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  1. Brad

    Very deceiving post. I’ll not be reading any more articles of yours. Find real news, not crap that people can make up on Reddit!

  2. bob smith

    Pretty sure this is another fake story for likes and shares. how come I never heard about any of this on the news. 2004 it would have been all over the news. do a google search nothing comes up besides this story that is not true posted 15 hours ago. come on try again

  3. Jill

    I call BS – in 2004 the seating was the same as it is today – single rider seats, three to a rocket. There’s no floor room to speak of. And as a kindergartner I wonder if the person was even tall enough to ride.

  4. How?

    A. Completely fake! No way they wouldn’t be able to do that.
    B. Before you leave the station a cast member checks the bar before the ride starts.
    C. You said your just graduating College 2004 was 22 years ago which means either your mom was pregnant with you or you were 1. And if you were 1 you wouldn’t of been able to get on to the ride…

    1. Sally

      2026 called. You have your dates wrong. The rider would have been 5 years old if they are 22 and graduating college now.

  5. J

    Pretty sure the single rider seats didn’t happen till 2009….even if this had happened mom would have known kid hadn’t fallen out.

    1. Dan

      Single rider seats have been there since the 80’s.

  6. Joem

    You really should stop relying on Reddit posts for “factual” stories. And there are so many factual red flags in this story:

    From the whole Space Mt. story that does not sound plausible to the “fact” that the person has ridden Hagrid’s and the Mummy but suffers some sort of psychological paralysis when approaching the Hulk coaster…

  7. Cynthia

    I don’t know if this is a fake post, I absolutely am telling the truth my lap bar several years ago did not latch on Space Mountain. Yes the cast members check but not always are paying close attention and before I could get the cast member to come back we took off. I am a full grown woman and did stay in the seat but had to use all my strength to hold that bar down and not fall out. I am not sure of the exact year but it was around 2005 or 2006. I have not rode Space Mountain since then but have gone on many other coasters including Rock n Rollercoaster.

    1. Dawn

      If it were a 5 or 6 yr old child the CM would have pulled the bar themselves and not relied on the child to push the bar to make sure it was locked in place. They would have noticed if the bar moved and not allowed the coaster to leave. They would have unlocked all of the lap bars in that car and relocked them.

  8. SG

    I believe her, a 5 year old could be small enough to slip under the bar. Back then someone sat between your legs. She could have slipped to the nose “in a fetal position” and mom could have thought, in the complete and distorted dark that she slipped out.
    My son had a very useless lap bar when he was about 10,tall and very skinny, the two of is had to hold him in a ride at Universal (I forget which one) he met the height requirements but clearly could easily slip out.
    Same thing happened to me in the 60s in a kiddie coaster at Lowry Park, now Zoo Tampa. Some kids are too light and thin.

  9. Mark

    Looks like Disney is more interested in being woke then safe

  10. The exact same thing happened to my daughter and myself when she was 4 years old. The bar stayed in place but she slipped off the seat (she was sitting between my legs which they checked and said was fine). On the first drop she slid off the seat and I held her with my feet the entire ride fearing she would fall out. I’ve never gone on Space Mountain since. Also my daughter never goes on roller coasters, to this day…Happened in 1985.

    1. Monique

      It happened to me on Space Mountain when I was 6 (1979). My brother was 10 and if he hadn’t held me with all his strength I would have fallen. Neither one of us have ridden a coaster since.

  11. Doug

    Space Mountain used to not even have lap bars. They aren’t even needed.

  12. Mountain man

    I can tell you this is fake, the lap bars use a eccentric cam locking system , same as the restraints at stitch and there is no light to verify lock. Once they are down that’s it. They are a extremely reliable system, I’ve changed out 2 in 10 years, you can tell when they go bad right off the bat before leaving station. If he came out of the bar he was not the right height requirement and should not have gone on.

  13. breezy

    i’m not the Redditor but this happened to me in the mid-80s on Space Mountain at Disneyland. my friend in the car with me can confirm.

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