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Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Katie

    Marc replaced the goldfish, obviously. And my theory is that Jake asked the tour guide out – Marc is too in love with Layla to do it.

    They have way too much to wrap up to have cut this one short, though. I have a feeling they’re going to ruin the run with this last episode.

  2. Alvin

    It could be shorter. I wanted to like it but I have stopped caring about the threads. I skipped episode 4 and fast forwarded episode 5. I may just watch the last 5 minutes of episode 6 and check for end credits

  3. Wyzen Hymer

    45 minutes, 110 minutes, 60 minutes… WHO CARES as long as it gets the job done? Wait until it airs and THEN let’s talk…

  4. Mark

    What’s to talk about? This show sucks. Disney didn’t let Boba Fett be the worst show for long. They found a way to ruin something else. They’ve been great at that for a while now.

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