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wizarding world of harry potter

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Kristina

    What the heck is a 77 year old doing riding these rides?! If you’re going to ride and you have a preexisting condition or are susceptible to an injury/illness that’s your business, but don’t complain later.

    1. Isaac

      I totally agree and the “couple” ruined the experience for everyone… Hello elderlies common sense !!!🤬🤬

    2. AGE has nothing to do with whether or not a person can go on rides. It’s the person’s HEALTH that determines that. I’m in my late 50’s, and my husband is older than me, and we are rollercoaster enthusiasts!!!

  2. Jason


  3. Nehn

    It says throughout the queue multiple times to not ride if you have pre-existing conditions or suffer from motion sickness. Like so many times! That’s your own fault at that point.

  4. B

    1st off this article is miss leading. You make it sound like these people where injured due to malfunction. I have been to all 3 Theme parks and they have signs stating preexisting health issues should not be riding this. Also Disney and SeaWorld had injuries Universal was due to the fact that people don’t care about the warning signs and still ride. If you do not follow warning the signs then it is your fault.

  5. Linda

    Anybody with a brain, knows that all of the rides, pose a risk of some sort. Stomach upset in a youngster is no big deal. Get over it. I’m 77 & my brain would say” I wouldn’t try that if I were you” listen to your brain, if you have one. Those rides weren’t made for wimps or old ladies. Sorry. I’m just honest.

    1. Amanda

      Number one if you know you have motion sickness then you shouldn’t be riding the Harry Potter ride in the first place and your to old to be riding those rides

      1. NO ONE is too “old” to go on rides!!! Everyone’s body is different. Many “older” people enjoy rides just fine. Myself included!!!

    2. Amanda

      I agree my husband had a brain injury back in 2008 before we started dating and when we go to carowinds he knows what rides he can handle and what rides he can’t

  6. Betsy

    I’m 74 and I do ride the rides but I know what is happening and what not to ride. I’ll do anything once. There are many signs that tell you the cautions so it’s your own fault.

  7. Erwim

    My husband and I always joke about dying on a rollercoaster cause we are always on one. But I guess when it affects you personally it’s no laughing matter. Luckily, I have a husband who asks alot of questions and educates himself about these things all the time! Plus, I’ve learned seat belts are good, and try not to be overweight, by trying to eat healthy and exercise so I fit in the seat!

  8. Erwim

    I love watching the final destination movies! I think being stuck up high on a rollercoaster has got to be scarier than dying on one. Cause if you die on one its probably very quick.

    1. Erwim

      Are there rollercoasters in Heaven?Cause if there are my husband and I will be there together when we die!

      1. Darn right, there are
        coasters in Heaven!!! My husband and I will be riding some AWESOME
        ones when we get there.

  9. Bob Iger


  10. Angelica

    There are so many signs and alerts even before you stand in line about pregnant women, people with heart problems, preexisting conditions, motion sickness etc. But this happens all the time, people never read and then blame company (Or in this case Park )

  11. Iva

    At what point do we accept personal responsibility? Theme parks should be held accountable for ride malfunctions. They should not be held accountable if a guest decides to go on a ride and suffers ill effects from the ride (motion sickness, aches, pains, etc).

    I go on Forbidden Journey once when we go to the park (we are passholders) and then I’m done. It does make me queasy and I know it will make me queasy. But I go on to experience it with my family. My queasiness is not Universal’s fault. I knew the risk and took it.

    There are reasons these attractions are labeled “hyper” “thrill”, and “mega”.

  12. Janet

    Maybe if people that KNOW they’re at risk stays off rides.. I am sorry for you but this makes sanctions on rides to make it ‘less thrill’ and ruins it for those who can ride it. These incidents weren’t malfunctions but people who had preexisting issues. RIDES WILL NOW START TO CHANGE FOR FEAR OF LIABILITY AND RUIN IT FOR THE REST.

  13. Jimbob

    Super well researched article thanks!!

  14. Thomas Morton

    My 7 year old daughter came off storm force accelatron last night with a puncture wound on her face requiring 3 stitches. This is a family ride. She followed all guide lines and still had to be taken out of the park in an ambulance

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