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HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm

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  1. John P

    We live within 10 miles of Knott’s Berry Farm. Can’t count the number of times we were ther. As a child parents took us when it was NOTHING. A restaurant and some shops with cowboys. No charge, just come in and walk around. About 10 yers ago the suits bought the farm and slowly EVERYTHING changed. Locals would go to the restaurant for a reasonable priced meal and there was free parking right by the front door. First the free parking disappeared . Then the menu took a drastic change that even the servers couldn’t understand, decades old favorites vanished and prices more than doubled. It was evident the new owners wanted to turn it into a “ride” to milk more money from the visitors and screw the locals that had sustained the park during the winter months. Haven’t been back in over 7 years

    1. Robert

      I created the ‘All Season Dining’ plan for Knotts which currently allows 2 meals per day, 364 days per year with a 4 hour window between meals. It started at $99 but is currently $149. Knotts has radically upgraded it food offerings as well. Rotisserie chicken, Steak sandwiches, amazing salads, wings, ribs, mexican food, gourmet hotdogs, Panda Express, etc. The food is excellent these days, and can cost very little depending on how often you visit.

      They took this program company-wide and both management and guests have benefitted from this program.

      1. Irene

        My husband and I our seniors and my husband is disabled we have not once even used our passes I hope that we would get our money back.

        1. Chris selm

          Why would you buy passes you cannot use?

        2. Bruce Verbeck

          Wow ,just because you made a mistake you want the rest of us to pay to fix it? Accept your part and move on!

      2. Sounds like an an awesome deal, if I lived close by I would take thar deal.

    2. Robert

      Also, there is free short time parking in Knott’s Marketplace parking lot, or you can buy Season Parking which is very economical if your staying for hours.. Cedar Fair isn’t milking ANYONE.

      If you want to feel used, abused, and ripped off, try going to a Disney Park now that Chapek is running things. It’s a sh*tshow and a cash grab of epic proportions. Pure misery.

    3. RK

      Greed will take them all down.

      1. Ugh

        You’re a freakin moron.

  2. Me

    This frivolous lawsuit will hurt not only Knotts but employees like me! This woman lived on California and made the decision to move out of state! Not Knotts fault! Knotts offered all seanpassholders free the 2021 season excluding all add-ons! They did their part unlike the mouse did by canceling all passes! I hope she loses her case and is forced to cover all court costs!

    1. AT

      We didn’t get any extension and we are Platinum Passholders. I was billed the monthly installments even when the park was closed and when I emailed about it, they never even responded. I just figured we got screwed for $1000 and I’m not ever going to make that mistake again. We were Passholders for over a decade. It’s very sad because we always loved KBF.

      1. Michelle

        Yes they extended our passes into 2021 but when u wanted to go it was so full , you couldnt and this was making reservation online. We should get a partial refund or free family tickets for one day

        1. Davey B

          Cedar Fare devalued the Platinum Pass to the point of not even considering purchasing it. I’d be going to Six Flags parks if they were closer.

      2. Robert

        2020 season passes are STILL VALID UNTIL MAY 2022.

      3. Robert

        AT – Your 2020 passes are still valid to this day. Knotts sent out countless emails stating this fact.

      4. Kimberly moon

        That is weird as we are platinum pass holders and they stopped the monthly installments while they were closed then started again on whatever you still owed on passes from 2020 until passes were paid in full. They extended passes for a full year once the pandemic allowed them to open. I think Knotts has done everything right and this lawsuit is stupid.

      5. Brenda

        All season passes were extended thru early May 2022. All add-ons were included. Pass renewal for 2022 is discounted for the remainder of the year. There have been some events in the interrum that we could also attend. Regular emails to keep everyone apprised of the situation also.
        If you choose to move, you should eat it, quarantine or no quarantine. It’s not anyone’s fault b but your own for making that choice.

    2. Nova Parsons

      I’m sorry you’re employee. Too bad the woman should be refunded. Sometimes people have to move not by choice.

    3. Robert

      You hit all the major facts and points. Great comment.

  3. Claudia Freeman

    I agree Knott’s still lets me and my grandson visit until May 5th and will extend cheatly to the next year it’s awesome! I can’t afford a fraction of Disneyland. As an American history retired school teacher Knott’s is a lot of fun, great American history! And past visitor everything is expensive.

  4. Ray D.

    Yeah, I bought my knotts pass in 2019 but they’re giving me until the end of December 2022 to visit with no additional charge. They’ve been more than fair. This woman’s lawsuit is only going to hurt MANY employees and guests

    1. Robert

      This is so true. Knotts and Cedar Fair have been extremely proactive and generous in extending passes!!!!!!!

  5. Bud

    So if Knott’s didn’t refund our money, but extends our passes WELL over the 1 year’s worth to make it beyond fair to us… somebody sues. If Knotts HAD refunded our money and just cut our passes short, GUARANTEED someone would have sued citing “breach of contact” for ending our passes early. These companies just can’t win for trying. This lady is just looking for a free paycheck.

    1. goaliemom

      It’s what she is entitled to if she was not here to use it. Basically the pandemic screwed all of us one way
      or another.

      1. MY opinion is the greedy hospitals and other health care officials should reimburse everyone who was financially impacted by this phony “pandemic.” Because THEY are solely responsible for the disruption of people’s lives, and the loss of their livelihoods.

        1. Eugene Artemyeff

          LOL! And you probably buy special insurance that covers you in case you fall off the edge of this flat earth we live on…

        2. Lol

          Aaaand here we go with the nut jobs and conspiracy theories. Can’t even have an article about KNOTTS freakin berry farm without the crazies showing up.

        3. Robert

          Suzanne? I’m a scientist and your ignorance and wishful thinking is cancer on society.

          Over 6.2 million dead from Covid-19. Almost 1,000,000 dead in the US alone. What kind of disingenuous fool has the absolute nerve to call this a “phony pandemic?”

          Your disgusting disrespect to the dead and all of their loved ones they left behind is repulsive and uncalled for. Stop it!

          1. Me

            Not a phony pandemic, but Phizer and the CDC should have released the documents earlier.
            Scare tactics.
            Natural immunity is best unless your over 60.

      2. Hokon

        She is NOT entitled to it. What makes you even think that? Her pass was extended into May of 2022, as all were, well beyond the year that was originally agreed upon.

  6. Kris

    People should have the option for a refund or credit, at their option, when unique situations like this happen. The airlines tried the same thing and hotels to keep credits on accounts.

    I had a bad visit in SF about 15 or so years ago a Dennys, they offered me a free meal next time I was there, well I haven’t been anywhere near that location, so there is this endless credit available at one location that I cannot ever use. Waste.

  7. Missy

    I am a platinum pass holder who has always lived out of state. Not only did Knott’s extended my season pass, I got day for day since I was not allowed to visit (as an out of town guest) until CA lifted their restrictions for our of town guests. Knott’s was more than generous with their policy, I could not be more greatful.
    My local park did not offer any extension or money back for their season pass and we were told all sales were final, with no refunds. I bet you can guess which park is getting my money this summer.

  8. Ethan

    I think it’s fair it isn’t Knott’s fault that she moved, and extending passes to the 2021 season is basically a refund.

  9. Amanda

    Unfortunately, they didn’t treat the Va Kings Dominion gold pass members well. They offer to extend it for a year then cut the operating days and hours ALL year, especially in the summer. I understand they are short staffed but when they say open until 8pm and your BF works at the hospital all night, you make plans to go arrive at 2 only to find they are closing at 4 or 5 that day.
    The internet/their website and # were never correct on hours. It was terrible. We would have waited a year rather than go when rides and sometimes part of the park wasn’t open.
    At least in 2020 they were concrete about being closed.
    Yet, Busch Gardens maintained normal hours all summer.
    I’m delighted and hope we do get something back with so much spent for 2 two hour visits and maybe 2 rides. 🤬

  10. Kelly

    Our Annual Pass cost us under $100, barely more than a one day ticket. They gave all pass holders use 2020 until the covid closures until May 2022 to visit with no additional charge, they also extended parking and meal plan at no charge. They also stopped monthly payments until officially reopened . They’ve been more than fair. This woman’s lawsuit is frivolous and only going to hurt in the long run.

    1. Esther

      💯 👍

  11. eat the richattherich@Mailinator.com

    Eat the rich

  12. Fred-a

    She is for a few hundred dollars while spending thousands on a lawyer. She sure is hoping for a big check. Knotts extended the days we could go which was very convenient. I don’t know how many times we went and still had fun.

  13. Lara Fenner

    Why are people being so childish over a stupid piece of cloth over their face???? It has been PROVEN that wearing a mask helps protect those around you from getting sick. If you can’t wear a mask then don’t go! No other nation in the world has this high a rate of illness and backlash from entitled citizens complaining about “personal freedom” being violated. I’m immunocompromised and because of those people I have to be Uber vigilant going out in public and making extra sacrifices so they don’t kill me…. excuse me, rant over.

    1. VC

      Where is your “proof” that masks protect anyone from getting sick? There is none. If you want to wear a mask, go right ahead. However, your personal freedom ends at my face.

    2. VC

      The lawsuit mentioned in this article has nothing to do with masks.

  14. Esther

    It’s people like this women with no honor, always looking to make easy money that hurt businesses. Think of all the employees you are affecting. The cost of the season pass is very reasonable compare to Disney. I pray she losses this senseless case.

    1. VC

      Nobody is looking to make easy money. Those involved with this lawsuit simply want fairness.
      Yes, the season passes at Knotts are less than Disney, but not if you are unable to use the pass.

  15. Debra

    I think it’s a great idea I was a passholder and I don’t know what happened but I never got my free pass for 2021 or 2020 they stop taking the money out of my account I don’t know why they didn’t take it out they were taking it out of my husbands but they stopped on mine so I don’t know what happened so I think it’s great that they’re getting sued

  16. B. Goodwin

    I think that the lawsuit is ridiculous. Knotts is an inexpensive theme park and they extended my passes into 2022 and I feel that is more than fair compensation

  17. Laurel

    I’m torn between accepting what we received as sufficient compensation and wanting at least a partial refund.
    We are within an hour of CP (Cedar Point), and often are season pass holders-not always consecutive years. So, the additional year was great, but during the 2020 season my spouse became very sick and spent part of 2020 & half of 2021 in some sort of medical facility. Even though he somewhat recovered and we attempted to “get our money’s worth” of visits in, he was never able to ride another ride due to medical restrictions. And therefore, in turn as his caregiver, only rode a handful of rides the entire season. In hindsight, we probably would not have purchased season passes for the 2021 year. So a partial refund wouldn’t be a bad gesture. And honestly, due to a busy first half of summer, I’m not purchasing my next season pass until the ones for 2023 go on sale, usually in the fall. They are often good for the rest of the current year and all of the next, so why pay for half of a season in which I don’t have time to go. They cost too much not to think about getting my monies worth!

  18. Ronnie

    Cedar Fair obviously operates each park differently. My home park is Kings Island. My payments for my platinum pass stopped while it was closed during 2020, picked back up when they opened in July, and I was given 2021 for free. My add ons were included.

    I feel I was treated fairly. But understand Carrowwinds and Knots and a few other parks pass holders were treated differently. For example. Kings Island didn’t require reservations or masks at any time last year. I understand some parks did.

    I wouldn’t accept any settlement, since I was treated fairly. But I understand some who feel the need to sue.

    1. Cindy

      Our season passes were extended for so long, we forgot we could still go. I remember being so surprised. Because Knott’s has been more than fair during the pandemic, we are renewing our passes. They deserve our business. I was disappointed to hear of this lawsuit.

    2. Angela

      I agree with you completely we were treated fairly although my payments were never put on hold. I won’t accept any settlement either

  19. Angela

    This lawsuit is unfounded no offense but here’s the deal I have been a platinum pass holder for 10 yrs. and I buy passes for my nieces and nephews each year with the food and drink programs totaling $3912 each yr I have bought passes. Those pass yes were charged as the same rate during the pandemic but we were told they would be those passes cover 13 parks. Cedar Fair extended our 2020 passes to cover all the 2021 season activities and food and drink we could have gone during the 2020 season and worn masks but with Ohio summers it would have been an issue as I already have issues with heat and the mask made daily things difficult for me. Cedar fair didn’t have to honor the passes into 2021 but they did. This should not be a lawsuit and I actually side with the park on this they did the best they could do in this situation.

  20. Becky

    I side with Cedar Fair. They extended all passes for an extra year, including the food and drink plans. They paused payments while they were closed and continued them once they opened, only for the rest of the amount owed. We all got an free extra year with the passes. People are just greedy and looking to make money off of COVID at Cedar Fairs expense. All these people enjoyed the extra year in the parks and some are now looking to be selfish and take money. It’s not Cedar Fairs fault for COVID and they went over and above to make it fair to anyone who had a pass. I am grateful for them extending the passes for another year.

  21. Jl

    Kinda worry about accuracy when you can’t get stats right. Cedar Fair owns 17 parks in North America not 12

  22. Rich

    It’s not fair that these big companies hold thousands of dollars gaining interest on our money and not pay their workers because the parks are closed think they can keep the money or just offer partial refunds or extend the season which cost them nothing. They claim no refunds in bs.

  23. Andrea Caudillo

    I think this lawsuit is great. My husband and I are season pass holders and we also have the meal plans with ours. I emailed Cedars Fairs and they told me it was against their policy. I was so mad. I would like to join this lawsuit?

    1. Bruce Verbeck

      That’s because you only care about yourself and not the youth or this community!

  24. Yo

    We have had our passes for several years now and gradually things are getting worse and worse. They open the park at 9 but resturants or drinking stations do not open until 11, why? Is it be because those with dining passes can take advantage?

  25. It’s time to stop suing everyone over everything. Life is unfair and sucks sometimes, get over it and move on. You don’t always need to feel you are owed something.

    1. Bruce Verbeck


  26. Roberta

    We were happy with the extension.. Knotts communicated clearly and timely.. but I can understand how that might not work for someone who has moved out of the area.

  27. Sonia

    They should have done what Disney world did offer refund or suspend payments till park reopened then offer extension to pass holders after park opening

  28. Bruce Verbeck

    If anybody got screwed it’s cedar park! Knott’s is a bargain and a half and I would like to see them succeed and have a business in the end of this plandemic!

  29. Tom

    I made out like a bandit lol. Bought my platinum pass through Canadas Wonderland which saved me a good chuck cause the conversion rate, got extended and used my pass at Dorney which is my home park, since I bought it through CW my pass was extended again through Labor Day 2022. Lol I’m winning! Meanwhile I visited Dorney several times, Kings Dominion, and will be visiting Cedar Point and Kings Island lol.

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