Comments for Fans Are Furious With Pat Sajak Because of #MeToo Moment on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

pat sajek vanna white wheel of fortune

Credit: ABC


  1. Scott

    No, fans are not “furious” with Pat Sajak. A few left-wing nutjobs have lost their minds, but if you go on Twitter or anywhere else and check the ratio ….. you’ll find it’s just the opposite. You’re being laughed at, basically.

  2. JMS

    I’ve written 3 books on sexual assault. This is petty ridiculousness! Sounds like Sajak simply got stuck on the word “buff” in the conversation, and then tried to prolong the joke when White replied. The worst he did was make a stupid joke.

  3. Jan Jackson

    He continued ignorant sexual innuendos that happen. His ignorance and disrespect for Vanna was obvious. Because they know each well over an extended time he knows better. Many of his “cute” attempts fall hollow.

  4. Michelle Carmichael

    I don’t think that it was meant as sexual in any way. It was just Pat making a joke. His jokes are always silly. He definitely should have people writing for him. His jokes to me have never made any sense. He needs a comedy writer.

  5. Sherri

    I think it was a play on words and he was being playful with his friend of 40 years. Nothing more than an innocent joke. Maybe not the best joke, but no harm intended imo.

  6. Caroline wells

    I love Wheel of Fortune. I think the criticism of Pat Sajack is rediculous.

  7. Yvonne

    Please stop reading into peoples words or this world is domed! It was a joke for goodness sake!! Sticks and stones people- sticks and stones…

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