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  1. M

    I was at
    Disney last week. Tower of Terror broke down for 6 hours. Pirates broke down most of the day but was fine the next day. Avatar boat ride was broken most of the day. Disney sent a apology that the A star boat didn’t work. People mover was down for 3 hours. Star Wars ROTR breaks down all the time and it’s brand new. Funny when Splash has a break down or two you yell like it’s this huge controversy. How about Disney puts money into the maintenance for the rides. Leave Splash alone. Oh and by the way, I just checked the line wait for Splash. Right now it has a 75 minute wait. There’s nothing wrong with this beautiful ride.

  2. Walt Disney

    Anytime ITM can write an article about Splash Mountain along with Princess and the Frog they jump on that s***… pun intended!

    How about you folks research some actual real Disney or Park Entertainment news, or change your format altogether so people won’t be confused by your endless cycle of BS social media reposts.

  3. H

    I recently went and my friends waited for splash mountain (Florida) for over 2 hours (stated wait time was 75 min) and didn’t even get on because it shut down for the rest of the day after. It had been having technical difficulties all day beforehand

  4. Ian

    This TikTok video is not real. It’s meant to be creepy. They edited the sound and even added an evil laugh.
    It’s embarrassing you’d post it as real and as proof of the ride in decline

  5. Geno pontecorvo

    The influence of radical wokeness at disney continues to look for “offense” everywhere. Now its goal is to end female and male as it offends these radicals. As disney priorities shift from fun family and children oriented activities to cave to a small minority of radicals. Not Walts priorities for sure.

    1. Rox

      They will think twice when princess merchandise sales start dropping.

    2. Frank

      Yeah, it’s not Walt’s priorities because unfortunately, due to the time in which he lived, he had misogynistic views. Those views are no longer representative of the views of Disney fans, so they’re shifting to be more inclusive.
      It’s also against Walt’s priorities as he was an anti-Semite. Therefore he didn’t care about other races. So I’m glad Disney is moving away from misogynistic racism. It’s a good thing.

  6. Frontierland Dan

    How is this news? This video is possibly, and most likely, manipulated to sound that way. Just to get likes on TikTok.
    It’s really sad to see the decline of quality that theme park news sites have become over the last few years. I’m just going to have to stop visiting these sites from here on out.

  7. When you say “many” deemed it racist – can you name even 1..?

  8. Mike

    Stop trying to push this bad retheme by making stuff up

  9. WDWfan

    I’d love to see the day that ITM can report something about splash mountain without getting so giddy about the fake retheme.

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