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  1. Cassandra Korosi

    This was run horribly I clicked as soon as the button displayed and I still couldn’t signup for the 5K. Very disappointed with disney.

  2. Roxanne

    Horrible indeed-I was trying to register 4 members of my family for different races and because one of them was sold out when I got to check out it made me start the process over waiting in line again for ALL of the registrations and by then they were all sold out. So stupid!

  3. Jo

    Epic fail!
    I was in the queue at 9:43 and my husband went on website 2 hours later and got in queue. When the system was back up and running my husband was 10 minutes ahead of me in the queue. How is that possible? Does Disney not understand the definition/purpose of a queue. Seems more like a lottery not a queue. Unbelievable!!!!

  4. Penelope

    I was in queue for the 10K since 9:55 am, waited 3 hours and by the time it was my turn to sign up at 12:30 pm it was immediately sold out. Unless you pay for a RunDisney platinum membership there are zero chances of signing up during general registration. It seems like Disney only cares about money at this point.

  5. Melissa

    I was in the line at 9:45 for sign up, with multiple tabs open. I stayed logged in and checking on 3 devices for 5 hours, while Disney tried to work out their “glitches”. Periodic updates told us not to refresh or navigate away from the pages. Once I did get in line it was “over an hour wait”, but my manager logged in at 12:30 and only had a 15 minute wait time!! It seems those that waited got shafted and those that jumped in were able to register! GRRRR

  6. Kay

    Disney boasts a certain brand image, gives the impression they strive for excellence in technology but there have been a few experiences that so blatantly contradict that. This was certainly one of them! I had a family never really excited to register for their first race ever, choosing to complete that race with Disney. Logged in at 9:45am, told not to close their browser ir refresh the page to remain in queue so they waited until 1pm to be stalled by a unfamiliar/unknown requirement to have a rundisney account. It stalls the registration process that CLEARLY doesn’t keep your place in queue when you’ve begun the registration process. Disney should allow you to complete registration as a guest since time is sensitive. Disney should allow an approximate 8min timer to complete registration saving your place to complete the registration. Disney should notify users registration is required WHILE they’re waiting for hours. Disney should do better! Disney should humble themselves a little better when they miss the mark. There has been no apologetic statement nor recourse for their royal screw up. Customer service ends their call “have a magical day” but not recognizing they’re the source of the magic disappearing!

  7. Diane Carlson

    Our family also took time off from work to register when the site opened. We were in queue at 9:49 am est. Then a computer glitch became apparent, but we were told to stay in queue. It’s Disney..right! Disney will do this right. Follow their instructions. Following hours of keeping our laptops awake, we started to sign in, only to find out that every race was sold out. No apologies. No call backs from Rundisney about doing virtual. Our kids were devastated. They did learn a valuable lesson about Disney (World).

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