Comments for Sam Raimi Wants To Direct ‘Spider-Man 4′, but Not With Tom Holland

spider-man in suit on bridge

Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures


  1. drew who

    Raimi’s Spider-Man movies reminded me a lot more of the comic I used to read as a child . Its not that I don’t like the MCU version but Spidey is a bit like Iron-Man jnr in them . I doubt Spider-Man 4 will ever happen but if it does I am sure there will be an audience for it .

  2. Jamie

    This article is false? Amy Pascal confirmed they signed tom holland for 3 more spiderman movies.

  3. CalledIt

    Raimi isn’t talking about the MCU Spiderman with Tom. He is talking about Toby’s Spiderman and wants to make the fourth film he never got to direct.

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