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Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel holding mask in Disney Plus Sizzle Reel

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. mike murphy

    There just doing that to increase viewership because they know this show is gonna bomb hard with all the changes to her powers and the tween demographic there shooting for

    1. bob

      did you read the article? he’s being added to a comic series, not the show

      1. Rormachine

        Good. I couldn’t think of a worse way to introduce Wolverine to the MCU. F U C K this show.

        1. Steve-O

          Yikes! Show me on this doll where the bad show hurt you

    2. KB2

      “This show has been a bomb with all the changes to her powers” dude do you realize 98% of people that watch the show have no idea who Ms Marvel is or at least don’t know how her powers work? That’s not going to be the deciding factor on the show’s success nor is the demographic target audience. The show doesn’t have to be TV MA to be good it’s still for everyone to watch. Like calm down it’s not that serious

    3. John

      You think it will bomb cause a few comic nerds can’t accept a few changes. Lol
      And of course it’s aimed at a slightly younger audience, she’s a school aged girl ..

  2. Bored

    It’s pretty disingenuous to include pictures of the show when the story is about the comics.

    Wolverine isn’t going to be in the Disney+ show, he’s joining her in a new comic series.

    1. Jason

      Agreed…this is just clickbate, by using a photo from the show and not making it clear in the title that the article is about the comic.

    2. Kob

      Yeah and this site does it All. The. Time.

    3. John

      Loads of websites do this. Very annoying

  3. Bruce thomas

    Disney is can aLways tell….when they pair a fan favorite with a sub par failed character to generate ANY sort of buzz.
    It reeks of desperation and fools no one.
    I, personally, don’t care for the disrespect that the company has 4 the fans.
    Go boom studios!!!

    1. KB2

      The shows not even out yet how is she is subpar failed character?

    2. Dan

      Ms Marvel is a great character, you’re just racist lol

      1. Amir

        Racist? Good one. The show is a huge flop guaranteed. Very desperate adding wolverines name to anything but his own movie or x men movie.

        1. Fart

          This article is about the comics, not the show. Your comprehension needs work.

  4. Yodad3926

    I LEGIT don’t understand how or WHY they changed her powers? It’s like taking wolverines claws away and giving him the power of invisibility instead! The FU%K are these purple things?! Marvel is REALLY REALLY about to make a HUGE mistake. This is stupid

  5. KB2

    No they aren’t because the only people that know about this and are upset our people like you which make up a couple percentage of the audience 98% of people watching the show don’t know anything about Miss Marvel and how she is in the comics therefore this show is going to be their introduction to her

    1. belreal

      Lol yeah. These so called “comic accurate” guys are hilarious. “This show looks like isn’t close to it’s source materials so I’m gonna cry myself to bed praying it’ll bomb.”

      If only Marvel really cares about their fans for the source materials they wouldn’t have changed alot of their live action stuffs but guess these niche markets gets butthurt over everything nowadays so if anything Marvel does a really good job for not really listening to these guys. Not really a Disney guy but the whinings and the b*tches are so absurd it’s hilarious lmao

  6. Wade

    They changed her powers because Reed Richard’s debuts in the new Dr. Strange movie, and they don’t want 2 characters with the same powerset debuting at the same time.

  7. Mandingo

    “MCU fans dream of”

    Haha if Ms Marvel came to any one’s dream they’d be like Wolverine!…. who dis with you?

  8. A Wolf

    I’m not a comic guy. I loved Wandavision and Loki. I love the direction they’ve taken Moon Knight even though it’s different from the comics. But this show… No interest at all in watching. This site even had to make it seem linked to the series that Wolverine is joining when it’s just the comics. That’ll be about as popular as it gets.

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