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galactic starcruiser dinner shows

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  1. jim

    ALL of these comments are from people who have not been on or seen it. ALL of them.

    And since they don’t have the money to go, they have to publicly make is sounds bad where they made a conscious decision not to go, not that they can’t go.

    I have personally been on it and I was blown away. Ask anyone that has been on it. They will all tell you the same thing.

    As for the price, $1500 per person for 4 people sharing a cabin for 2 nights in a themed hotel, all meals and experiences included. You would spend more than that for a weekend in New York including theater tickets, hotel and meals.

    1. Chris

      No, I wouldn’t spend more than $1,500 per person for a weekend in New York.

      We spent a week in New York and flight from the west coast, all meals, theater tickets, all transportation while there and hotel cost us under $1,000 for two people and we weren’t skimping, we stayed at the Manhattan Club (yes, it is a time share, but the $1,000 factors in the cost of points, RCI Exchange Fee at the time and all mandatory fees), which is very close to Carnegie Hall and a very nice “studio”, which was more like a 1 bedroom with no door between the living area and the bedroom area. Saw several Broadway Shows, ate at places like Junior’s, as well as cheap New York Pizza, because it is New York and you kind of have to. Took taxis when needed. Got a CitiPass, so we did all of the Touristy stuff as well with hop on and off bus tours. Went to Radio City Music Hall, got to go up on the stage. Went to Ellis Island, so on and so forth.

      If you are spending $6,000 for 4 people for a single weekend in New York, you are definitely doing it wrong.

      A better comparison though is to compare it to a cruise and even a Disney Cruise for an entire week is cheaper than the the Star Cruiser, which by the way for two people is about $5,000 at the absolute cheapest. We are doing a week long cruise over Thanksgiving Week for about $3,200, which includes all meals, entertainment and hotel for an entire week.

      1. Lee

        Wouldn’t an even better comparison be a MLB fantasy camp? On average that’s 5k per person for 5 days, including practice uniform, coaching by ex pro athletes (not usually stars), a shared room at a Double Tree-level accommodation, breakfast, lunch and a banquet at the end.

        1. Walt Disney

          No, because this isn’t sports and athletics, it’s Disney trying to do Star Wars and failing. People didn’t come to learn how to play something, they came to immersed in Star Wars and for that kind of money you better believe it should have been better. Disney didn’t need to charge the money they did, in fact the experience should have just been an expansion of Galaxies Edge and included the dinner show they advertised years ago when they began bilking park guests in preparation for Star Wars land.

        2. Uncle Remus

          The fans willing to pay that much aren’t interested in Rey and Kylo. They want Vader and Luke.

          1. R

            Most fans today don’t care about the OT anymore lol

    2. Kim

      I’m going to NYC for 2 nights in May, and I won’t spend anywhere close to that. I won’t spend much more that for a 7 night Mediterranean cruise, including air.

      1. One Who Remembers

        Walt Disney was an incredibly great man who created an incredibly great product. The current Disney management or nothing but immoral, incompetent parasites who are living off of the incredibly great company that Walt Disney created. If he were here today, he would immediately fire them all in disgrace.

    3. RealityCzech

      You paid that much to cosplay with Rey and Kylo? How sad….

      Did your wife’s boyfriend come along for the trip too?

      1. R

        Both are more complex than your precious Luke lol

        Well until TLJ when Luke got personality

        1. Kenny

          Found the guy who didn’t watch the OT.

        2. Jb

          Lol. Complex? A whiney emo boy and abandoned child. Sooooo complex. They ate flat boring characters that’s why only whiney Gen z like them.
          Luke was a dreamer that got wrapped up in a war he didn’t understand and needed to learn about. Probably why Gen Z love Rey. They also think they know everything while knowing absolutely nothing about life

    4. Jd

      1500 per person get me a liveaboard dive boat in the red sea. But remember 4 people is 6k and 2 folks is also 6k.

    5. Mike

      Because f**k us cor being poor, right? $6,500 for a subpar meal, a Star Trek influenced trip (not at all Star Wars) , set during the wildly disliked ST..yea I think I’ll pass. 6500 dollars is way too steep for the half-assert Disney puts our for this

  2. Beth

    If Vader and Luke aren’t going to be there, I’m not interested.

  3. Admittedly, I did not spend my money on this. I watched a video from All Ears of one of their personalities doing the free press cruise. She was enthusiastic and was doing all of the games on her smart phone. She was not doing a negative review and was an avid Star Wars fan. After watching the video, I was not impressed or interested. I don’t want to spend that kind of money and play games on my phone. Gamers would like it. Additionally, cruisers will face constant Rise of the Resistance break downs. We waisted 5 hours in line for that in March. Broke down twice while we were in line. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  4. James

    I think people are missing the big point of all this: Halcyon is the first immersive Disney-themed experience. It won’t be perfect, because the “first” of anything is never perfect. It’s a starting point, from which Disney (and Universal and maybe even Legoland and Sea World etc) will learn lessons and creature future experiences that are even better.

    Twenty years from now, there will be dozens of immersive hotel experiences, many of which are less expensive, and all of which will be better than Halcyon. We’ll look back on Halcyon the same way we look back now at Steamboat Willie: not the greatest ever, but the start of something great.

    Until then, chill the heck out 🙂

    1. D'man

      Well, A New Hope is perfect

    2. I couldn’t agree more James. I watched the freebies and while it’s out of my budget, it looked ok to me. Not perfect, but the, so called, passengers looked like they were having a good time. Now, I am a big Disney fan minus this WOKE nonsense, been to WDW Disneyland many times, but if I could afford, even close, to spend that kind of money, well I’d stay at the Grand Floridian or Comtemporary or Polynesian. But, people should do what they like.

      But, again, you are correct, someday, it will be better and maybe cheaper, not to mention more similar experiences.
      My two cents.

  5. Cry more

    Have went on it, would spend the money again cause it was that awesome. People that “break silence” on their thoughts and haven’t actually been to it, have no actual opinion that matters. The theme is awesome. The acting is awesome. The immersion is great. The whole ship going into light speed during the various bridge trainings was really cool. The food was great. The drinks were expensive but tasty. The storylines were fun to play along with.

    If you didn’t go, stfu. If you’d rather spend money on something else, then spend money on something else without complaining about the star cruiser to justify it. If you are a fan of the original triology, call George Lucas and tell him to open another hotel for his fan boys. It’s really not hard.

    1. Bryon


      It was expensive. Yes. But I don’t know what else anyone could have asked for. My boys felt like they were on a constant adventure and never wanted to get back to the room for fear of missing something or not completing a mission. No one can even experience the entire thing in one trip. Too many options in the storyline. My wife and I were dragged into a space battle on the bridge with like 6 other parents because we happened to be chilling outside the lounge with drinks at some random ass time and it was amazing. The cast just drew us in and it was just great.

      1. RealityCzech

        You need to give your kids up for adoption. Teaching them that the Disney Star Wars era is worth spending money on vs the timeless OT is akin to child abuse 😂😂😂

        1. James

          Yeah man, it’s totally child abuse for people to have different opinions about entertainment than you :rolleyes:

          It’s honestly super creepy the way people in these comments try to police what other people are and aren’t allowed to like.

        2. Roon3805

          I don’t think many people who go or want to go won’t think it’s awesome…the issue is the insane price. They could probably double the price and some of you would still go and claim it’s awesome. Meanwhile Disney could probably make a decent ROI by charging less than half of what they currently do.

    2. RealityCzech

      Lol you paid money to play with Kylo and Rey.

      Let me guess, Sharknado sits highly on your list of “Movies better than The Godfather” right?

      You PAID to play with Rey Palpatine…BWHAHAHAHHhahahahahahHhhHA (cough cough) BWHAHAHAHAHHA!

      1. Sickoffanboys

        Clearly neither of you have kids. He paid for his kids to experience the best two days of their life. A time they will never forget. If you wouldn’t work OT to give your children two days of their wildest dreams, you should never have one.

      2. R

        Rey Skywalker

        Since her dad is made from Luke

  6. Bryon Rossi

    I’ve been to it with my family. I will do it again. My boys loved it. Me and my wife loved it. We were grateful to experience it and will be happy to experience it again. The cast members are outstanding. The thought put into the experience, including the details, are impressive and constant smile inducing.

    You all can say that I’m just too easy to please, and I say fine then. I hope we get to experience it again one day. It was worth every penny spent IMHO.

    Bravo Disney. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    1. RealityCzech

      What did your wife’s boyfriend think of it while you swooned over Kylo?

      1. R

        Get Vader’s nonexistent peen out your mouth

  7. Pocho Villa

    Dou want a Star Wars experience that’s cheaper than $6,000? Go in May to the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim and be blown away with the fan made costumes, speakers, sneak peek for upcoming shows, and vendors.

  8. John Bragg

    Went last week. Loved it.
    Yes, it’s crazy expensive. I can’t argue with anybody on that.
    If you’re paying for it as a luxury hotel / cruise experience, it’s probably not worth it.
    If you’re paying for it as a Live Action Role Playing experience, it is amazing.
    Yes, a lot of it runs through your phone. As if we’re not texting and messaging each other constantly in real life.
    Without spoiling things, not all of it runs through you doing stuff with your phone. Some of it runs on your interactions with Cast Members (I don’t know if that’s pure proximity to your phone’s location, or if the Cast Members do a bunch of data entry “backstage”) Some of it is Cast Members interacting with you IRL.
    If you don’t want to do a Star Wars Casablanca on a Spaceship LARP, where you give Sam the password for the shipment of rifles coming in that night, and he sends you to meet Ilsa’s Resistance contact in the bar, then you don’t want to do the StarCruiser.
    If you DO want that, it’s amazing.

    1. RealityCzech

      So you’re saying if you’re a true Star Wars fan and not one of the Disney Cuckold Rey Soy Boys, don’t go on this one.

      Cool, thanks for the heads up!


      1. John Bragg

        Yes, if you make a habit of not liking things, you probably won’t like this.

      2. R

        Anyone who says soy boy as a supposed insult has no valid opinion anyway

    2. Mike

      But that’s just it, is $6500 for a cosplay event. 90% of the country can’t afford 4 months wages for a major repair, let along spending $6500 for blue mac n cheese and hide n seek games in your cell phone. How much is Disney paying you to shill for them?

  9. DT

    I’m sure it’s fun but with a family of six it’s just never EVER going to be an option. That’s sad and disappointing.

  10. Cathy

    I’ll take the 4 Seasons, thank you. Better value for your $$$.

  11. Lauren Jen

    If someone pays for me to go I’ll give a basic report of the experience but the cost is how much I spent on my last car so I could never pay for it.

  12. Dave

    4k is a chunk of cash. For those chatting about what “NYC will get you”, you CAN spend that in NYC pretty easily if you’re staying in a nice hotel, shopping, taking in decent seats at a yankee game and eating well.

    I want to go to this. I want the dust to settle a bit. The people going first are the ultra committed who would rightfully have waited forever, so it’s hard to get an unbiased opinion, and that’s not a knock on the shared experiences.

    Let it simmer, let’s see how people feel after this summer and see how Disney adjusted it all.

    1. John Bragg

      Something to ask yourself. Are you going to sit back and observe, or are you going to play the scenario as an active participant?
      Casablanca references are mostly lost on anyone under 40 or so, but it avoids Starcruiser plot spoilers. If you’re going so you can sing the Marseillaise(sp) in Rick’s cafe, and play swap the suitcases to hide the Maltese Falcon, you should go.
      If you want to sit back and watch Sam and Rick and Ilsa, maybe the commenter who suggested Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim is a better idea.

  13. Jeffrey Heyen

    Wejust finished our trip there and I thought it was awesome. From the food to the characters to the design it was flawless. All these negative comments must be from people who have not been or not Star Wars fans.

  14. Karl

    My wife and I just came back from our GS trip and thought it was amazing, for all the same reasons other posters have mentioned. And to all the very strange trollers on this thread with negative comments, thanks very much for NOT going – you wouldn’t have enjoyed it and we wouldn’t have enjoyed you being there.

    1. Mike

      Sir people like myself who are from Florida as I live in Tampa not even 45 Mins from Disney world. I spent a lot a lot a lot of time at Disney world. I have had an annual pass almost since the day I was born in 1989. I have see and experienced everything Disney including their cruises. I just got back from the GS trip and yes my voice counts. It was not worth spending the money. Disney offers other experiences that far pass the GS experience. I just kept walking and doing the whole arranged daily plan and if I have to keep thinking to my self this is not worth the money I spent then there is a problem. My partner and myself each make 100,000 a year. So it not like I’m being cheap. We save we invest almost our whole salary for retirement and save for little vacations weekend trips every 2 to 3 months. So it has nothing to do with cheap or feeling cheap. If I buy a piece of chocolate than 50 dollars I expect it to taste like hot warm orgasmic explosion of ecstasy in my mouth. And if it taste just like any other piece of chocolate how would you feel. That’s my point.

  15. James

    OK so my mom, brother, and sister went on this new 2 day star wars recreation thing. I couldn’t go because of work. My family went even after the negative reviews and I saw almost everything they did as they literally recorded the whole day through out of every single thing they did. And I decided not to go for many reasons people have said over and over. My family did not find it enjoyable because as they said everything felt cheap and it wasn’t mind blowing as some other rides are that Disney provide with out extra cost than ur normal ticket. They kept saying or rather more like my m was she kept thinking about the price tag against the actual experience. And that the iconic original characters were not there. Like Luke and Darth Vader or even Darth Lord Sidious. So yeah. Smh my family saw first hand and if you have to keep thinking about how much you paid because the experience is doesn’t match what u paid for then it sucks. If it was a free experience or even cheaper maybe. But hey I live in florida and have a annual pass and there are rides and experiences that are far better. Avatar experience is omg. Now that worth the money.

  16. Michael

    So far I’ve only one person upload their trip to this place, Tim Tracker, and I am gonna say I’m disappointed in this place and I have decided that this place is to be skipped over on this hotel and I’m a big Star Wars fan and this place looks like a joke

    1. J.

      This article “forgot” to include comments from people who have actually experienced this new attraction. It also “forgot” to include any research about the design decisions, etc. from those who helped create this experience. Several YouTubers have videos of their experiences on the Halcyon that show their opinions about what they found good, bad, and/or suggestions for improvement. It’s too bad this article wasn’t able to be so biased.

  17. Jared

    To anyone that runs the InsideTheMagic.net, I have to ask, why do you feel the need to put the entire backstory to any park at the front of every article? Just an fyi, anyone reading already knows and is already engaged. STOP!!!! Just want to help you and save some of my own time.

    1. JV

      It’s called SEO.

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