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space mountain


  1. chris

    Funny thing space mountain broke down on me back in Oct 2021 right were your pic is taken lol

  2. David

    Apparently the only requirement to become a Disney maintenance technician is being a Lbgtjwtgyrm Trans person who identifies as a turtle.

    1. Feeling insecure?

    2. Mike

      Sad comment

  3. Steven

    My son and rode Space Mountain in Anaheim one time when the car stopped and the lights came on. We could see several out cars sitting in their safe spots. And after a few minutes, a cast member would appear on the catwalk and give the car a push. And you could see the stranded car head off. The car had enough momentum to navigate the rest of the ride, stopping again when we reached the next car waiting to re-enter the station.

    At the disembark platform, the cast member asked if we wanted another ride. The poor teenager behind us scrambled out, but my son stayed put. So we got a second circuit, this time with the lights on. Certainly a different experience. My poor wife, waiting in the gift shop, was freaking out, trying to figure out where my son and I had ended up.

  4. Name

    Yes this isn’t news. The Space Mountain trains need a push since the breaks only hold the trains and not let them roll since the break sections are straight level sections. Who writes these articles? ITM IS A JOKE.

  5. Geoff

    Yes in Disneyworld Orlando ~20yrs ago. We had to exit the carts & walk out via the emergency stairway with the lights full on. No harm or damage done but was surprising to see everything in the light. There’s so much you can’t see in the dark.

  6. Bob

    April 1998 Disneyland. Lines took so much longer because the ride was always breaking.

  7. Michael Bulich

    This happened to me once and it was great. Got to see the ride with the lights on. When they pushed is back into the station everyone waiting in line cheered. We got to go again. I’m a tall guy so it wasn’t very comfortable but well worth it.

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