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Lea Thompson with Thanos


  1. J.

    The hair spray they are using on her in that first photo is stronger than both Lea Thompson and Thanos combined.

  2. Nomis

    Don’t get me wrong, Anna seems super nice and is a talented actor, but there’s only one person to play Squirrel Girl live action…and thats Milana Vayntrub.

  3. Leah Thompson wanted for murder, in 1993 Australia Gambino Woman from Thailand

    1. MuTru

      Do you know what libel is? I do. So do Lea Thompson’s lawyers, no doubt.

      1. Ashcroft

        Just submit your claim form and sign your ledger account with custom

  4. There no way your squireznut head your the brain of the outfooter reciepts Squirrel Passage Acts to Vegasbomds no comparison to Marvel Studios character Thano Lea Thompson

    1. Ashcroft

      No your not her

  5. Amanda

    Bring on Squirrel Girl. I carry my SG wallet everywhere and people ask who it is. I have to tell them a underknown MCU character that needs to be in the spotlight.

  6. Youreanidiot

    You’re an idiot.

  7. JakSpadez

    I beg you to provide a source that says that even a decent amount of “marvel fans” are “begging for squirrel girl”. Just another sad attempt at making people believe there’s even the slightest chance that Thanos, will defeated by a single woman, just to prove that “women are better at stuff”. Can y’all not let us be happy with things that don’t involve you? Captain Marvel gets bodied practically immediately against Thanos, and you’re going to sit here and try to tell me that “squirrel girl” is more powerful than Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron-Man, Thor, or The Hulk for lords sake? This article is a joke

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