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Dr. Diabolical Cliffhanger at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Credit: Six Flags Fiesta Texas


  1. It’s unfortunate that in Fiesta Texas “first look” at the first B&M 7-across dive coaster train, the photos only show 4-5 of the seats! Yea I’ll ride it, I’m a coaster hobbyist, but I’m a wood coaster lover. This’ll be a fun coaster I’m sure, but won’t feel much different than other dive coasters.

  2. Brian

    Congratulations six flags your only 6 years behind in the dive coaster race and don’t wast the money on one. Get something impressive like a good out and back coaster. The days of every coaster should have a loop or a roll over in it is over done. So just stop this madness.

  3. Matt

    Aren’t the trains on Valrayvn at Cedar Point 8 across? Why is a seven seat row impressive?

  4. Phillip

    As long as the ergonomics consider taller riders, Im good. Wonder woman and Batman did not take into consideration taller riders. Im not even allowed on Batman.

  5. David

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg has a B&M dive coaster named Griffon that is 10 seats wide. Sheikra at Busch Gardens Tampa is 8 seats wide which is what most of the B&M dive casters are. So this maybe step ahead is actually smaller than the others that have been built.

    1. David

      Massive* not maybe

      Also, Griffon holds the world record for widest roller coaster train.

  6. Andrew

    All these pissy complaints from other commenters are hilarious and it shows they don’t ‘get it’.

    Fiesta Texas is pretty much focused on locals: they aren’t trying to get people to travel cross country for thier attractions.

    This is a welcome addition to the park for the people who are within a 1-2 hour radius of San Antonio.

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