Comments for Massive Theme Park Removes Unlimited Dining Plan After Man Goes Viral Eating There Every Day

Six Flags

Credit: Six Flags


  1. Bobbie

    because of one man , you change it all. now my grandchildren cannot enjoy the park. Because I cannot afford to buy passes an pay $40 a day for each to eat there. So very sad, that you take the joy away from so many low income people who loved this promotion, an used it for the thrill of our children, an lose it because of one mans life choices. So many children will be staying home this summer , because of this change. My granddaughter is home schooled because of bullying, an this was where she was looking forward to getting out an having fun. so very sorry to all the parents in the same boat as I an my daughters are now. Hope all the upper class families enjoy the park. You have a beautiful place. Will truly miss our family fun time.

    1. Shannon

      I completely agree! This is horse crap! 1 moron, who abused the system, has now ruined it for my entire family

  2. Shannon

    So enraged at sixflags!!! What a horrible decision! I hope the jerk who had to post his stupid story and screw everyone else is really happy with himself! One rotten apple ruined everything! And really awful that sixflags ruined their park for 1 jerk.

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