Comments for Multiple Guests Rushed To Hospital After Six Flags Ride Accident


Credit: Six Flags


  1. Tom

    Yes I have visited Six flags over Texas! It is a cool park. The guy who built it in the 60s was inspired by Disneyland. The Mr Freeze ride is an intense later addition. It has some unique rides. If you are in the Dallas/Arlington area give it a visit. I have a membership for Six Flags Magic Mountain. Cost me $ 9.00 a month. It also lets me visit any other Six Flags Park for no additional cost.

  2. Mark

    This isnt news most six flags are death traps and that is known why folks go to hershey instead of great adventure even or bgw. Facts!

    1. KenSaysNo

      So someone who lives in Texas is going to drive all the way up to Hershey park in Pennsylvania?

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