Comments for Guest Outraged as Iconic Snack Suffers From Portion Cuts

MIckey beignets

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Give Us Better Beignets

    Beignets were okay last year at DL, but all of the ones I’ve ordered this year are smaller and totally hollow like this. Really disappointing.

  2. Yvette Hoogstad

    Brennan’s is the best place to go anyway. Their beignets are hands down the best.

  3. Robert Hill

    Did the person ask for a replacement? This seems like a production error and probably not entirely portion size cutbacks.

  4. Logic

    A grown adult getting upset over food portions at a theme park for kids. That has to be the most American thing I’ve read in a few days. These disgustingly fat sacks of voting, breeding sht are as humiliating as always.

    1. Who, me?

      Really? What part don’t you get about getting less for your hard earned dollar? A park for kids? Is that why they sell beer, wine and mixed drinks? So adults just bring their kids to eat and they don’t?
      Your dedication to stupid is really admirable.

  5. Lauren Jen

    Well all you Disney fans are a bunch of fatties. That’s what the big wigs said you could use less food.

    So keep paying overpriced for crap food to the big wigs can mock you more.

    1. Who,me?

      So if your Minority, Gay , Trans etc, criticism is off limits. But if someone is over weight, it gives you license to tear into them for that? You must be young, perfect and flawless to speak as you do. Or just a narrow minded woke hypocrite.

      1. DO

        I think you missed the sarcasm. Must have been all those “woke” echos from too much Fox in your diet distracting you. Hard to concentrate much on anything when you watch too much.

      2. RobbedofLife

        Just cook food at home and stop going to these over priced jackwagon theme parks. Don’t even know why these people waste their money on stuff they don’t actually need. You can make this treat for a fraction of the cost in your own home rather than pay out your backside for tickets to a theme park then the extremely overpriced cost of this food item.

  6. Who,me?

    You’ve probably never been Twitter banned since your so educated comrade.

  7. Brooke

    I’d like to see ITM report on the oddly half empty restaurants like Cafe Orleans, and Carthay. They appear to be fully staffed, yet half of the tables are empty. If you ask a host/hostess, they say they’re all full for the day, but they can get on a waiting list – again more time on your cellphone. Same with Lamplight Lounge – the upstairs/outdoor area, not 1 person at the bar or a table, middle of the day too. Stating staffing issues. Is this not another Chapek move to keep costs down? The menu at Cafe Orleans looks more like a Denny’s now. I always vote Brennan’s all the way

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