Security Called on Disney Guests as Incident Causes Chaos at Trams

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chaos disneyland trams

Guests visiting Disneyland this past weekend witnessed an incident unfold at the tram station, resulting in security being called and asking the disruptive Guest to leave.

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Credit: D23

One Guest, who was on the tram during the time of the incident, recorded part of the situation and posted it to TikTok. They also went on to explain exactly how this unfolded. “So the guy in the Chip and Dale shirt for some reason didn’t want to go back behind the yellow line,” they wrote. “He was in the grass area before I started [recording].”

They continued, “He kept cussing at everyone to leave him the f alone and to f off and f everyone. Yet he still didn’t want to move. There was a guy that got out [of] the tram because he was cussing at them too.”

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chaos at disneyland tram
Credit: Screenshot via TikTok/cecisadventures

Finally, they said that security was called to the scene and in the end, the Guests finally decided to leave and walk back to their preferred destination.

You can see part of the situation in the TikTok video below.

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Please note that Disney Cast Members and security officials are always at the theme parks in order to maintain a safe environment as much as possible. If you ever witness activity such as a fight or anything of this nature, or if you are ever concerned when visiting one of the Disney Parks, be sure to find the nearest Cast Member or report your issue with Guest Relations, located in each of the Disney Parks.

For a full list of Disneyland’s rules and regulations, as well as their current policies, visit the official website here.

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