Comments for Marvel’s New Movie Absolutely Tanks at Box Office

Michael Morbius (Jared Leto)conducting an experment

Credit: Sony Pictures


  1. Tyler Smith

    Oh my god i loved it the fight and action but most of all the movie takes place the same time spider man no way home takes place because the post credit scene in Morbius takes place the same place in Spider-Man No way home but the worst scene was the The bench scene in the park when the camera was shaking

    1. Gh

      I thought it was an excellent movie, great action, great characters, 5 star movie.

    2. Elvis

      This isn’t “Marvel’s” new movie. It’s SONY’s new movie. Just cause it’s a Marvel Character, doesn’t make it a Marvel movie.

      1. J

        Exactly!!! Marvel had nothing to do with this!!

      2. Ani

        I’m glad you pointed that out because I was just about to say the same thing. ✌🏼

      3. Michael Cowin

        Yes, this is a Marvel character movie. No it is not a Marvel Studios movie. Why are we even talking about this?

      4. Anon

        The author is human garbage

      5. LK

        Sony’s* New Movie Tanks

      6. Jay

        Morbius is a 2022 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Morbius, the Living Vampire, produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel. Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is the third film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.
        Sony distributed it, Marvel PRODUCED it. That makes it a Marvel movie, through Columbia, distributed by Sony, get it? Pretty sure the author knows more than you buddy

        1. Gin

          Not sure why you’re being a prick. It’s a SONY marvel licensed movie not a Marvel MCU movie. Got it, buddy?

  2. Emily

    I saw Morbius and thought it was fine. parts of it were hard to watch because I’m sensitive about needles and blood though.

    1. RobH

      In all fairness, it’s a Sony made movie and not a Marvel Studios made movie. Just saying.

      1. Jay

        Somy distributed it, they had nothing to do with it beyond owning the rights. Sony produced it, Columbia actually made the film. Get your facts straight

        1. JosephusD

          Didn’t you write another post saying that Marvel produced it? Sounds like your facts aren’t much straighter.

        2. Obelov

          No. It was not made by the mcu team. It was same Sony writers as venom. NOT Marvel studios.

        3. C

          Columbia Pictures is Sony. Just like Marvel Sudios is Disney. The Marvel team that was invovled is from Marvel entertainment, which is separate from Marvel Studios.

  3. Lee

    I’m surprised that this needs to be pointed out, but Marvel Studios did not make this movie. Sony Entertainment made Morbius.

    1. Cameron

      I enjoyed it. Post credit scene wasn’t confusing, just a reverse universe swap. Not sure where the hate is coming from, it was a straightforward, easy to follow origin story with a good villain, amazing visual effects, and a satisfying ending.

      1. Ms. CrystalLJ

        100% agree. I didn’t find it confusing, for those that actually follow the film’s, tv, and cartoons of marvel. Excited to see where they take it. So many directions!

    2. Jay

      Sony owns the rights to Marvel characters, and properties through previous agreements. This is a movie that is NOW part of a “shared universe” because of Spiderman, and a NEW agreement with Marvel Studios to produce it, Columbia to make it, amd Sony to DISTRIBUTE it. So….yes it is technically a Marvel movie, and not made at all by Sony, just distributed. You and the rest claiming to know what’s uo, are actually wrong, lmao

      1. Dre

        Marvel Studios has nothing to do with the making of these Sony movies. The only ones they have any involvement with at all is SpiderMan Homecoming, Far From Home and No Way Home.

  4. You need to do better with your terminology. $30-40M is not tanking. You can’t compare this to films like Spider-Man or The Avengers. It’s a lesser known character whose not a typical superhero. The Lost City opened to $31M the previous weekend and is considered a hit. So Morbius is in no way tanking.

    1. Shawn

      The budget on Morbius far exceeded that of Lost City. Yes it is totally tanking.

      1. J

        They both cost $75 million. Educate yourself please

      2. Michael Lockhart

        He calls this a Marvel movie. This is ENTIRELY ACCURATE. If he called it an MCU movie, that would be wrong. If he said it was made by Marvel Studios, that would also be wrong. But this is a MOVIE about a MARVEL character, therefore it is a MARVEL MOVIE. P.S. I thought Morbius was okay, but not great. Mainly due to too many plot holes.

        1. Don

          Sony bombs another one. Should have just let fridge handle it. This is why he went to war with the studios and WON!

      3. Jay

        There are a lot of wetbrains on here, lmao. They don’t do research, just cry a lot and post opinions as facts

    2. Turd furgeson

      It tanked bc it brought in 5.7 million they thought it would bring in 33 million, did I read that wrong idk I tried to check and don’t feel like pressing the back button.

      1. That 5.7M was just for Thursday opening night. For the weekend, just under $40M, so far from tanking.

  5. Luis

    Agreed, she failed to take into account its much lower budget compared to other marvel films that range in the 150 to 200 million. Morbius sits at an estimated 75 million. Itll make its money back this weekend alone

    1. Tosh

      3.5 x budget is usually what’s needed to be considered not a bomb. First weekend is the biggest figure usually and drops precipitously after, especially with bad reviews. It’s unlikely it’ll break even, especially as that budget figure doesn’t include marketing

  6. John

    Considering that Marvel actually makes movies, and this is not a movie that Marvel made, it’s very confusing for you to call it a “Marvel movie”. Surely most people don’t understand (or care about) the difference between the MCU (made by Marvel) and other movies based on Marvel comics, but made by someone else. So you’re leaving them with a false narrative that Marvel made a bad movie by being so sloppy with your language. Whoever wrote this should be embarrassed.

    1. Deb

      Then what happens when the public as a whole equates any Marvel character with Disney?

      1. LOL

        That’s not why it didn’t do “great”, Karen, but way to show your narrow minded thinking

    2. Jay

      Marvel produced it, so yeah, they kind of “made it”. Do you even hollywood bro?

  7. Linda

    I saw Morbius this afternoon and found it to be very entertaining. Idk why everyone is rating it so badly?

  8. Blanca

    Movie was awesome! Non stop action the whole time. Picture and graphics were great. Rotten tomatoes needs new people already I am not buying their reviews anymore.

    1. KingTabens

      This is what I would like to say. Rotten tomatoes is not at all reliable. We have been going back and watching rom coms from the early 2000s with rotten tomato scores less than 20, and many of them are quite fantastic.

    2. Ms. CrystalLJ

      I have never relied on rotten tomatoes since it started and it was ranking some of my favorite movies low.

  9. Chrrispy

    It was a fun watch. No one was expecting the godfather.

    1. YourMom

      No one was expecting you to be a failed abortion but here we are

      1. KingTabens

        This comment is unacceptable.

      2. Mike

        How pathetic is your life when you call someone a failed abortion because they enjoyed a movie? Maybe rethink your priorities and values. I’d hate to see how you handle something that actually matters.

      3. Dawn

        Not okay. That was down right rude.

  10. Hawaii

    How is it that you do movie reviews, but don’t comprehend that this is a SONY movie and not a Marvel movie. Either you’re dense or intentionally misinforming people.

    1. CourtneyB

      My guess is the latter. This site can skew conservative and loves to smack Disney and MCU movies as ‘too woke’. Thus allowing this movie to be conflated with an MCU movie as opposed to a Sony Marvel movie is a likely choice since it’s a negative story.

      1. Pepsiman

        This website is very, very far from conservative.

        1. CourtneyB

          I read a lot of the MCU articles and, as far as they go, they really are. There are tons constantly complaining about some marvel and how all their movies are doomed because of it.

        2. Sad

          The site may not be “conservative”, but it has definitely morphed into a sad website with click / bait titles and articles meant to “trigger”it’s readers in order to get them to go at each other. Pretty damn sad.

  11. Michael

    Saw the movie on Friday was really good movie, not perfect. Feel they cut/missed a little near mid/last third of movie because it seemed bit rushed with lack of development and the credit scenes lacked, but overall really good movie.

  12. Mary

    I’ve watched it twice so far in the theater and I love it! I watched it in the IMAX first and then in a regular theater, I think I’ll go back and watch it in the IMAX again as that’s where it belongs. This might be my new favorite movie. It’s a great movie from start to finish, I didn’t get bored at any point like I do with other Marvel or superhero movies – the pace of it is perfect.
    I thought Jared Leto was brilliant in this role!

    1. Alonso

      I’m so sorry Mary. Stop wasting your money girl. If you want a good Vampire movie watch Interview with a Vampire. This movie had so many plot holes, it was rushed and unfinished (even though it was in development since End Game, Letos performance was sub par, character development was bad, the story was flat out bad. End result another bad SONY movie for a Marvel IP.

      1. Zac


        She says she loves it. So she loves it. It’s another person’s opinion. Just because you didn’t love it doesn’t make her opinion wrong. People like you need to learn respect for other people’s opinions.

        Glad you enjoyed the movie, Mary 🙂 With all the review bombing from people who want to simply see the movie fail, I was thinking I’d go into a 2 star movie, but in the end, I enjoyed it, I gave it a 3, maybe 3.5 out of 5. I definitely look forward to what they’ll do with his character in the future.

      2. Ms. CrystalLJ

        The real question that you should be asking is… Is it a plot whole, or is it a set-up for the next story. Clearly they can run in so many directions with it at this point. There is a huge time gap, where if you know Marvel, it can be explained… But, no one said they had to be in chronological order. Just saying.

  13. LLcdPH

    Agred. This is not a “MCU” movie. It’s a Sony movie with a Marvel character. And, pretty good. This writer needs a new job.

  14. Diana

    I just saw the movie last night in a packed theatre in Spain… And I thought it was a great movie. Not best but not worst, mid-level Marvel movie. I think that people have been ready to hate this film for a while, without having seen it. They already decided in their minds, and it is trendy to hate it. So sad.

  15. Borla Karlosi

    I love it whenever Sony has a flop. They are the biggest jerks in the business, and deserve any misfortune that falls on them.

    1. Hank

      At this point the studios are just throwing garbage at the wall and hoping it sticks. Morbius is a D character and the studios are praying that Leto can draw some fans. The movie itself is terrible.

  16. billy

    I saw this I wish I could get my money back. I would have got more entertainment throwing that money out my car window then watching this movie. The end credit scene made absolutely no sense whatsoever and was it just me or did the movie have like a shaky look there’s someone not know how to hold the cameras when they’re making these movies this is by far the worst marvel movie ever and there’s some turns out there among the marvel movies but this one is a turd with nuts in it

  17. T

    Hey moron, it’s not a Marvel movie,it’s Sony!

    1. None


    2. KingTabens

      It is a marvel movie. It is not an MCU movie, but he is still a marvel character.

  18. Keith

    It’s not a Marvel film. It’s a Sony film starring a Marvel character.

    How are people getting paid to write an article as poorly as this one is written?

    Regardless if the film is good or bad, Marvel has zero say in what Sony does.

    Sony has made some really poor choices and should bring in the Marvel/Disney creatives to be advisors/producers.

  19. I saw it and LOVED it!!! I have no idea on why your review is so negative!!! It is an absolutely terrific film!!

  20. Ribbit

    I enjoyed the film. I thought there were a couple scenes that felt like there should have been more but overall it was a fun movie. I would watch a sequel. I hope they dive deeper into the Morbius lore. All of the Midnight Sons kick ass.

  21. Brent

    Wait..wasn’t this a Sony Pictures Entertainment movie; similar to Venom 1and the Venom /Carnage movie. This movie was based on the Marvel Comics but was mad by Sony.

  22. Ghost

    Bleed Disney to death. Don’t see their films that are pure garbage. Don’t go to their parks. Don’t buy their merchandise. This globalist cabal needs to die.

    1. Jay

      This was not a Marvel movie, its a Sony movie. Its a Marvel character but the MCU wasn’t involved.

    2. LOL

      LOL. Another moron following the leader, Mega Karen because he can’t just think for himself. Poor unfortunate soul.

      1. Steve


    3. David A

      why do you post on Disney site, since you have such a strong negative opinion against them. Go to a site you love and be positive to what interests you.

  23. Bob Dylan

    I mean…. Does no one realize he doesnt make a good main character? Jared needs to just stop trying to be in a superhero/villain film
    And directors need to realize this as well

    1. Ms. CrystalLJ

      He played his role and did it well. Stop being jealous of his sexy man bod and go to the gym and get you’re own….

  24. AlphaBeta

    It opened at number one with 39 million… That’s not tanking. What a garbage article.

  25. Free

    I think you mean SONY’S new movie tanks…

  26. Mybiz

    I won’t see it till it’s free because can’t bring myself to pay for Any movie that stars the guy that played joker in suicide squad that debauchery should have had him banned from all films for eternity

  27. Ronnie

    I liked it alot. Eternals was a good movie. I don’t pay attention to rotten tomatoes and others. I am my own judge. For all the bad reviews by these so cause film critics, 84 million in three days. Wow 👌

  28. C

    It made 84 million opening weekend….how is that tanking? Remind me not to read articles from this writer is to strong a word let’s just say blogger

  29. Mike

    It was made by Sony not Disney’s MCU. If it had been made by Disney, Morbius wouldn’t have transformed into a Vampire but a woman.

  30. J

    Rotten Tomatoes is not a good source to go to any longer for deciding if you should watch a movie or not. They seem very bias and use their views to do more steering than actual reviewing. This WILL NOT deter me from watching Morbius in any way and movie-goers should decide for themselves as well.

  31. William

    I think it’s time to ask why the media is so focused on tanking this film. All the press has been super negative, over the top. Rotten Tomatoes critic scores annihilated it before it even opened. I saw it and it was not bad at all. Not the greatest film, but certainly watchable with a compelling story and good acting. To me it was a B+ film.

  32. Kathy

    I thoroughly enjoyed Morbius. Leto did an awesome job and the special effects were incredible. People are just so judgmental and quick to trash. I look forward to the next one.

  33. Jeremy

    The audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 70%. Love how the critics are supposed to know everything. Tell both scores cause I don’t see it as a bomb as long as you say “hey the fans seem to be loking it but not so much for the critics”

  34. Jonathan Diosa

    Just as good as any Spiderman movie, even better than Venom 1 and 2.. it was actually a good movie!

  35. Zombie

    Who releases a major movie the same weekend as WrestleMania, the Grammys, and the Final Four? This was just bad timing. I’m sure it’ll pick up in sales

  36. Bryan

    The only thing worse than a marvel movie is a marvel movie fan

  37. Rich

    Capital Marvel destroyed the MCU.

    1. Rich

      Re-phrase. Bree Larson destroyed the MCU.

      1. David A

        Poor acting on her part, lifeless for the character. Very sterile!!!

  38. Alonso

    The only thing worse than reading an unintelligent article is reading the unintelligent responses afterwards! This article and thread is hysterically bad in so many ways!

  39. Frank C

    I thought it was pretty good actually. But then again, I go in expecting SONY Marvel movies to be sub par to those of the MCU. But that said, I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Shang Chi and Morbius was far better than the Eternals.

  40. Pete

    With so much negativity in the world, not to mention the negative Nancy’s remember what matters is what you think of the movie you just watched. Not someone who thinks they know how to judge a movie. Don’t let anyone rent a room in your head!

  41. David A

    Even with the MARVEL character, Sony making the movie, takes away from the MCU directors, writers and executive staff.
    Even the Spiderman movies, do not have the same direction as the MCU movies.
    Maybe someday, the movie rights to the comicbook characters that are part of the Stan Lee Marvel Comic books will return to the Disney owned studios.

  42. DL

    Um…how is making $39 million on opening weekend and $85 million worldwide tanking, exactly? Biased much? 😆

  43. Timshaun

    Umm no actually it didn’t tank. It’s made 88 million worldwide and only cost 75 to make and they only spent bout 20 on advertising. So as long as it doesn’t make 0 more dollars it will make a profit. But that’s right if it doesn’t make 120 opening weekend it’s a failure. Shows how anyone can be a writer and get paid talking nonsy.

  44. JN

    I enjoyed this movie. Although I understand the diffierence in the Sony/Marvel rights thing, I don’t really care. 30 mil for advice about a character that casual fans won’t know isn’t bad.

  45. Bad Kitty No Milk Tonight

    It’s Sony, they can’t make a superhero movie to save themselves.

  46. Flor

    Not shocked that fans complained about it. Most expect it to be a certain way because Marvel is attached to it.
    I thought Morbius was great! I’m a monster flick fan and this satisfied my Monster love and Comic love. Excited to see more! 😀

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