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    1. Kevin

      “I’ll be your huckleberry” GREAT Movie.

  1. Ryley O'Connor

    My mother likes Twilight, but as a Gen Z, my pick would be Shrek

    1. Chris Wood

      I’m sure those movies aren’t woke enough or some woke millenial that works for Disney found one of the movies offensive and demanded it to be removex

      1. J Ryan

        Maybe they aren’t racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or xenophobic enough for some viewers?

        1. Kevin

          Maybe you and the poster above you are BOTH idiots?

      2. Gary J.

        I have to hand it to you folks and your diligence, you always show up to turn the conversation to your own ends.

  2. Giin

    Dude, Oscar was on Hulu!? Lol, that’s an awesome movie.

    1. Chris

      Yeah, that’s my pick for most sorry to see go.

  3. James

    Why??? I pay a monthly fee directly to Disney+ and their servers should be able to store all of their movies. I’m starting to think I’ll have to rethink my subscription service to see if it’s worth it anymore to have.

    1. Consuela Newhams


    2. Vince

      Licensing is ALWAYS going to be an issue for any and all streaming services. The only things that shouldn’t be a problem are content created by that specific streaming service’s studio.

      1. Melly

        Wth man all i have to say. Imma say tho Both Shrek movies will be missed.

    3. CalledIt

      It’s because for now Hulu is partly owned by Comcast with Disney so they don’t want these films on there all the time. Besides they will get these back there eventually as they cycle different titles and make some extra $$$ by licensing them a bit to other streaming services.

      1. Catalyst

        It literally says in the beginning of the article that Disney bought out Comcast’s share in Hulu in 2019.

    4. Dawn

      They were not Disney owned movies, they were more than likely only remaining on HULU for their remaining contract license and are heading to other services now.

    5. Perry Adams


      1. Gary J.

        Tombstone. It’s on my list of movies I’d have to have with me were I stranded on a desert isle. And it’s primarily bc of Val Kilmer. Thankfully it now appears to be available on Prime!

  4. asfasfs

    Moron. Yeah, don’t watch any of the major movies lol

  5. Jody Marie Mosier

    Why is that seemingly anything decent that Disney puts out these days (which isn’t as much as they used to do), has to go straight to streaming platforms instead of the Disney Channel or the theater? These days, if you don’t have any streaming services, you hardly to get to see ANY of Disney’s new releases at all, or even any old favorites that you want to watch!

    1. Vince

      Hint hint… they want you to buy their streaming services.. duh. And that’s every service out there. It has become a cut throat industry.

  6. Me

    Disney is trying to ruin everything for everyone. Boycot Disney, cancel anything Disney related. If you buy Disney products or are subscribed to any you are supporting them and the fact that they have people that have and are involved in human sex trafficking. MAGA! MAGA! Storm the capitol! Fight like hell! Knock down police officers! Hang Mike Pence! Mess up Nancy Pelosi’s desk! And cry like a crybaby in your jail cell once caught.

    1. Smk

      Did you say mess up Nancy Pelosi desk ??? LOL

      1. Next thing Disney will demand burning books. Censorship is a violation of civil rights and should be treated as such.

    2. Fah Q. Lefties

      Disney ruins everything they touch, they will remake White Men Can’t Jump in to an all black transtesticle hermaphrodite groomer movie called White Men Can’t Have Opinions

      1. Ace

        I’d watch it.

        1. DLand

          🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now this remark is truly funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good one 😁👍🏼😁👍🏼😁👍🏼😁😁

    3. Audiogeek

      Um, what kind of sic Fuxx are you. Valid descusion does not a trumpster throwing BS accusations around a political mess, not a streaming mess.

  7. CJ

    Well I don’t see Cheech and Chong Movies going to Disney+ (lol!), but there’s a reason I still prefer “free services” such as Tubi and Pluto TV!

    Yes there are commercials, but the content is never edited footage!

    If you truly enjoy Marvel, or Lucasfilms, then your ‘other’ options are:

    _purchase the digital
    _purchase home media

  8. WoodStak

    I dunno why they don’t do what they’ve done here in Australia for Disney+. Among the categories like Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, etc., there is one called Star, which from what I’ve gathered, basically had everything Hulu had, such as How I Met Your Mother/Father, Aliens, Predator, Die Hard, Family Guy, etc. That way it’s all accessible on the one streaming service. So much better!

    1. Dhsbsusbf

      Because Disney still owns Hulu with Comcast and Disney doesn’t want them getting the money from it.

    2. Shrek and Tombstone

  9. Jenny

    Is just on Disney Plus in america, or everywhere because we have star not Hulu?

    1. Jenny

      I meant Is this

  10. John De

    When any product or service changes…..ask yourself who does it benefit….and then think money

  11. Justinius

    Yah, still not going to lose any sleep over this.

    1. J. Johnson

      As a kid of the early 90s, Tombstone and White Men Can’t Jump

  12. Megan

    And this is why I still buy DVD’s, and reduced my monthly bill. Many dvd’s can be purchased used for around $2-3…. And that is where I have purchased almost all my Disney Animated and Live Action classics, Marvel, HP, etc. My most recent score was the entire Lord of the Rings Triliogy Special Edition Blu-Rays for $1.00 each. 😎

    1. Marc

      My thoughts exactly. People ask me why I still buy DVDs when it’s on streaming services. I always reply that the services can remove anything at any time.

    2. DLand

      Nice on your Lord of the Rings purchase 🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼🥳👏🏼

  13. Internet Avenger

    How about you retire the article “Tombstone”, “Shrek” and a bunch of worthless films leaving Hulu…

  14. Sonia Svach

    Not one show!

  15. Tim

    I have never liked Hulu. Gut a deal for 99 cents a month. I had it for 4 months and canceled it. It’s the red headed stepchild of streaming services. That being said, what movie will I miss from Hulu? Absolutely nothing!

    1. Tim

      Stupid auto correct!

  16. MorngConqr13

    No Disney buy out Comcast wow .

  17. Kevin

    It’s all because of licensing. That’s all. Nothing new to see here. Its just this site trying to make things inflammatory when they aren’t. Again.

  18. Really, axing movies like Real Genius and Just Wright? I don’t get it. Then they wanna axe the Twillight series….they’ve lost their minds.

  19. Robin G


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