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Chewbacca with Guests on Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Credit: Disney


  1. Victor Nazarian

    Just spent almost $2.65 per minute for about 40 hours at Galactic Starcruiser. Just got out about 4 hours ago. It was fun but for the price of a 10 day cruise and the significant numbers of issues I observed I question cost / value balance. Maybe R2 camping for $350 would be fun. Maybe do winter time camping sleeping inside a dead Tauntaun?

  2. Will

    I know right? Absolutely ridiculous comparison.

  3. Usux

    You could also stay at Cinderella’s castle it’s a holiday inn but it’s a alternative

  4. Jay

    Mom: We got Starcruiser at home

  5. Dave Hebler

    Disney is nuts for trying to shove a 2 day $6,000 vacation on anybody and with their greed showing on all fronts with the crap like buying tickets and forcing you to make reservations it will forever keep me from ever going back! I proposed in Disney so it WAS special to me but for now I hope the starcruiser idea turns in to a parking lot sooner than later and until the greed stops my family will NEVER give Mickey another dime! As to this story? I stopped sleeping in tents when I was a kid! You won’t catch me spending a dime to stay in a fenced in r2d2 when I can watch the stars from my back yard!

  6. wow, great bait and switch skills there rebekkah.

    1. dusk

      A New York campsite with some R2D2 decals slapped onto it is nothing close to a substitute for a resort stay at Disney World, this reads more like you were paid to advertise this camp site than anything else.

  7. Ben K

    I have a star cruiser alternative that I offer on Airbnb that’s even more affordable. You can stay in my extra bedroom for $59.99. I have adorned the room with vintage Kenner action figures. For $5 more I’ll throw in the AT-AT.

    1. MrsCapt777



    YES, thank you.

    Every bed on the planet is an ‘alternative’ to Galactic Starcruiser, I guess. Do you want to write a post about every one of them with Star Wars sheets on it?

    Canceled my notifications about this site today. It’s over.

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