Kaiser

      No offense but you sound like an uneducated hillbilly

    2. Loser

      Wow you truly sound like a total moron. Newsflash: the sequel trilogy was pretty popular and has a large fanbase so it’s not being erased and we might even see new content related to it. I’m sure you’ll continue whining like a child.

  6. DealWithIt

    The sequel trilogy was awesome, I hope they make more content with the characters!

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