Comments for Marvel’s Recast Iron Man Reportedly Getting “Zero” Screen Time

robert downey jr as tony stark

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. SandyL

    I would love to see RDJ as Tony Stark again. That being said, I am no fan of Tom Cruise so I obviously have a silly bias. My opinion matters not a jot but there it is.

    1. Tummaa

      Your opinion matters as much as anyone else’s.

      1. JS

        We need more interactions like this. You both win the internet today!

  2. William P

    They better not be casting Tom Cruise, especially after Disney fired Johnny Depp.

  3. L.M.

    He didn’t confirm anything. He only implied “zero”. Can’t believe anything except for the movie itself when it releases. Give it a rest.

  4. kay

    Cumberbatch’s policy is that his female co-stars are always paid an equal salary as his own. Disney’s just trying to get their money’s worth. Especially now that all their Florida tax free perks have been removed.

  5. Anna

    It’s actually impressive how you turned 1 irrelevant Twitter gif comment into such a large article.

    1. Gorbo

      That’s their specialty here

  6. jack

    He was not brave to sacrifice himself, he was egotistical, “it was all about him” but his death was NOT as a big loss as another avengers which had a bigger sacrifice impact

    1. Bob

      How does sacrificing his life to save the universe make it “all about him”? Laying down your life for others is the ultimate example of a selfless act. The dead have no ego, and cannot benefit in any way from their own deaths. So yes, he was both brave and noble in his sacrifice.

  7. Jay

    And we know this must be true, and that he can’t be lying, because Tom Holland, Toby McGuire, Andrew Garfield, Kevin Feige, Cumberbatch ect all didn’t lie about spiderman no way home.
    Man you guys must really be hurting for material, or just know absolutely nothing about MCU lead-ups.

  8. Laura Tippit

    Bring in Tom Cruise and I’ll stop watching it

    1. Get over it.

    2. Bob

      And Marvel wouldn’t even notice your absence. The franchise would continue to be successful without you.

  9. Laura Tippit

    Bring in Tom Cruise and I’ll stop watching this

    1. Get over it.

      1. Corie79

        I’m no fan of Tom Cruise, but I’ll still watch to see what he brings to the character. He was the original choice for Iron man before RDJ.

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