Comments for New ‘Star Wars’ Project Removes Iconic Darth Vader Characteristic

James Earl Jones and David Prowse as Darth Vader

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Andrew T

    This review seems to have forgotten the original actor to perform as Darth Vader’s physical presence, David Prowse… Shameful!

    1. Mark

      It literally says it right in the text “Darth Vader (James Earl Jones/David Prowse)”. Maybe they made an edit after this comment. Of course, with so many ads littering the screen, its easy to miss.

  2. Terra

    The game literally does have the breathing sound – in the Darth Vader fight in Episode V it is definitely there. You guys must have forgotten to unmute the TV lol

  3. Marky

    Nonsense…all part of design of cowardly actions.

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