Comments for The Orlando Airport Is Getting a Major Upgrade For Disney World Travelers

mco terminal c

Credit: Screenshot via Greg Angel (Twitter/@NewsGuyGreg)


  1. Walty

    Whooooo Cares!

    WTF does this article have to do with Parks & Entertainment??

    Fire some writers at ITM, this is getting pathetic..

    1. Van

      The article is about MCO not the parks. Please try and keep up and read before making a fool of yourself.

    2. Mike

      It does mention the mouse house and has a picture of their store in the terminal. So therefore by association, it is theme park related in some peoples eyes. Plus, there is an old axiom that people need to learn, relearn, or remember: “If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all”.

      1. Disney sucks

        I think that axiom was rebranded to if you cannot say something nice, you are an @$$h013.

    3. James

      And yet you’re still here.

  2. Ronda

    MCO shouldn’t waste the money until Disney changes things. Went there last month, it was awful. Going on 3 rides in one day and having 2 of those 3 break down isn’t “magical” at all.

    1. Paul W

      And how would you suggest Disney change things to make this particular experience better? Sorry you had bad luck, but even with the best maintenance teams on hand, they can’t help rides breaking down once in a while. It happens. They do their best.

  3. Jarvis

    A jumbled mess of an article. I kept reading to see the new luggage system. Instead it talked about the flight crew view. What is the point of this?

  4. Scott

    Quality of writings, stories, and blogs on this page has really gone south in the last couple months.

    Are you letting middle school students now write articles?

    Say what you want but I’m not the only one that thinks this, a lot of people are talking about the lack of quality on this site anymore

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