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Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight being impaled by spears

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Payrick

    I am VERY disappointed in this show . Poor writing . Extremely poor acting . Marvel strikes out , again .

    1. Giin

      Oh? I thought it rather fantastic. What other recent Marvel releases would you say were strike outs, in your opinion?

      1. Piro

        They had a few, but we don’t talk about that.

    2. Nic


      1. Erica

        I think he will get his powers because Konscha said tell Mark to get him out of the imprisonment. So apparently that will happen in the future, hopefully sooner than later.

      2. Ark


    3. Car

      Wtf are you talking about you clearly haven’t seen moon knight at all all the actors does a fantastic job bc if you actually watched the show you would easily forget they talking to nobody and Oscar been talking to himself in the mirrors

      1. RDW

        I could do without the multiple personalities.
        The wimpy Steven personality ruins it for me. I wonder if the original comic book character has split personality disorder?
        After Disney revealed they are WOKE I’m thinking seriously of canceling my Disney + anyways.

        1. Merp the great

          If you’d bothered with a simple Google check you’d have discovered that yes that’s this hero’s whole deal in the comics

          1. R. Wroblewski

            No, the original Moon Knight did not have that nonsensical multiple personality disorder idiocy. That is some stupid garbage that was changed when Marvel Comics died in the late eighties and the no talent hacks took over and screwed up everything from the original Marvel Comics.

          2. Well, I won’t offer an opinion on the “no talent hacks” 😮 since I HAVE enjoyed several Marvel movies.

            But, IF that IS the case, then at least we might have people come BACK with some cool new (old?) storylines for us in the future!! 😂

        2. Barclaybass

          Ur an idiot

        3. Bull Buchanan

          What does ”WOKE” mean?

        4. Ryan

          So you watch a show about a hero who became famous due to his multiple personality disorder and want no disorder that’s like watching star wars and saying I could do without the Laser swords and word magic stuff.

          1. R. Wroblewski

            The original one did not have that stupid nonsense. Obviously you don’t know anything about the history of Marvel Comics.

        5. Phil McCrevice

          Bye, nobody cares about your whiny right wing virtue signalling. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It’s not an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure.

          1. Ricardo Klement

            Yeah, we can all se how much you “don’t care” snowflake… 😆 😅 😂 🤣

        6. R. Wroblewski

          No the original one did not. But when Marvel Comics died in the late eighties/early nineties all the no talent hacks destroyed all of the great characters that the original marvel made and that is 1 of the stupid things they did to moon knight was adding the multiple personality disorder.

          1. SS

            So what that’s 30 years ago and characters change regardless of the hacks having talent or not. Let’s wrap everything in plastic and jump on a pedestal and whine about how things change and you’re such a genius for knowing such important history and clearly don’t have an axe to grind and aren’t telling on yourself you sour old person

          2. Fletch

            So you saying that we have to go back to the 80’s so we can have a Moon night with mental disorder. 40 years ago…. The Moon Knight I knew always had that problem, granted, I was born in 86 so I don’t know what he was doing around that time. But dude superheros changed I think u need to move on. I remember when Superman cud phase through walls. He can’t now, still like him tho. Let it go and u will enjoy thing more…..SMH lol

        7. Michael

          You people with your “woke” nonsense. You’ve decided to call anything you’re too simple to figure out “woke.” The multiple personalities are the whole comic book story.

        8. Fam

          Hater everywhere damnn.let the show live it just started. wow. I

        9. Teke

          Yes in the comics he does. They’re about to introduce the 3rd personality probably next episode.

        10. You’re mom

          In the comics he has Marc Spector, Steven Grant,
          Jake Lockley, and
          Inner Child

      2. Chelle

        I agree…. it was amazing! Left my anticipation level at its highest peek!

      3. Orion

        Moon knight has a lot of other adventures than this…..including one where he meets NohVarr and Gambit at a bar.

    4. Chino

      Disappointing acting? Dude, you do realise Oscar Isaacs British accent is flawless right? Absolute titan of an actor. Now the rest you say is a different story but obviously your comment loses 3 tons of credibility if you’re saying the acting is bad lol

      1. Greg

        Not according to people who live there, that was their biggest complaint. I’m not commenting on how good or bad the show is, I personally like it. However, his fake accent is not flawless….

    5. Eric

      Black Widow seemed like it was written in the sixties. It was so bad. The Eternals was boring. Shang Chi was, just whatever. They feel like children’s movies more than ever.

    6. Michael

      Really? Marvel finally seems to be hitting their stride. They got away from the cookie cutter movie recipe. These shows are some of the best on tv.

    7. Paula

      I think moonknigh t is growing on n me. But where are all the great marvel women going black widow with Yelena
      Or wanda, Scarlett witch. Or Captain marvel. Are strong adult female leads being thrown out. How many to female Thor’s will they make? Or she hulk. The eternals had strong female gods but look what marvel did with that, that deserves a part 2 just because. I see the male leads on everything. Don’t leave us out and think it’s OK!

      1. Vic

        Wtf? Black widow had her movie…even after plummeting to her death in Endgame. So yea I guess you could say shes been “thrown out”, but it has nothing to do with your feminist stance. Scarlett Witch had WandaVision and she has one of the most complex storylines that is still running (next in Dr Strange this year) and then there is Ms Marvel releasing soon. Captain Marvel 2 releases next year…..so where do you see female leads getting thrown out? Perhaps I’m reading your comment wrong, because i cant think of a female lead in the current storylines that isnt being used….

  2. Wishnu

    Of course Marc will get his powers back, the name of the show is Moon Knight..

  3. Giin

    Interesting assertion, that it is difficult to watch.

  4. Rexhairedmedusa

    Yet again another subpar superhero. Yeah Disney for canceling GOOD ideas and promoting garbage!

    1. John

      You just got old and bitter it’s a great show

    2. Manny

      What good ideas are they canceling? Just curious, might you mean, “Hawkeye?” It seems there cannot be one single conversation here without someone saying “Woke” at least fifty times.

      Well I got news for you the word “Woke” has become code switch for “uppity” or “get to the back of the bus”, which is not going to happen.

      So as Disney goes after the dollar they have to appeal to diverse audiences, not just the white super hero flying in to save the day.

      Moonknight with an Arab director gives us a view into a culture and religious system which is not Judeo-Christian. I am sure this same crowd is going to freak with a chubby, Muslim girl from Jersey City as Ms. Marvel.

      1. Ricardo Klement

        Well, I’ve got news for you, snowflake:
        “Diversity” always and with no exception means “less whites”! That’s racist BS and it’s totally fine to oppose it. Tells us a lot about you since you are obviously a fan of it..

  5. Tyler

    I think this show is fantastic!! Can’t wait for more!!

    1. George

      I predict that moon knight will lose his powers for two episodes then we will meet the third personality which will unlock some latent abilities to aid in the freedom of konchu. We need to see a bit more layers pulled back to allow the story to evolve. Keep in mind not everyone has read every comic. It has to breathe there has to be twists to be interesting. If not you fall into what I call the Superman trap. And any comic fan worth his salt knows there are only so many ways to tell a story of an almost omnipotent being before it’s just the same old same old after all what good is a character who has too much power for their own good. It takes time to tell a story worth telling. I for one am along for the ride.

      1. McElectric

        Hell yeah I’m with you

      2. Ryan

        The 3rd personality will most likely be Jake Lockley who can be a bit violent and is basically like the batman personality of moon knight.

      3. Shane P Dalton

        Thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth.

      4. SisC_Smiles

        I agree

      5. Endurance 👮 Official

        I basically believe this.
        But still waiting for next moves. 😌😌😌

      6. Endurance

        I basically believe this.
        But still waiting for next moves. 😌😌😌

  6. Daniel

    Canceling Moon Knights power was trash

  7. Chuck

    Ofcourse his Moon Knight powers will return. And the 3rd avatar is yet to be fully apparent. Great show…

  8. Chris

    So basically the Dark Knight that has a mental disorder.

    1. Car

      Ngl u lame asf imagine coming to a post that’s about moon knight just to talk about Batman

      1. Yea

        I mean, moon knight has been known as marvels Batman for decades.

      2. Ryan

        I think his 3rd personality is gonna be Jake Lockley which is literally moon knights version of batman a P.I personality with a bit more brutality when fighting.

      3. Ark

        Imagine not knowing that Moon Knight has been known a ‘Marvel’s Batman’ since it came out.

  9. Jay

    Well, yeah. He’ll get his power back. I mean there are actually Moon Knight scenes from trailer two that haven’t happened yet!

  10. George

    Just to add a bit more, look at the punisher (jon bernthol) character..he was a bad ass. But he also spent half the time running around busted up and bruised. Hell he ended up tied to a chair being tortured. Now if he was just constantly killing and never had those challenges, if the story was just him running around doing out justice and never getting caught up. It would have been a very different story. It would have gotten boring very quick and he probably wouldn’t have made it past the cameo in daredevil. Every good story needs a wtf moment. And as much as people say they are done with moon knight, they will probably tune in, because we are curious beings by nature. We need to know. Because we need questions answered. That’s the truth of it

  11. Danny

    Why would Moon Knight lose his power, Haros God is imprisoned and he still has powers.

    1. Kimo

      Harrow has his cane which is shown to have a bit of his God’s power in it.

    2. Ryan

      I’m pretty sure the suit is only active because he is using his powers to give it to him like it’s not an actual item like the cane is as Ammit probably knew she was gonna be imprisoned so set up back ups, while Konshu didn’t have the time to set things up, but I imagine since Marc was his original avatar he knows how to release him or something.

    3. Ark

      No worries. I’m sure everything will be fine. A woman (biological or just confused, your choice) will be along shortly to fix everything.

      Disney can’t be seen to allow a man to actually accomplish anything, especially in his own title. That would displease their woke overlords.

      1. UnicornFruit

        What does being woke have to do with anything? It sounds like you’re the one that’s confused…

      2. Lol

        Lol, these Screeching Karens are getting so sad and miserable doing nothing at home that they have to enter EVERY article to do with Disney or any other branch of Disney to “wail” at “how woke” it is. Guarantee these lonely “warriors” haven’t seen a single episode. Just out here being miserable, as always. So sad.

  12. Mel

    I’m trying to watch this show but today’s was boring to me. I’m gonna try to watch it again to see if my perspective changes. Loved the first episode but that’s it.

  13. Dustin

    In the comics Moon Knight had no super powers for years! He still put on a suit and did the super-hero thing. Nothing stopping him from doing that in the show.

  14. Dav

    I think it’s a good example of systemic racism. I’m so tired of whites being in movies!!! Cast more black people.

    1. Tera

      … I’m really hoping that this is a troll comment considering that to understanding the character is always been this nationality for one (Not saying that they can’t change it, but still) and Oscar Isaacs is half Guatemalan, therefore he’s mixed. He’s literally by definition a partial minority. That’s like getting an actor who’s half Indian and saying there’s not enough brown people in the movie. It doesn’t make any sense.

    2. J

      Classic racist commenter seeing Oscar Issac as white… You know other races exist other than black and white? You Rube

  15. atherworld

    No reason to believe Moon Knights gone. Khonshu did tell Stephen to talk to Marc about what happened. Marc might know of a way to access the powers. Why take things at face value?

  16. SadDrake13

    Moon Knight has no powers. Why can’t they leave well enough alone? Don’t change stuff.

  17. Blerg

    So, is Oscar Isaac no longer with the MCU? The article didn’t say anything about it. It was literally just a recap and a synopsis.

  18. Blade

    As a show … it’s bad …..But the fact that it’s Egypt 🇪🇬!! Seeing another culture for change!! Music is great 👍🏽!! Lots of beautiful people of color ✊🏽….. Still … with that said … it’s ok

  19. Joe

    Absolutely, boo author. Boo.

  20. Brittney

    In all honesty I was there for Gaspard Ulliel’s swan song anyway 🤷‍♀️ RIP, goid sir. Oh, and it was fun seeing Barbara Rosenblat. I adore that woman. I was her dresser for the summer of 2006 and that was one of the greatest summers of my life.

  21. WhoCares

    This doesn’t follow
    the internal logic of the show at all, Ammit is banished and yet Harrow’s staff still contains her power that Harrow can use. Marc/+2 have Konshu’s ceremonial suit which is a physical object they acquired and by established canon would still contain power.

    1. Tweetysvoice

      That was my thought as well! If Harrow still has powers even though his god is imprisoned, why should it be any different than Moonknight?

      1. Barclaybass

        Ur an idiot

      2. Gothchef

        The gods don’t automatically imbue their power in items, so that may explain the difference. Konshu chose not to imbue power in the suit the first time, so perhaps he does so after he is released.

  22. Kyle

    The show’s pretty fkn annoying. They basically gave him a mental disorder and it just slows down the show for filler worse than Bleach. This and Halo have been huge disappointments. Little to no action, law and order has more action than these shows

    1. Ryan

      I can tell from your comment you have never read a moon knight comic as he has had a mental disorder since he was created, it has been his whole point that he is insane each personality being different like Marc Spector the hard-core mercenary who tries to be a hero and Steven Grant being the soft spoken millionaire and Jake Lockley the P.I. super detective and many more like Mr Knight or even his female personalities or his religious one. You complained about the one thing that made him famous as a comic book character. Comics clearly aren’t for you so obviously you wouldn’t enjoy the show I for one as a avid moon knight fan quite enjoy watching it and I’m excited to see who his 3rd personality is I’m hoping Jake as he is a bit more violent.

      1. Mike

        Couldn’t have said it better.

      2. Phil

        Even though I don’t enjoy the show you are spot on with this comment.

  23. nefojon964


  24. Linda

    I love moon knight. I don’t know who designed his costume. It is gorgeous. I believe next season Moon Knight will be Marks wife. And he will fight to get Khonshu back from her. I think this was well done!!

    1. Endurance 👮 Official

      Am with you on this

      I predicted it also…

  25. Jeremy

    I think his 3rd personality is going to come out next episode and break the roadrunnerreaper out, if you noticed when he was trying to question those guys he was still whupin arse without the suit and when neither of them said they killed the one guy and severely injured the other that proves there is a 3rd more powerful and cunning personality, i agree Steven irritates me when it comes time to take care of business but he was coming around towards the end there…biggest concern i hope layla doesnt get killed, they were being followed at the end there so well see.. i think this last 3 are going to be intense, harrows going to release her anytime now and probably just in time khondsu will get broken out and its going to be epic moonlnight vs the god.

  26. Tito

    I think Marc will definitely get his powers back as khanshu told Steven to tell Marc to free him.

  27. R. Wroblewski

    No the original one did not. But when Marvel Comics died in the late eighties/early nineties all the no talent hacks destroyed all of the great characters that the original marvel made and that is 1 of the stupid things they did to moon knight was adding the multiple personality disorder.

  28. Smiley

    This article is pure cuckoldry. The “journalist” is a cuckold.

  29. JP

    “only way to get his abilities back would be to free Khonshu which won’t be easy to do.” Really? I’m sure it’ll “barely be an inconvenience!!”

    1. BW

      Super easy, you might say.

  30. Am

    Personally not a great watch but watchable. No disrespect to the actor or actors involved but personally could do without the many personalities of this character. Maybe need to have in the story line but i never read or heard about who this moonknight is or his potential. It is a good watch just not what i personally expected.

    1. Tim

      It’s comic accurate. Moon knight is a powerless hero with multiple personalities.

  31. Jeff

    I have so many things to say to the people that are saying it’s a bad show. 1st- don’t watch it. 2nd – it’s way better then Wandavison, and the falcon one. And I mean way better. 3rd- don’t fing watch it.

  32. Rubin

    This sux!!!!!!!!!
    I been waiting for so long to see moonknight. So far we only seen little to none of moonknight. Now we have to watch a whole week of no moonknight……. WTF man!!!!!!!!!
    This sux soooo much.
    How quickly an awesome show can go down the drain….
    Completely disappointed

  33. Dirk

    I’m surprised that this article hasn’t got a damn thing to do with the title, more so that none has said anything yet. Shaking my head.

  34. Heather

    I don’t know why people don’t like this series. It is awesome!!!

  35. Tim

    He didn’t have powers in the comic. He was like Marvel’s Batman.

  36. Danielle

    I’m not disappointed. When be plays Steven I just want to kill myself out of boredom of his acting…and yes I know the character is supposed to be like that..we have plenty of shows and movies where the characters personality is that way but I can actually be interested still by watching it and it seem authentic.

  37. Brian

    Listen. This “article” was probably made by someone who has zero clue about Moon Knight. For the people that don’t know his origins, this is a great show to find out about the character. You cant go full Moon Knight in 6 episodes. There has to be a reason for everything. I’ll bet money episode 6 will have a full moon and he will be full power status.

  38. No

    I would never have gotten to DID by watching this. I would only assume that he’s being used as the avatar for a God

  39. Rod

    Who cares?

  40. Rod

    Him in a much less way, BUT he was part of the losers that RUIN Johnsoned StarWars for everyone and he was absolutely AWFUL as the supposedly most badass, not to mention the oldest mutant who I won’t do the injustice by mentioning his name alongside the actor who portrayed him awfully!

  41. Paul Duncan

    So we watching SPLIT with a Moon Knight twist? Gotcha!

  42. AJ

    That is MESSED UP,!!!!!. How could you not bring him back ASAP. Next episode…. Ok. Won’t watch anymore.

  43. Tricia

    I like the show. I absolutely don’t like that you flat out lied in the title. Nothing in your article even touches on Oscar leaving.

  44. Jeff

    FALSE. It is called good writing. He will be alright by the end of the series and ready for more movies.

  45. Frank Snyder

    Haven’t seen the show as of yet. However, I have read some of the Moon Knight comics years ago. At one point, he DID lose the connection to Konshu. But, he’d grown accustomed to playing the hero. And so, he continued to not only wear the suit,, he created his own array of moon-themed gadgets. Simple crescent throwing blades, and a crescent moon-shaped aircraft, are two examples.

    Eventually, though, he was able to re-establish his connection with Konshu, and was not only restored as his servant, but his powers got a mild upgrade, and he also received a couple artifacts, including an ankh, bracers, and scarab shaped throwing blades.

    Maybe Marvel is aiming for something like that? Don’t know.

    I don’t have enough to cover internet, even with the government programs, so I cannot watch the shows I’d like to.

    Saw the article and wanted to share the opinion generated by observation. Make what you will of it.

  46. David Haller

    i like my heros w/split personalities to be omega level mutants. Check out the show Legion, Charles Xaviers son w/omega level power and split personality. Better than all disney+

  47. Bob

    Oh no! The superhero lost their powers! Guess that’s it. The rest of the series will just be them sitting around talking about “Remember when we were Moon Knight?” for three more episodes.

  48. Brad

    just terrible… stopped watching… won’t be back

  49. Manny

    Marvel and DC have always been at different ends of the spectrum. Marvel being the NY Post and DC the New York Times. Character development versus non-stop action.

    Many of the previous commenters were right about Marvel trying to draw from DC’s fan base with Dr. Strange and Moon Knight, yet back before the internet no one knew about opinions based prejudices and conservative dogma.

    A company strives to make it a profit and Marvel belongs to Disney which means profits and stock holder equity come first. As long as Moon Knight gets eye balls it will be renewed. Loki and WandaVision were a perfect example of a cerebral show which had a deep storyline with twists and turns plus a diverse cast yet perturbed the level one viewer. “What no punching and shooting that sucks.”

    A quick suggestion is to let go for once and just go with it. Try to have some cultural empathy, things are not black and white.

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