Comments for Man Loses Layers of Skin, Left Hospitalized After Severe Theme Park Injury

lakeside amusement park

Credit: Denver.Org


  1. Mike

    Here is an idea. Don’t ride with your hands up.

    1. Mike’s An Idiot

      Here’s a better idea. Design your ride so that people can enjoy it without having 100,000 dollars in medical bills afterward.

  2. Jacqui

    The same ride is in Brooklyn NY, where I grew up. Everybody knows if you get on it, being that it’s so old, you’re basically risking an injury. It moves you left & right in a kind of violent way & is pretty scary. One thing the ride operators always say is to keep your hands in the ride. Not rocket science.

    1. sammi the butcher

      Not “the same Ride” not even close… They share a name, paint scheme, and there both wood. Completely different layout. But your correct when you say ride operators tell people to keep hands and what not in the vehicle..

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