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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Brooke

    Following the trial closely, the audio of Heard and Depp, in addition to the written report and testimony of the Dr of psychiatry, it’s clear who is the alpha aggressor. And then you look back at all that Depp lost because of her op-ed. It’s truly a crime. Depp has been donating so much time and money to children’s charities. He shows up, and stays as long as they want him to at hospitals, wherever they ask, he always shows up. I’m a longtime fan of Depp’s primarily because of what he’s done for children, and secondly, I love his acting and comedic skills. I miss him as Captain Jack – no one else can play that role.

    1. Mary

      I’ve been following the trial closely too- I completely agree with you!

    2. Eric Norris

      I so agree with you. Depp is a one -of-a-kind actor. He can play any role and make you believe the character he is potraying. So many actors and actresses are good only in certain roles. I am boycotting any future Pirates movies that doesn’t Have Depp as Jack Sparrow. I’m also boycotting “any” movie with Amber Heard in it. Let her career suffer, like she’s made Depp’s suffer. I hope and pray Disney losses a ton of money.

      1. TZ

        I’m trying to figure out how she got any movies If its like anything we’ve seen in this trail. Her sobbing with no tears looked fake. And she sure doesn’t act like she is a dv survivor. To sit there n lie under oath about a real issue that people go through n some don’t make it out, she should be ashamed of herself n should apologize to all the survivors. And the things she just keeps adding, cavity search? SERIOUSLY?

  2. Disney should be ashamed!!! Pirates 6 will be gigantic loss without Depp! Most people will boycott it. Disney if they have any brains better get on hands and knees and start begging Depp to return and pay out mega bucks to this kind man!!!!

    1. Tammy

      Amber was the aggressor, as you can hear in the tapes, if you are following the trial. Johnny is a fantastic artist and Disney should be ashamed to cut him out of Pirates of the Caribbean 6! The movie is going to be boycotted and is going to lose $! There are so many supporters for JD!

      1. Eric Norris

        I’m one of those who loves Johnny Depp’s movies and support him 100%. I can’t stand little lying, conniving, gold digging Amber Heard. And yes I will join you and millions others in boycotting any future Pirates without Depp as Jack Sparrow. I am also boycotting and movie with Heard in it.

    2. Ree

      Disney is an overall disappointment. I’m a lifelong fan and I’m done.

    3. Deb

      Nothing to boycott about Pirates 6 because there won’t be one. It won’t be profitable and the negative publicity won’t be worth it.

  3. Julian

    As always Disney jumped on the Cancel Culture Band Wagon and took Depp out, how foolish of them.

    The next film without Captain Jack (Depp) will flop like no other. This dreadful Disney Board needs to go. Not one brain cell between any of them.

    1. MARK

      Disney didn’t jump on the cancel culture, they ARE the cancel culture. We can cancel them by not going to their woke movies and their parks or buying the garbage they sell that’s all made in China. Once they fire Chapek and the board if it doesn’t get better the boycott must continue until they go back to being pro-American and pro-family. I was done once they took out “ladies and gentlemen” from the announcements.


    Unfreeze Walt so he can start kicking some serious butt on these Disney execs. They are ruining his Dream. Johnny will always be the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. POTC 6 will be a total money loser without him.

  5. Patty C

    Depp is ONLY Jack Sparrow

  6. Patti

    The trial is the best thing to happen in the justice system in ages. Depp is being vindicated over and over and Heard’s true colors are apparent. She’s looking like a total fool. Oh, side note – Mr. Romero is the world’s best and most believable witness ever to testify.

  7. Nicole Parker

    He is CRUSHING it! So great to see!!!


    I just hope the rumors are wrong and they aren’t thinking of taking him out of the pirates ride. Even after seeing it almost all of my life with Jack, I still get excited to see each time he pops up in the ride.

  9. yoyo

    I suspect that Pirates 6 will open up with Cap’n Jacks Funeral. Even greedy man Chapek know no one else can master the role. Why would any actor even try it. Just to get booed. Johnny said something profoundly hugh in his testimony. In America, your are guilty until you prove your innocence. So very sad. He was innocent all along and lost millions due to Heards accusations. I hope she goes to jail.

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